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Table of Contents for this Forum Haven't had enough of MYST? Come browse!

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Posted 16 September 2002 - 04:43 PM

Forum Table o' Contents

This forum is for writing related to the characters in the MYST series, and for stories related to Linking Books, new Ages, or the D'ni. We have many talented writers, many gems hidden away in here, and I urge you to sample at least one short piece from each of them!

Spoilers key: Hint-- figure out how far down on the "rainbow" you are and avoid stories with colors below that spot.

[*] MYST spoiler

[*] RIVEN spoiler

[*] Book of Atrus spoiler

[*] Book of Ti'ana spoiler

[*] Book of D'ni spoiler

[*] EXILE spoiler

[*] realMYST spoiler

[*] Mudpie spoiler

Tanka Me This - Take III: Arianna inspires a flurry of MYST-related poetry.
8/20/02 Creating one's own age: Erreselieth invites everyone to contribute descriptions of original Ages.
8/20/02 Roleplaying MYST: Ongoing RPG founded by Eresselieth, set in the Age of Varanasi.
8/23/02 Character profiles: Participants of the MYST RPG post notes on their characters and other info here.
8/29/02 The Varanasi Compendium: Erreselieth provides some background for the MYST RPG.

Age Builder
7/30/02 1st story of sorts: : Short piece (to be cont'd). "a young explorer finds a house of myth..."

9/10/02 One Little Letter: Short story. Innocent Narayani girl, meet Achenar. Er, on second thought...
9/27/02 Childhood Memories: Short piece. Atrus and Catherine, on Tomahna, recall their sons' early days.[/url].
Descent into Darkness: Short piece. Gehn retracing his father's footsteps.[/url]

Saavedro's Hesitation: Tantalizing beginning of a story. Saavedro follows Sirrus & Achenar.
8/15/02 Grandfather: Short story. What happened to Gehn? Innovative answer!
8/13/02 free verse: Brief, sad poem. Can you guess what it's about?

the clueless sage
7/26/02 Coven: Ongoing story. A young Writer's disastrous link to an Age ruled by a tyrant alters the history of that Age-- and others.

8/2/02 Lehnah, Age of Discovery: Exquisite story of a Writer exploring an Age and meeting its inhabitants.

9/10/02 s.o.c. Myst story: Yeesha uncovering her family's haunted past.

Jaaderi / Tweek
7/26/02 Returning to Myst: Story. Teens find the Stranger's Myst Book and set about restoring the long-lost island.
8/4/02 Returning to Myst Vol. 2: Growing older, they build a new life in this world, learning of the Art.
8/4/02 Returning to Myst Vol. 3: They continue their adventures and explorations.

9/5/02 Klia- a Legends of Zodia story: Epic tale of Devokan, with characters and some background from Lyria's writings (see below).

8/22/02 Only a Dream: Humorous story. Myst and certain well-known Cyantists as you could never imagine. Somehow, he did.

Lyria Pryzephoni
8/13/02 A Dim Future: Short story. Klia, a psychotic young Terahnee girl, wreaks vengeance. (Violence warning)
8/17/02 Lerica: Very short story. What if Achenar had a twin sister?
8/18/02 Camalynn of Narayan: Story picking up just after the end of EXILE.
8/20/02 Devokan's Judgement: Story. Klia returns to wreak havoc on the relyimah. (violence warning)
9/1/02 Salora, Princess of the Agrarian Age: Short story. Sirrus picks up a girlfriend, to Achenar's annoyance. (violence warning)
8/17/02 Lyria does poetry, too!: Poems about Saavedro, herself, acquaintances, and characters in a film script she's writing.
9/1/02 Ever Watchful (The Book of Viyra): Ongoing saga. A reworking of events in the BoT and BoA, with original characters added.
9/21/02 The Skirmish of Age 265: Short piece. Viyra takes vengeance on her old nemesis.
9/26/02 Unfair Judgement: Short piece. Two children are judged for their first Ages.

/02 Broken: Vivid poem inspired by EXILE.

