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Posted 16 September 2002 - 02:43 AM

Forum Table o' Contents

This forum is for non-Myst-related writing: original stories and poetry, or stories set in other known fantasy/SF/gaming universes (for example, Lord of the Rings). Don't forget to take a moment each week to read at least one story or poem-- we have some amazingly talented writers!

Writing Game: Ongoing story, with a twist.
9/02 Our First Challenge: Thread for posting entries to September writing contest. (Voting thread)

9/3/02 Bottersnikes: Short piece. An epic tale about the King of the Bottersnikes!

Bastiko Pradhana
8/25/02 The Greatest Passion of All: Tanka about something we all love.

7/28/02 Arienha: 1st two chapters of a story. Fantasy. An apprentice healer learning the ropes.

8/21/02 Somethingness: Rhymed verse about time and about life.

9/23/02 The Lost Heart: Ominous vignette. A man with no heart...

7/27/02 Vehrkor: Short action piece. A lone warrior on horseback...
8/21/02 Poemness: Lyrical, magical poem.
9/24/02 More poetry. Scary poem!

8/5/02 A Poem: Touching poem to a dear friend.
9/7/02 Song in Silence: Haunting poem.
9/11/02 Reflection: Moving poem about that day.
9/26/02 Portal: Compelling, mysterious fragment.

9/12/02 Jasmine Garden: Vignette. Dreamlike, vivid stream of consciousness.

Gobo Fraggle
8/6/02 Haiku: Haiku, of course. Some other people also inspired.

9/6/02 Griffin: Poem, evocative metaphor.

8/25/02 The Book of Jeremy: The Coming Darkness: Beginning of a fantasy story. Accused of murder, a warlock flees for his life.

10/2/02 9-11 in D'ni: Unusual poem! Written in D'ni, with translation below.

8/22/02 Lonely: Mournful little poem.

M'lah Sihfay
8/4/02 A poembook: Small, growing collection of blank verse.

10/2/02 River Child: Very short story about a boy fleeing into the wilderness.

7/28/02 Three Poems: Irony, poetry, punctuation!

8/10/02 The CC Rap: Short, SoC rap-parody.

9/25/02dust...dust...cobwebs...: Vignette. Thoughtful glimpse of the city that most people don't see.

7/26/02 Silent Dragon: Short, vivid piece. A girl who dreams of dragons, who faces a different sort in her own house.

9/3/02 Permission: Poem to dead loved one.
9/11/02 Care a Fig: Another 9/11 poem.
9/15/02 Totems of Spring, Totems of Winter: Poem. Four animals Sepdet has taken as spirit-guides.
9/17/02 Whispers on the Wind: Short story. Sepdet recounts a magical jouney to the Mountain of Winds.
9/24/02 Desire: Poem. Love for the one you can't tell.[/url]
Butterfly Wings: Poem. Art vs. the destructive impulse.[/url]
Driftwood: Love poem to a conventionally unlovely person.[/url]

Ti'ana Luthien
There is nothing here that can hurt me: Poetic prose. Beautiful, surreal journey to mystic places.

9/16/02 The Shard: Ongoing story. A flat tire and a surprising visitor catapult a young man into the Arthurian world of legend.

9/6/02 Nine O' Clock in the Sky Palace: Short piece. Engaging monologue from a guard in the palace of the Fae.
8/28/02 Mysteria Chronicles: End Game: Continuation of the classic story.

Don't forget the old board!
Looking for great gems, further reading?
Tika created the ToC for the original forum, reposted for your viewing pleasure below!

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Posted 16 September 2002 - 07:24 AM

:boggle: :jawdrop: :faint: :goggle: :gasp:

YEESHA, sepdet..... so THIS is why you were up in the wee hours... ;)

Thanks so MUCH! :P

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Posted 16 September 2002 - 09:45 AM

Merci buckets 'ickle j'ackal!
I'm sure the "collective" will be thrilled!

Now go get some much deserved rest! ;)

Seriously though, thank you so much for taking the time and going to all the trouble!


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Posted 16 September 2002 - 10:41 AM

Enh. Thought I'd better do it before the forum got any bigger. :P

Gotta do the other one now. PLUS, I'd like to pull Tika's index here and add anything that was posted after her last update (she was pretty snappy about keeping it updated, so that'll be easy). Then to catch up on the MRD index for the old forum--I got so behind on that thing!


Now everyone pick at least one thing from the list above you've not read before and go read it!

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Posted 20 September 2002 - 10:27 AM

Blasts from the Past:
Stories posted on the OLD BOARD'S Original Writing Forum

Tika very kindly used to maintain the ToC for this forum on the old board. I have added those stories which appeared after her final update.

12/30/02 - The Journey: Short story. A trip to CyanChat.
5/23/02 - Semi-new san: Link to a short story, written in diary form. The wanderer chronicles his journeys.
7/11/02 - I have free time... therefore I rant: Short s.o.c. on peer pressure & conformity.

Aes Sedai:
4/11/02 - This is demented.: Poem. Loving a cruel boy.
5/19/02 - Happiness: Short poem. A person finds what they thought they were looking for.
5/19/02 - Life is Music: Poem. A description of life at it’s most beautiful moments.
5/19/02 - Loneliness: Short freeverse poem. What is loneliness, really?
7/2/02 - A Tired Place: Short freeverse poem. What is pain?

12/15/01 - Realms of Tearnog: Very small snippet of an unfinished fantasy story.

12/19/01 - You: Poem about friendship.
2/16/02 - Blue: Poem about the color blue.

