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Checklist Before Linking to Uru

#1 Guest_Jerle_

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Posted 17 November 2003 - 06:07 PM

Before you can link into Uru, you must have your video/graphic and audio card drivers updated with the latest versions and have DirectX 8.1 installed.

DirectX 8.1 (Minimum requirement)

[*]Windows XP - already installed
[*]Windows98/ME users - .exe link HERE
[*]Windows2000/NT users - .exe link HERE
[*]DirectX 9.0b - go HERE

Video/Graphic Card Drivers:

[*]Go HERE to select the drivers for your particular nVidia card.

[*]Go HERE to select drivers for your particular ATI card.

[*]Go HERE for highly optimized drivers both for Radeon and for GeForce chips.

Sound Cards

[*]Regardless of your brand of sound card, you should have the latest full release drivers available installed.
[*]This does not apply to those who have integrated on-board chipsets. Check your device manager to see how your computer is configured.

Misc. Helpful Hints
[*]When running Uru, you should try to have all of your other background programs off such as chat programs, e-mail clients and browser windows. Firewalls and AV programs will allow Uru to run but some FWs may need to be configured for Uru Live.
[*]Make sure that you have plenty of HD space. Defrag your computer if it's been a while.
[*]Your hard drive runs best when at least about 30% percent of each partition are free. This, like defragmenting, should make Uru run even faster (especially the Age loading screens).
[*]Make sure that you restart your computer if you've installed new drivers before attempting to run Uru.
[*]It's also recommended that you have the latest Windows Service pack updates with the latest security hotfixes.

Most important of all, HAVE FUN! :eek:

Edited to add ATI card link that I forgot, thanks necros. :)

EDITED again to add more info and links.

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