M'lah Sihfay
7/26/02 DMV 7: Whiterock: A Dark Myst Vignette. What more need be said?
7/26/02 the door: Poem. Hint: inspired by the Mysterium Mudpie demo.
7/30/02 DMV revisions: Another 2 snippets: A glimpse of Sirrus through his journal, plus a new scene for Whiterock.
9/3/02 experiments in created mythology: Short epic poem! Creation myth of the Mechanical age.
9/4/02 Untitled Catherine Piece: Another haunting DMV. Catherine forces herself to visit the remaining Ages after RIVEN.

8/4/02 the mechanical age: Ongoing story bringing to life the civilization of this age!

9/6/02 Penitent: Stark sonnet in Atrus' voice.
9/18/02] Myst idyll: [size=1]Filk to Sisters of Mercy. Haunting song in Catherine's voice.

8/10/02 Her: Short piece. Angst! Atrus' private ordeal during MYST and RIVEN.
8/13/02 Eholi: Original, ongoing story of a visitor to an Age. "It's a tale of Revolution, Learning, and the longing for freedom of body and soul."

8/13/02 Remembrance of Myst: Poem. Very pretty.

9/4/02 Prisons: 2 Sonnets for Atrus and Catherine.
9/19/02 Dream's End: Short piece. Reaction to the final moment of RealMYST.
9/21/02 Stitching Time VII-- The Gift: Short story (in progress): Tying together the backstory of realMYST and RIVEN.
9/27/02 Hollow: Poem about Catherine's Torus Age.

9/2/02 The Hand of the Lost: Intriguing beginning of a Yeesha/Releeshahn story.

Tiana Luthien
8/3/02 The Stranger's Story: Fascinating ongoing saga, with a very unique young woman as the Stranger.

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Posted 20 September 2002 - 10:49 AM

Yay seppers! Well done, that's fantastic. Lovin' the colour-coding. Very cool.

*wander off to write more M/R/E fic*


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Posted 22 September 2002 - 06:49 PM

GilGalad, I beg you to read mine! Gritty Squees?

As for sepdet, I like your reviews on my stories! Especially the one on my BoV! As for the script, I could PM it to ya if ya'd like it.

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Posted 24 September 2002 - 02:02 PM

:huh: Lyria, Lyria, how many ways can we say it?

We all want people to read our writing. I created this Table of Contents so that everyone, not just the more prolific or well-known writers, would have their stuff read. I understand very well the urge to fish for readers, but you and I and other folks get plenty of advertising already. Give others a chance.

I guess I'm going to have to lock it. The thread would be very long if everyone posted a "Me me me!" plea. This is an "us us us!" thread.

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Posted 08 October 2003 - 09:09 PM

Well, I thought I'd give it a go, after all :alahmnat:

A few notes: One - in a few days I'll have all the links coded for the selections. This is basically a rough draft, but I thought I'd give y'all a peek.

Two: I have not chronicled every selection. Firstly, I pretty much picked up where sepdet left off. This means that to make it complete, I'll probably end up just doing the whole shebang, and putting everything in there, from day one of the forum. Secondly, some selections were unfinished, not true "fan work" (like calls for help), or plain blank (such as Ahsi's - I still need to figure out why).

Three: Some selections, such as Korora's journal entries, are many and short. I'm going to have to find a way to put all those journal entries in one "journal" heading, with links to the different ages.

Four: Mods, is it possible to pin this? Or somehow fuse it with sepdet's original?

That's about it. It will be updated fully by next week.



Myst/D'ni Forum: Table of Contents

Sep 13, 02| free verse: Tamra and Saavedro
*Note: several of Ahsi’s selections in this forum appear to have gone blank. I have no reason as yet for this.