6/7/01 - A Novice’s First Offering: Short story. A story of hope and new beginnings after the destruction of a young woman's home.
6/8/01 - Gehn’s Humorous Idea - Revisited: Insanity in the form of an RPG. There is no other way to describe it. Includes contributions by assorted other members of the boards.
7/15/01 - Childhood Poems ‘N Such: Childhood poetry from the likes of Ari and sepdet.
7/16/01 - It Was A Dark & Spooooky Night...: Round-robin of the macabre variety. Started by Arianna, with contributions by sepdet, Catherine, etc.
11/14/01 - Standing Near the Brink: s.o.c. poem about a person’s suffering because they failed to help another.
4/6/02 - The Day of J’ackal: Round-robin RPG in honor of sepdet’s birthday; started by Arianna. What madness will the poor j’ackal find herself in now? Rampaging talking squees, squees quoting Shakespeare, Gehn in a dress, oh my!

Bastiko Pradhana:
5/29/02 - A Revelation Story: Link to a story offsite. Myst/Pokemon crossover. Oh goodness.
6/27/02 - The MystCommunity Ditty: A silly little ditty for MystCommunity.

Blue Sky:
10/9/01 - Doctor Who and the Rainy Day: Doctor Who parody. The Doctor and his companion Jenny must stop the evil weather men of MET.

2/13/02 - The Wonderful Place: Poem about a dream world.
2/14/02 - Mystic: Poem. Who is this mysterious person?
- A Little Poetry: Poem entitled “An It”. What does the word “it” mean?

- Carrad’s Role-Playing Story Thingy: RPG involving tribes and an evil MegaBunny.

- A Poem By A Non-Poet: Short poem about frustration with one’s muse.

- The Princes: A silly play about two princes trying to take one throne.

- Gray: Dark, depressing poem about having no way out of a situation.

- Me: Poem about battling oneself.
10/19/01 - A Letter From the Future?: Someone from ten years in the future writes a letter about the world, as it might have been.

- Dancing On a Rainy Day: Poem. Dancing while it rains outside.
2/27/02 - floating dreaming stopping: Very short s.o.c poem about the end of a dream.
3/1/02 - the girls: Poem. Struggles of friends.
3/6/02 - snowflakes: Poem about the beauty of snowflakes. Also includes a poem by Amateria entitled “December”.
3/12/02 - A Cry In The Night: Poem from the hyena’s perspective.
3/18/02 - Alone: Short, angsty poem about being alone.
3/18/02 - BANG: soc. Very dark.
3/22/02 - Midnight: Poem about nightfall.
3/26/02 - To My Old Friend: Short poem. Missing an old friend.
3/28/02 - Shadows of the Darkness: A curious freeverse poem about darkness.
4/4/02 - Falling: Poem. Falling out of control...
4/6/02 - Haunted: Poem about someone’s lover making a committment only out of pity...

- Ten Times Removed: Incomplete short story. A little girl finds herself caught up in a strange swirl of events.
2/25/02 - Just A Little Bit of Something: Short story in-progress. Renee leaves the only life she’s ever known behind.
3/7/02 - “The One”: Short story. Someone dreams of the perfect guy, only to have him reject her...or not.

- Oracle: Poem. An oracle rants.

- Resist: A poem about resisting hate and learning to love life.
11/26/01 - My Story: Short story. A summer trip to Puerto Rico.

- Deepwood: Parts of an incomplete story. People wander in an odd fantasy world. What’s going on?

- Dark Poetry: A poem about death.
1/27/02 - More Poetry: Random acts of poetry.
2/14/02 - Lehnah: Ongoing story. Exploration of a truly unique Age.
2/22/02 - Dark Moon Rising: Poem about a moonrise.
3/3/02 - Skyline: Short poem about a city and its skyline.
3/12/02 - Trapped: Short dark poem about being trapped by evil.
3/26/02 - A Poem: Poem by John Gillespie Magee about flying.
3/26/02 - Waiting: Poem. Waiting for someone to return...
4/30/02 - The Ésthro Yaw: A fellow classmate’s poem. Mankind is on a downward spiral...
4/21/02 - Descent: RPG started by Frodo. A man makes a journey down beneath Earth’s crust.
6/7/02 - Luclin: Short fantasy story. It’s to the moon we go...
7/4/02 - Humuhumuwhatsit...: Two poems. Frodo's visit to Hawai'i!

- A Sudden Thought: Story idea for a fantasy novel.

- I Am: Poem about being who you are.

5/13/02 - A Story...: Fantasy story about elves. Currently hosted on due to violence.

- Jerle Gave me an idea: Four pages of rhyming insanity. Need I say more?
- When the Mudpies were in bloom: Silly, whimsical little poem.

- Chessboard: Short story. Chess, from the pieces’ point of view.
6/10/02 - Untitled Piece: Short story. An old man visits some friends in the graveyard.

Harry Keogh:
- A Moment to Share: Poem, about, simply, moments in time.

- The Antidote: Poem about being destroyed from within.
1/18/02 - Armor: Poem. Being a knight in shining armor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
1/18/02 - Nemisis: Poem. Finding the image of death after betrayal.
3/2/02 -No. 9: Poem about a broken heart.
3/26/02 - When You Close Your Eyes...: Recorded dreams of battle.
4/16/02 - From a Secret Admirer: Poems. The first, a transition from light to dark. The second, about being a secret admirer.

- Numbness: Poem about preferring to feel agonizing pain rather than feeling numb.
10/31/01 - Sleepless: Poem. Someone lies awake at night and listens to the sounds outside.
11/3/01 - Tonight, I Can Write: Poem by Pablo Neruda about being able to write.
11/10/01 - Silence: Poem. Someone confronts another about their lies and receives only silence.
11/13/01 - Reminiscent of the Perfect Feeling: Poem about inspiration.
11/15/01 - Untitled Piece: Untitled work of poetry about remembered pain.
11/26/01 - Untitled: Poem about memories of a loved one.
12/9/01 - I Bid You Adieu: Farewell poem.

- Four Kings of Ka'vir: Story in progress. Eric gets caught in an attack on his city’s Guild Hall.
5/21/02 - The Namiran Prophecies: Um...prophecies?
- We Are the Slaves: Poem, based on the relyimah from Myst: The Book of D’ni.

