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D'ni Language and History Resources links to fonts, dictionaries, etc.

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Posted 02 December 2003 - 09:06 AM

The Basics:
First of all, if you're going to want to learn the D'ni language or what little we know of it, you need to install the D'ni font onto your computer.

D'ni Language Resource Sites:

D'ni History Reference Sites:
  • The D'ni Desk Reference: Kehrin's comprehensive site detailing the Myst books, the Myst game series (up through Uru) and the D'ni civilization. Also contains many, many links to official Myst fan sites, Cyantists pages and other resources. Not maintained since 2008, but has been mirrored.
  • D'niPedia Writer's Ring (DPWR): Alahmnat's (Arctic Alahfox) site for Myst news, forums and a comprehensive archive section for history, game and book transcripts and speculation/theory.
  • The DRC Forums: If there's anything to hear from the DRC, it'll be here first! Be sure to check out the main site,, as well.
  • Guild of Greeters: Large community forum with library, Uru images and more.
  • Guildsman Shahneer's List of Ages of Atrus: A listing of Ages mentioned in realMYST and Myst, with spoilers. This list is no longer maintained, but has been mirrored.

Threads of Interest on MYSTcommunity:

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