Sep 10, 02| One Little Letter: Achenar's brush with a Narayani princess
Sep 27, 02| Descent into Darkness: A more sympathetic portrayal of Gehn
Sep 27, 02| Childhood Memories: Atrus and Catherine consider the next generation

Ayaka Tsukino
Oct 6, 03| Swimming Out among the Stars: A love poem, from Atrus to Catherine

Bastiko Pradhana
Nov 20, 02| MRED Holiday Mix: One by Bastiko, one by Korora – Myst meets the holidays

Sep 26, 03| Riven Poem: A light look at the fifth age

chaos syndrome
Dec 7, 02| The Mage’s Folly: A wandering tribe roams in the D’ni universe

Nov 15, 02| Veniris: A German Myst fanfic

Jul 28, 03| The Fallen One: Gehn, fallen from glory; a short poem

Aug 20, 02| Roleplaying Myst: A Myst RPG: contributions by several others

Jul 7, 03| Explorations: A story of Yeesha, and the age of Kilaren

Dec 13, 02| Hierophant: A look into the mind of Gehn, through his writings

Aug 2, 02| Lehnah: “Age of Discovery”; a D’ni fanfic

Mar 15, 03| Pandemonium: The stranger betrays, and Atrus goes to Riven to rescue Catherine himself
May 3, 03| Papua: Rivenese children, and their link to Myst - incomplete

Sep 10, 02| A Myst Story: Yeesha looks to the past - and Myst
Dec 11, 02| Myst Madness – Sirrus’ Birthday: Sirrus consumes sugar in Channelwood; general silliness
Apr 2, 03| Nightmare: Vignettes in Stoneship

ha nekhira
Jun 29, 03| Atrus- what he really writes: A poem
Jun 29, 03| “introducing you to the D’ni..”: Of D’ni and pants
Jun 30, 03| Squee goes Prancing: Ballad of the squee
Jun 30, 03| The Goodness of Gehn: A poem in Gehn’s defense
Jul 2, 03| Tamra: Saavedro pines for a wife lost – free verse
Jul 3, 03| Sirrus and Achenar: On sibling rivalry
Jul 4, 03| Acrostics – Myst style: A-T-R-U-S
Jul 5, 03| Uninvited Guest: The stranger and Atrus
Jul 10, 03| An Interview with Catherine: Self-explanatory
Jul 26, 03| Narayani: Free verse; Saavedro returns home
Jul 26, 03| On myst-bert and Gehn: Are they one and the same?
Aug 11, 03| Ages: On Myst and sundry worlds
Sep 5, 03| Fissure Battle: As told by a fly on the wall
Oct 4, 03| The Stranger, #1: Gamer meets Stranger
Oct 8, 03| Voltaic: A short poem on the age

Sep 5, 02| Klia: A legends of Zodia story, involving the D’ni and ghosts of the past
Oct 22, 02| Opus/Stanza: A short story on two linking books

Katran sama
Oct 15, 02| (Untitled): Concerning Catherine, her capture, and the moiety
Jan 12, 03| Heart’s Losses: Catherine muses on Riven and her people
Mar 12, 03| Flowers and Fireflies: Dreams and portals – a poem
Oct 4, 03| What Sorrow Eyes Can Hold – Part II: Gehn, Keta, and death

Oct 31, 02| Sonnet: Exile poems; two by Lyria
Nov 4, 02| Age of nInDAl: An age and its chronicling
Nov 4, 02| Pretty Fly for a D'ni: Myst version of "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"
Nov 11, 02| Blue Guy: Achenar’s rip-off of “Blue Skies”
Nov 18, 02| Trapped Between Three Ages: Edanna, nInDAl, and sundry journal entries
Nov 25, 02| Age of Catters: Further journal entries in the nInDAl series
Dec 9, 02| Age of Hoiho: More journal entries relating to nInDAl
Dec 16, 02| Age of vyDmr: And yet more journal entries linked to nInDAl
Jan 13, 03| Revenge: Sirrus and Achenar, unleashed
Jan 31, 03| MRED Haiku: Self-explanatory – one selection by Kah’teh
Feb 7, 03| Age of zaefOloAth: Continuing adventures in the nInDAl/Myst universe
Feb 12, 03| Amateria: Short poems on ages
Feb 14, 03| Age of zonlith (zonlib?): A continuation, I believe, of “Age of zaefOloAth”
Feb 24, 03| Squee Junction: Random destruction and randomness
Feb 28, 03| A New Tree Falls: The nInDAl world, in the third person; BoD spoilers
Mar 14, 03| Age of caethur (caebur?): More journal entries - incomplete
Apr 21, 03| Age of terFara: More journal entries – incomplete (?)
May 2, 03| Myst acrostics: Korora contributes title-down goodness
Jun 27, 03| 20 Years: A poem of Saavedro and Exile
Sep 8, 03| Ages of MystCommunity: “What if the web were ages?”