- Tanka You Very Much...: Random tankas and odes from Jerle and others.
3/17/02 - The Coming of the Tuatha Dé Danann: The Irish folklore of the early beginnings of Ireland, including the legends of the mythical Tuatha Dé Danann.

- Sappy: Wedding vows.

- Poem: Freeverse poem about coming into the world.

- The Second Coming: Short story of a religious/semi-current political nature. A beggar on the streets of New York City hears some news that disturbs him.

6/10/02 - Ode to My Bed: An ode. To a bed.

- Bright Sun Dawning: Short, currently in-progress fantasy story based upon a dream. Catalyne lived with the supposed prophecized girl all her life among priestesses. But a journey to visit the young king of the region just might change all that...

5/7/02 - Poem from English: Morbid little poem written for English class.

- The Cyan Chat Stories: Madness, Cyan Chatters, and more time paradoxes than you can shake a wahrk at!
- The Life of a Lightbulb: Short silly story about lightbulbs. The ending appears to be some form of a parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”. We’ll never know.
4/18/02 - Gehn’s sorrow: A non-Myst Gehn is...sorrowful between the events of Cyan Chat II and III. [img]http://www.mystcommu.../blankstare.gif[/] I don’t know either.

- How I Found True Happiness: Short story. How a young child can make the worst days brighter.

- I Wish That I Could Get Away...: Poem. Ever wanted to get away from this entire darn planet?
- Walking, Walking: Short poem about looking for a friend.

Math of 5:
- You’re Not Going to Like This...: Untitled short story. A young woman struggles with the difference between fantasy and reality.
1/27/02 -Shadows: Short story, unfinished. Strange things start happening in an even stranger town.
2/26/02 - Sister Perfect and Brother Geek: An odd little fairy tale.
4/20/02 - My Reason to Sing: Poem. Finding one’s true self.

2/3/02 - Crisis: 22nd Century: RPG. Comedy about a guy living in the future.

M’lah Sihfay:
- Random Poetry: A poem about picking blackberries.
7/24/01 - A Tanka!: The tankas strike again, this time accompanied by the B’nis.
10/3/01 - I Wrote A Poem: Poetry of a darker hue.
10/6/01 - I Wrote Another Poem: Yet more untitled poetry of a darker hue.
10/9/01 - A Long Train Held Up Page On Page: Untitled short story. A werewolf sacrifices a vampire.
11/10/01 - Liquid Light: A poem about two suns, and the death of a world.
12/12/01 - Look, I Made A Thingie!: M’lah’s...uhh...thingie.
- Pyrogenesis: Escaflowne vignette. Viole trains at a fighting academy.
1/31/02 - Saturnalia: Short Escaflowne fanfiction, written in the present tense. A boy’s mother dies.
1/31/02 - Random Poetic Socness: Very random short s.o.c (stream of consciousness).
3/28/02 - a modified version of my latest LJ entry: M’lah rants and angsts.
7/2/02 - the murder rate rises on hot nights: [size]Another chilling vingnette from the resident queen of darkness.[/size]

- A Tale of Two Lizards: Part One of an unfinished story. A strange woman wanders down city streets in the middle of the night.

Mysti Katran:
- A Story Set in Prehistoric Times: Untitled, incomplete short story written by a friend. A prehistoric tribe journeys through the desert.

- Something To Believe: Poem. Slightly depressing rhyming poem; not entirely G-rated.

- ~*~Time~*~: Poem about--what else?--time.

5/31/02 - Concreate and...oh! rats.: Unfinished short story. A concrete slab in the island of...Oahu?

- Bob the Hobbit: RPG. Non-serious incomplete RPG about hobbits.
10/1/01 - Blind: Transcript of a dream involving city islands and escalators and...oh I give up.
11/2/01 - It’s All I Had. Left.: Short story. A man steps into a modern-day Twilight Zone after getting off an airplane flight.
12/28/01 - Salad Sandwich: Short story. A waiter named Kevin seems to have a problem keeping people and assorted objects on the ground...
1/1/02 - acw84613fmtya64: Silly short piece with no real title. The journey of a man known as Mr. Smee, who is of no relation to the Mr. Smee of Peter Pan fame.

9/20/02 - Worlds of Ink: The long-lived RPG, cowritten with Talashar.

5/15/02 - Shadows: Poem. Everything has a dark side...

- Mountains of Blue: Short poem about mountains.
3/16/02 - Life: Short poem about life.

Princess Heart:
- Poetry.: Poem. Humanity is in chains...
4/30/02 - Self Confusion: Dark poem about blood, drinking, etc.

Quantum Linker:
- I got no ideas, no creativity left: Extraordinarily incomplete RPG involving the MystCommunity boards.
2/5/01 - Some of my articles: Much rambling in many articles on a variety of subjects from the master of rambling.
3/21/01 - Random Spewings: Just as the title says. Amusing thoughts from QL and assorted members of the boards.
8/29/01 - RAMBLINGS by the Reverend of Irreverence: Copy/pasted ramblings from Quantum Linker.
10/21/01 - Talent: A poem on not being able to truly “write” anything.
1/16/02 - Vampire Vignettes: As the title suggests, vignettes about assorted vampires. Rated R for violence.
4/16/02 - Some thoughts: QL’s thoughts on fancies, and D’ni.
5/14/02 - A Silly Little Poem: Poem pleading to get a good grade on a test, written on said test.

- The curse: Poem. We all carry a certain, strange little curse...
4/28/02 - Not sure if this fits in with the rest...: Poem based on a story. Visit the secrets, won’t you?
- Sunlight: Poem. The path of a sunbeam.
5/2/02 - Waves: Poem about the music of the waves.
5/3/02 - A walkthrough of the solar system: Poem. Ever wanted to go walking to each of the planets?
- My Adventure Story: Links to a Choose Your Own Adventure story.

- Winter Gift: Poem. An island where it never snows.
4/17/02 - Pandora’s Choice: Poem. So why did Pandora really open that box?
- Seen Through Despair: Dark poem. Despair is all that’s left.

- Sap in the Dark: Late night but suprisingly coherent ramblings.

- Poetry: An untitled poem. Also includes a poem about chicken by someone named “Alex”.
- Gray and Blue: Short story. A boy sees the conflicting members of a war.
12/7/01 - Couple Poems: A few sonnets and poems.
12/16/01 - Ancient-ish Poem: Poem. The keeper is locked in the tower.
2/27/02 - Quick Dark Poem: Short poem about fear.
3/11/02 - Ocean-type poem: Poem about seeing one’s first ocean in December.
4/26/02 - Grey Watercolors: Poem. The weather may be grey, but some of us enjoy it.
5/12/02 - Together/Alone: Experiments in poetry. Alone, together, or maybe not?
- Results of Writing Camp Thingy: Lots of poetry from purpy’s trip to writing camp.

8/8/01 - Age of J’harta: Short journal. Someone writes on the creation of their new age, J’harta.
8/21/01 - A Story Concept: Concept for a futuristic sci-fi story, based in a post-World War III Earth.
9/19/01 - A Really Freaky Story...: Allegory. Someone muses on life, the universe, and everything.
10/10/01 - The Amphora: Unfinished short story. Archeologists in Greece uncover a startling secret on old fragments of pottery.
10/14/01 - The Array: Short story. The world’s greatest supercomputer has a few tricks up its sleeve.
10/20/01 - A Letter from ET: Aliens write a letter to the inhabitants of Earth in hopes of forming an alliance.
10/23/01 - A Tale to Be Told on Hallow’s Eve: Short horror story. Vampires come from outer space?
- The Legacy of the Nesferatu: Rewrite of A Tale to Be Told. More vampires from outer space.
11/16/01 - The Age of Valhalla: A D’ni Writer stumbles on the Vikings’ idea of the afterlife.
12/1/01 - A Legacy of an Unknown Race: Concept for a sci-fi story. Alien refugees show up in Earth’s orbit.
1/4/02 - The Children of Winter Earth: Companion RPG to the RPG below.
1/5/02 - Winter Earth: RPG based in a post-nuclear winter Earth.
1/8/02 - Gimli’s Poems: LotR related poetry and other assorted poems.
2/2/02 - Alpha Centauri: Alpha Centauri fanfiction. A unique ending to the game, as told by Academician Prokhor Zakharov.
2/4/02 - The Oni, Mirth, and Nayras Shall Battle!: Incomplete short story. Three tribes at war, leading the transition into the Age of Ice.
2/28/02 - Fear: Nightmare. Someone is stalked by monstrous creatures.
3/1/02 - Reality Shatters: Journal-esque short story, in progress. Thomas A. Fernsley falls through a crack in the earth and lands sanity-knows-where.
3/18/02 - Poems...: Lots of little poems about love.
4/11/02 - Fragile Allegiance: Fanfiction for the game Fragile Allegiance. Smuggling, spying, and bombs strike again.
4/13/02 - More Alpha Centauri Fan Fiction: Alpha Centauri fanfic. Detail’s Academician Prokhor Zakharov’s rise to supreme power.

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Posted 20 September 2002 - 10:30 AM

- THE most Controversial and Crazy writing: Round-robin, RPG style...thingie. Stalled. Darned if I know.
- Thanks: Poem. Being loved while still being afraid to love in return.
4/21/02 - Tolerance of the NSM kind: A picture of intolerance.

- Clouds: Short myth. Why we have cotton candy.
11/16/01 - The Problem With Being Immortal: Short Monkey Island fic. LeChuck is alone and bored, after everyone else from the Monkey Island series is dead and gone.
11/20/01 - The Other MI Story: Incomplete Monkey Island fic, posted in the same thread as “Being Immortal”. Guybrush and Elaine’s twin children are up to the typical Monkey Island mischief.
12/14/01 - A Death of Inspiration: The lives of muses in their little world, Fictonia.

Saavedro from MPO:
- My World: Short poem about nature.

- Make It Stop...: Dark and moody vignette.
- TNG Episode: Parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
2/12/02 - Forest Gone: Poem. Life, compared to the forest.
3/24/02 - The Clock: Poem. Insanity in the form of a Clock.

5/9/02 - Another English poem by a different guy: Poem in Chaucer’s style. Ode to a forum troll.

- Mists of a Different Island: Freeverse poetry inspired by the movie adapation of Mists of Avalon.
7/29/01 - Random Scraps: Odds and ends. Incomplete story, journal, and a very lovely poem about muses.
8/20/01 - The Age of Pennsic: Short story in travelogue form. The answer to the question: How did sepdet spend her summer vacation?
- Ash Ember Egg: Two poems dealing with the events of September 11th. Also includes “Flame of Remembrance”, a short poem by Arianna.
9/26/01 - The Other Side of Lethe: Short story, incomplete. Written in the present tense. People in the afterlife.
10/4/01 - Where’s sepdet, eh?: Short story from the White Wolf RPG. Werewolves go on a raid, and in a second story, find some interesting remains.
10/15/01 - A Riddle Game: Based on sepdet’s MUSH. sepdet challenges another to a game of riddles, Tolkien style.
10/7/01 - The Jackal and the Raven-Girl: Sepdet meets a human girl named Chloe.
10/29/01 - Yet Another Hallowe’en Story: Short story about sepdet’s Halloween, interlaced with the lyrics to Loreena McKennitt’s All Souls Night.
12/8/01 - Androids, Philosophers, & Other Demons of the Ancient World: Short story. Two androids steal a time machine.
1/12/02 - An Old Sailor’s Yarn: A shorter but no less enjoyable version of a portion of Odysseus’ journey in The Odyssey, as told by Odysseus himself.
1/17/02 - cold: Short poem about being cold in the emotional sense.
1/20/02 - Lullabye for Hero: A poem about Greek heroes, inspired by the writer here at the boards of the same name, Hero.
1/21/02 - Notes Pinned to the Door: Poem. “Notes” about the simple and complex things, all at the same time.
1/24/02 - dark passage: Poem. A nearly empty airplane flight.
1/4/02 - Pandora’s Children: Magnum Opus! Ongoing original fantasy novel. Three outcasts, wandering in a world similiar and yet different to our own.
2/4/02 - Euripides’ Bacchai: Poem, translated from Greek, about the Greek god Dionysos.
2/21/02 - Defiance of the Body: Poem about overcoming the restrictions of one’s physical body.
2/25/02 - Breath of Fire: cRPG fanfiction. A shape-shifting dragon and his friends cross a treacherous desert. Please ignore the giant onion.
- Still Life With Gull: Poem. The magic of a beach at sunset.
3/8/02 - Flying: Short story about flying a kite.
3/14/02 - Ab urbe condita: Legends of early Rome, including the founding by Romulus and Remus.
3/21/02 - Streams of Consciousness: socs galore from daydream, Yohshee, Hero, etc! Started by sepdet.
5/8/02 - Requiem for the Phoenix: Descriptive poem, describing an attack on sepdet’s caern. Includes encouraging pieces from Silent Searchlight.
6/7/02 - The Phoenix is Dead: Rebuttal/continuation of the Phoenix theme. Death of one of sepdet’s other characters, Andrea.
6/16/02 - Random Collision Between Muses: Sepdet’s muses get into a peaceable argument with some interesting results.
6/19/02 - Before the Fire Comes: Another poem in the Phoenix theme. Sepdet muses the evening before a battle.
7/2/02 - The Phoenix Avenged: Account of the battle.
7/4/02 - Sparrow's Scratchings: Short collection of poems written while younger and more foolish!

- Edit: Short story, incomplete. Someone runs from something.
10/7/01 - 90210-Whatever I decide to type: Short improv (soc) story. Angst involving coffee and phone calls never made abounds.
10/9/01 - -(Untitled): Untitled short story of a darker nature. A woman thinks while dying.
10/17/01 - Intensity of Magnitude: Short story. Someone watches the sun set and the moon rise.

Silent Searchlight:
- Tabletop Battles: Short story. Chess playing of a different variety.
10/24/01 - The People of the U.S.A.: Short poem about the strength of the people of the United States.
11/10/01 - A Poem...: Poem by Robert Frost which led to many haikus from m01ety.
12/29/01 - Some Comments of Mine About My Day Today: Reflections on a day.
2/5/02 - Up With Angst!: A poem about schoolwork frustrations.
3/11/02 - The Refugee: Short story. Descent/StarFox crossover fanfiction.

5/11/02 - Catharsi: Short socs musing on life, the universe, and everything in between.

- The Last Bite: Short story. Some form of a Star Wars parody, I believe...I think...I hope...never mind.
9/20/01 - Worlds of Ink: The D’ni-esque RPG that just keeps going...and going...and going.
10/3/01 - Gambit: Short story. Continuation of the insanity begun in The Last Bite.

- Congrim: A world in-progress.

- The Dreamer Wakes: Short descriptive story based on a dream.

Ti’ana Katarina:
- A Keyboard, a Lint Trap, and Entirely Too Much Sugar: Funny story. The late night journal of a certain author suffering from insomnia and a sugar high. Includes parodies from others using well-known Myst characters.
8/22/01 - I’ll Take the Rain, Not the Lightning, Thanks: Short story, written in present tense, journal-like form, based on true events of a stormy morning.
10/25/01 - Six Muses, Me, and a Minivan: A short exercise in insanity. What happens when you put an author and her six muses in a minivan and leave them in Arizona?
- Moonlight Vigils: Short story; Realmz fanfiction. Lannen searches in the moonlight of Tre Garrick to fulfill his sister’s dying request.
12/15/01 - What Do I Sing?: Poem inspired by and written for Hedningarna, about their route to fame in their home countries, while finding few fans in America.
1/6/02 - Fall: LotR movie fanfiction. Gimli’s thoughts when Aragorn and Frodo were trapped on the other side of the broken stairway.
1/20/02 - Interludes: A set of three short “interludes” to the Realmz Fall canon. Follows Trask’s near-obsession with one of his adventuring companions. Some cursing.
3/3/02 - Blind Man’s Bluff: Ongoing Realmz fanfic story. Blind, silenced, and trapped in a drow slave camp, how can they hope to escape before it’s too late?
- Sankari: Poem. Heroes rant on their elevated position in the world.
4/15/02 - The Legend of Keeper’s Dale: In-progress fantasy story. Students of an archeologist uncover the true secrets of the ancient races of the Meradan and the Turlenioka through mysterious obsidian towers...
4/20/02 - Lharishar’s Prayer: Two angsty poems. Poem #1: A prayer to the goddess of life. Poem #2: Reflection on a friend’s greatest sacrifice.

- One Life: Poem. “He who saves one life saves the world entire.”
- Eyes Shine: Poem. Loving someone from a distance.
4/6/02 - The Warriors: Poem. The transition from the legendary, honorable heroes of yore to something darker in nature...
4/12/02 - “The Shard”: Short story in-progress. All things crazy start from a punctured tire. Poor Ethan.
4/17/02 - Silence: Poem. Love can never be silent.
4/21/02 - Common Thread: Poem inspired by Rono’s “NSM”. Begging for empathy from all.
5/2/02 - A Typical Day @ MC...: Round robin founded by T’Vog. “Typical” antics at MC. Let the insanity begin!
- Candle: Poem. Hoping for love to brighten a dismal life.

- An Insomniac’s Dream: Poem. The thoughts of someone who can’t sleep.
8/1/01 - If Art is Writing, Then Writing is Living: Poetry. Four beautiful poems on assorted topics.
8/3/01 - The Existance Tax Story: Short story, incomplete. The origins of Tweek.
12/2/01 - ‘Project Vanilla’: Unfinished story. Fantasy. Several men plot to overthrow a king.
2/25/02 - And so I walk in to the Forest, Oh how I cry: Short, angsty s.o.c piece dwelling on one’s lost love.
2/26/02 - The Travel Diary of Tweek - Egypt: Travelogue. Tweek’s travels to Egypt.
3/16/02 - Voyage: A brief glimpse into Tweek’s rambling thoughts. Posted by Harry Keogh.
3/26/02 - My emotions right now: Unhappy freeverse poem.
4/2/02 - Dreamscapes: Short story. We all live in computerized dream worlds...

- A Roleplaying Journal...: A journal based on the game Vampire: The Masquerade.

- The Stirrings of Beginnings: Short story. Strange people are searching for something. But what?
- The Mysteria Chronicles: Into the Present and Beyond: Short story, follows “Stirrings”. Misty Ridge University is anything but ordinary...
4/16/02 - The Mysteria Chronicles: Dawn of the Shadow: Short story. More madness from the Mysteria series.
6/22/02 - Mysteria Chronicles: End Game: The finale to the Mysteria Chronicles...or is it?

- September 1, 1939: Poem by W.H. Auden about the invasion of Poland by Germany.
4/16/02 - Memories of sunlight and shadow: Off-site poem. A seat is empty on the table...and only memories remain.
5/7/02 - My Trip To Spokane: Short, goofy story. Zardoz invades Cyan HQ. It’s amazing what one can do with a box of Cracker Jacks.

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Posted 21 September 2002 - 12:28 PM

Aw, thanks seppers! I was wondering how all this ToC stuff was gonna work on the new boards...:) Now go get some slep, okay? You've earned it. :)

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Posted 03 October 2002 - 12:44 PM

(updated today) B)

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Posted 14 April 2003 - 04:00 AM

Updated : See below.

SBS :blink:

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 09:21 AM

Cool, an update! Wow. And this time it's organized by genre. Took me a bit though to figure out that all your dates are Euro-style, J'ohn. What, 25 months??? :lol:

Maybe you could list the titles of the stories that are included in the challenges, or what the main idea was? After a while I start to forget which month was which, so I have to check several of them before I find the one I'm looking for.

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 01:31 PM

But why wasn't it updated completely?

Eudyptula albosignata

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Posted 11 May 2003 - 03:05 AM

Leenay, I have never liked the American way to illustrate dates, I guess. :(

I'll take your advice about challenges into consideration: you are right, those texts should be listed in the contents, too.

Korora, I'm sorry but I can't update half a year's worth of texts in one go! It is not simply a process of copying the titles: I also skim through the text itself in order to right a descriptive phrase or two next to it. It can take some time to do so.

Don't worry, I'll manage to get the contents synchronised with the current texts, in time.

Thank you for your comments. :(

PS: As I want to follow the method of deleting my old contents and then reposting the enlarged version of them (so that the thread will be signalled as having been updated), you are please requested to send comments as PMs, not posts, if that is possible. Thank you. :)

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Posted 30 May 2003 - 03:55 AM

So, I think that it would be a good idea to update this thread... I might not be as good as presenting the contents of the forum as Sepdet was, but I'll do my best. :P

So, let me see, now...


Please view Mike's very informative Hall of Fame



Bright Sun Dawning by ladycaerleon: The adventures of an annointed one (14/02/2003)
Council by Erithan (03/02/2003)
Creation Story by RivenRebelPoet: Cosmogony myth (27/02/2003)
The Demonslayer Legacy by Rocketeer (22/08/2003)
Elsinore Revisited by Sepdet : The adventures of a female knight (17/10/2002)
Flight by Leenay (05/10/2003)
Fugitive Freckles by moiety: Based on a Hungarian story (30/12/2002)
Gravedigger by Paperstars (24/09/2003)
He Demands Obedience by J'ohn: Prometheus myth rendition (12/02/2003)
The Little Girl Who Loved Everyone by moiety: A Fairytale-like story (30/12/2002)
Lizard Wizard by moiety: Revised from the old board (14/01/2003)
Locked Away by Yohshee: Psionic Influence (06/03/2003)
Loose Ends by Explorer Kahlis (10/06/2003)
Moonbeams and Sugar Make _My_ World Go 'Round by Ayaka Tsukino: 'Shifting Experiences (12/03/2003)
Poems in the Desert by Frodo (09/08/2003)
Portal by Frodo : Teleport Adventure (27/05/2003)
Sentinel by Arianod: The story of an immortal (27/11/2002)
Silence by dragodamianx: Vampire story (12/03/2003)
The Shard by T'Vog (17/09/2002)
Sparrow's Resting Place by Jerle: Birthday thread for Arianna (23/03/2003)
The Stone by Korora (10/06/2003)
Untitled by Lightning (17/08/2003)
Wings and Feathers by J'ohn: Looking for phoenices (08/12/2002)
Wings of Wind by Frodo: The story of an airship (11/12/2002)
Within the Bard's Song by ladycaerleon (26/03/2003)
Wolves Know This by Sepdet : An exerpt from a MUSH (27/10/2002)


Cage of Merlin by Sepdet : A poem for the wizard of old (14/10/2002)
Drows by Undead0000 : Underdark poem (05/04/2003)
Moss-Covered Rock by Korora : A recast version of an african folklore story (04/04/2003)
Song of Tian'ya by Emyn (01/07/2003)

Science Fiction


Blue by wandering_nomad : Alien Lifeform Invasion (06/03/2003)
Escape by wandering_nomad (05/04/2003)
Icehawk by Rocketeer : The saga of a superhero (09/10/2002)
Fly by Yohshee: A Tribute (02/02/2003)
Launch by Frodo: A Tribute (02/02/2003)
Phoenix Rising by Alahmnat (25/03/2003)
Tine Of Judgement by ladycaerleon : A post-apocalyptic story (20/01/2003)


2001: A Space Oddity by ha nekhira (09/07/2003)
One Step Too Far by StevenR : Excerpt from an E-zine (10/01/2003)



The Devil's Bard by ladyacaerleon : Piracy story excerpt (yar!) (09/09/2003)
Death Mask by Hero : A short Egyptian story (02/11/2002)
A Quiet Story from a Dream by Arianod : Set in the western mediaeval world (30/10/2002)
The Ruins of Babel by I__ : Ruins of Babel excavation (05/09/2003)
Something Comes by Oscar77: A religious/prophetic story (12/12/2002)


The Bamboo Dancers by Tiana Katarina (29/10/2002)
Englynion by ladycaerleon: Welsh poetry (26/02/2003)
A Farmer's Son by Gallus (07/07/2003)
O'er the Wide Waters by ha nekhira (25/07/2003)
Oedipus Rex Poem by Te'anke (21/10/2003)
Rain by ha nekhira : Pirate story (20/07/2003)



Another Night by Dar'nay (10/08/2003)
Borth, Wales by Zardoz: About skipping stones (22/11/2002)
Cheese Alert! (for lack of better name) by Gilgalad (12/09/2003)
Dreaming by doomie: A dream companion (18/02/2003)
Father by Leenay (17/09/2003)
The Jukebox by Gallus (03/12/2002)
Just a Day by ladycaerleon: I don't want to know! (01/12/2002)
In the Midnight Sky by T'Vog: A short love story (03/12/2002)
The Lawn by ha nekhira (08/07/2003)
The m01 returns by moiety: A cathartic piece (26/12/2002)
The MystChatter Forums by Korora (28/03/2003)
Nemm's Story by Frodo: From a Cat's Point of View (12/05/2003)
Phantoms of Epiphany by RivenRebelPoet: An oration (26/12/2002)
Rain by Pebble5 (21/06/2003)
Schizoid Precipice by Leenay: Perfect division of character (16/11/2002)
Significance by Ayaka Tsukino (27/03/2003)
Story by Mike: Rogue Februray Challenge Entry (26/02/2003)
Stranger by Gilgalad: Discarded from the December Challenge, but still very worthy! (07/01/2003)
Sudrien I: Cue the Shovl by Sudrien (19/03/2003)
Sudrien II: The petals of Listrois by Sudrien (16/04/2003)
Sudrien III: Discord in Minor by Sudrien (16/07/2003)
The Other Side of the Lethe by Sepdet: A different take on afterlife (29/10/2002)
Thief II by ha nekhira : Game obsession (20/07/2003)
Untitled s.o.c. by Ti'ana Katarina: Horror Film Repercussions (16/03/2003)
The Woman Who Didn't Know She Was by geekfrog: Coming back from a coma (06/02/2003)
World's End by Frodo (13/07/2003)


The Act by Gilgalad (22/04/2003)
Ain't Got No Quarters by Gobo Fraggle : Laundry Poem :blink: (02/02/2003)
And You Know It Don't Come Easy by ha nekhira : Totally random poem (12/10/2003)
Betrayal by The Bracks (28/02/2003)
Beulah by ha nekhira (30/09/2003)
Bird, Squee and Rabit by Korora (28/10/2003)
Blinded Faith by Gilgalad (09/10/2003)
Blue Eyes by Frodo (17/05/2003)
Born Again by M@: Thoughts on Afterlife (06/05/2003)
Changing by Gilgalad (21/07/2003)
Circle Song by Frodo (03/03/2003)
Crossing the Lethe by sepdet (15/09/2003)
Crushed by Gilgalad (11/06/2003)
Dark Thoughts by dragodamianx (13/02/2003)
Dance of Shadows by Frodo (21/05/2003)
De Brevitate Vitae by Sepdet (15/11/2002)
The Dove by doomie: Symbolism for peace (25/02/2003)
Dove by Yohshee (18/03/2003)
Elvish Things by Leenay: Poems plus their Elven translations (05/08/2003)
Embrace by T'Vog: A love poem (29/10/2002)
Epic by T'Vog (28/10/2002)
Escape by necros (03/12/2002)
The Farm by ha nekhira (22/07/2003)
Forest Deep by Frodo (23/08/2003)
Freedom by ha nekhira (05/08/2003)
Gothic Girl Scout by ladycaerleon (01/12/2002)
Haikus by many people (started by Renae) (05/12/2002)
Hate by MysterFyed: Broken Heart (09/03/2003)
Haze by Gilgalad (19/09/2003)
I Am the Stranger by Frodo (28/04/2003)
I Will Go Gentle by Renae : Time to rest (29/10/2002)
Land of My Heart by Kah'teh (05/09/2003)
Lament for a Tree by Emyn (22/09/2003)
Life Line by T'Vog: One's lifetime into a poem (26/02/2003)
Lightning of the Morn by Frodo : Welcoming the Dawn (30/01/2003)
Lift by T'Vog : An allegory on friendship (24/10/2002)
A Lone Praise by ha nekhira : Prayer to God (10/08/2003)
Love is... by alicorna (07/05/2003)
Melody and Harmony by Frodo (07/06/2003)
Mine Hour Is Spent by Rocketeer (20/04/2003)
Mountain Steep by Frodo (23/08/2003)
Musings by Ayaka Tsukimo: Poem Collection (02/03/2003)
My Darling by J'ohn: Love Poem (07/03/2003)
My Heart Soars by Johpoke (11/09/2003)
My Hearth Grieves by Ti'annara: Love Poem (04/04/2003)
New Cadence by T'Vog : About a military healer (11/12/2002)
Night-Paths by Frodo (17/22/2002)
Of the Sun: Midnight by J'ohn: A solstice poem (27/12/2002)
Old Love Never Dies by soleila5 (30/09/2003)
One Foot In Front Of The Other by sepdet: Prayer (20/01/2003)
Pathways by Frodo: About the paths that we choose to tread (28/10/2002)
A Poem by JohnLynch: Deeply Sociological (28/01/2003)
Poem for the Restroom Wall by ladycaerleon (21/01/2003)
Practicality by Gilgalad (25/08/2003)
Promise by Frodo (20/02/2003)
Puzzle Pieces by ladycaerleon: Puzzle-Life Metaphor (19/03/2003)
Remember the Dodo by ThPox: Thoughts on Manikind (09/05/2003)
Shadows of Fear by CAGrayWolf (20/07/2003)
A Small Irony by Torahn'kyo: Weird Dove Poem (30/03/2003)
Songbird Haiku by Korora (26/06/2003)
The Sound by DaDungeon (14/09/2003)
Star-Night and Moon-Sea by Frodo: An eulogy to the night (09/02/2003)
Stars by Opalous Songbird (05/08/2003)
Stream of Conscience Poetry by Math of 5 (24/02/2003)
A Summer Memory by Scath (11/01/2003)
Silent Fireworks by T'Vog: Mystifying snowflakes (06/12/2002)
Teachings by J'ohn (08/10/2003)
This Night by Dar'nay (04/08/2003)
Thunderstorm by Frodo : Of Thunder (30/05/2003)
Time by Erithan (05/02/2003)
Time Passes by Yohshee : Love Poem (04/04/2003)
Tribute I by T'Vog (08/12/2002)
Tribute II by T'Vog (23/01/2002)
Untitled by celestial: A love poem (24/10/2002)
Untitled by JohnLynch (29/05/2003)
Welcome Spring! by Ayaka Tsukino (03/04/2003)
Whispering Wind by Frodo : Jackal story (05/08/2003)
Why? by Qwertyiopisme (27/09/2003)
Why sleep deprivation is a bad thing by rivenwanderer: A quasi-autobiography (14/11/2002)
Wide World Yonder by Frodo (22/07/2003)
Will There Be Cats In Heaven? by Zardoz : An epitaph for a cat (06/06/2003)



Arthur's Big Adventure 1 & 2 by Sendell03 : Little Big Adventure 3 fanfiction (08/09/2003)
Chronicles of Rul: Kantasol Gryph by Rocketeer : Tribes fanfiction
Chronicles of Rul: The Fall of the Courts of Gole by Rocketeer : Tribes fanfiction
Colours by J'ohn : Magic: the Gathering fanfiction (21/10/2002)
Demon's Lot by ladycaerleon (31/01/2003)
A Dragon Letter by Prince Sunner : Inspired by the Secret of Mana (10/01/2003)
Eine Kleine Tolkien Fic by David Mouse: Lord of the Rings fanfiction (06/02/2003)
Elvedui ~ The Last Elf by sepdet : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (21/09/2003)
Embers of the Phoenix and the Fourth Age by sepdet : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (22/05/2003)
Family Feud by PaperStars : Hellsing fanfiction (13/09/2003)
From the Balcony of Soronúmë by sepdet : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (02/07/2003)
The Gemini Rings of Stelador by Lyria Pryzephoni: Lord of the Rings fanfiction (07/12/2002)
It Is Time by Tiana Luthien : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (24/07/2003)
The Lord of the Spoons by Emyn : Lord of the Rings ...err... something (27/09/2003)
The Marley Way of Business by Ti'ana Katarina : Monkey Island fanfiction (15/09/2003)
A Matrix Story by Mike : Matrix fanfiction (26/05/2003)
MYSTCommunity and the Unofficial Stories by Mike : MystCommunity fanfiction (10/09/2003)
Nightmare by Tiana Luthien : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (07/09/2003)
Not Lightly Do the Leaves of Lórien Fall by Sepdet : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (20/02/2003)
The One Ring is Rediscovered by Lyria Pryzephoni: Lord of the Rings roleplaying (08/01/2003)
Orpheo's Curse by Math of 5 : Orpheo's Curse fanfiction (13/09/2003)
The Passing of the Fellowship by Tiana Luthien : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (06/08/2003)
A Rainbow Grows at the MC Complex by Bastiko Pradhana : MystCommunity fanfiction (20/08/2003)
The Secret Life of an MC Moderator by wandering_nomad : MystCommunity fanfiction (11/01/2003)
Slither by M'lah Sihfay: Harry Potter fanfiction (25/12/2002)
So Sayeth Death by M'lah Sihfay: Harry Potter fanfiction (17/01/2003)
The Sundering Sea / Falling Gold / Other by sepdet : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (06/08/2003)
'Twas a Cruel World by Korora : Narnia fanfiction (23/04/2003)
Twilight by Sepdet : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (08/05/2003)
Untitled by Prince Sunner : Inspired by the Secret of Mana (14/02/2003)
Untold Tales of MystCommunity by LinguistApprentice (16/08/2003)
Visit to Faydwer by Frodo : Everquest fanfiction (11/03/2003)
What, Ho! by Scath : Shakespeare fanfiction (humour me) (04/06/2003)


Arataquenta by J'ohn: Lord of the Rings fanfiction (06/12/2002)
Arwen's Song by Tiana Luthien : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (28/05/2003)
Assorted Drabblings & Poems of Middle-earth by Tiana Luthien : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (07/10/2003)
Dark Moon Rising by Leenay : Elvish translation (18/09/2003)
Evanescence in Klingon by Leenay : Evanescence / Klingon fanfiction (05/08/2003)
In the House of Bëorn by J'ohn: Lord of the Rings fanfiction (18/01/2003)
Kotori's Dream by Leenay : X fanfiction (10/09/2003)
Link by Erithan: Zelda Fanfiction (05/02/2003)
Middle Earth Muse Tidbits by Frodo : Lord of the Rings fanfiction (08/10/2003)
Myst Community by ha nekhira : MystCommunity fanfiction (02/09/2003)
Moby Dick: Poems by Frodo: Moby Dick fanfiction (21/01/2003)
Naergon an Thinnuel (a Tinw) by sepdet: Sindarin poetry (07/02/2003)

This table of contents is for the period October 2002 - November 2003.

For any sort of comment, criticism or correction, please send a PM. :D

Last Addition: 25/04/2004

SBS :o

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