Dec 8, 02| Child of Releeshahn: A young girl in the D’ni’s new home
Jan 19, 03| Child of Releeshahn: Mistakenly entered as new, it adds on to the original

Feb 11, 03| The Lattice Tree: A short story about ye old Narayani tree

Aug 22, 02| Only a Dream: What happens to Myst in the subconscious…
Oct 5, 02| A Request for the Jackal: Riddles of the D'ni and whatnot; a few intermittent riddles (poems?) by sepdet

Lyria Pryzephoni
Aug 17, 02| Assorted Myst poetry: Self-explanatory
Aug 17, 02| Lerica: A tale of Achenar's twin sister, victim of hate and insanity
Aug 18, 02| Camalynn of Narayan: Saavedro returns; an exile Fanfic
Sep 1, 02| Ever Watchful: A tale of Viyra, one of Gehn's many victims
Sep 1, 02| Salora, Princess of the Agrarian Age: Sirrus and Achenar wreak usual havoc
Sep 21, 02| The Skirmish of Age 265: An old vengeance takes its toll on Gehn – see “Ever Watchful”
Sep 26, 02| Unfair Judgment: Favoritism rears its head in the Myst universe
Oct 16, 02| The Two Narayani: A short story about one year after Saavedro's return
Oct 25, 02| The D'ni Queen: A tale of the only female D'ni ruler, as told by Atrus’s grandmother
Oct 28, 02| Almost Successful: An alternative Saavedro journal
Nov 3, 02| Xarlon: Atrus and Gehn explore a new age; BoA material

Dec 9, 02| Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Rime): Christmas meets Myst
Dec 10, 02| Christmas/MRED parodies: One by M@, one by Korora: D’ni decks the halls

Math of 5
Sep 13, 02|The Fissure: Musings on “island memories” – a song
Nov 19, 02| Imagers can be Deceiving: A tale of Gehn and Keta

M’lah Sihfay
Jul 27, 03| The Last Book: “Atrus’ family, four generations later”

Oct 6, 03| PoemsOf man and Myst

Mar 14, 03| The Conscience of the King: D’ni justice, and burning books

Opalous Songbird
Jan 3, 03| Opalous: Vampires in the D’ni universe

Sep 18, 02| Catherine filk: A song based on Judy Collins' "Sisters of Mercy"
Oct 20, 02| The Riving: Katran, and one Rivenese man's fear of the dreamworlds
Jan 13, 03| The Treasures of D’ni: Two children explore an ancient world
Feb 13, 03| Myst Opportunity: Atrus visits the real world

Jan 12, 03| On Top of Edanna: Parody of a similar pasta song, with a Myst twist

Aug 10, 02| Her: Atrus thinks on his wife, while stranded within D'ni
Aug 13, 02| Eholi: The Age of Them and the land of Eholi

Jul 1, 03| Link Away: Myst, from a rapper’s perspective

Sep 20, 02| Dream’s End: sepdet finishes RealMyst
Sep 22, 02| The Gift: Sirrus and Achenar, and their plot to “remove” Atrus
Sep 27, 02| Hollow: (Catherine’s Torus Age – remove when coded)Catherine's dreams

Sep 2, 02| The Hand of the Lost: Yeesha’s struggles within the D’ni world

Tiana Luthien
Aug 3, 02| The Stranger’s Story: A story of the stranger, Atrus, and Saavedro

Tiana of Dni
Dec 13, 02| The Building of an Age: A short poem

Nov 4, 02| Mainland: Sequel to the Book of T’Vog D’ni survivors and their story

Jul 26, 02| Returning to Myst: A – well – return to Myst…

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Posted 08 October 2003 - 09:26 PM

you obviously put a lot of time in it, and I think it's very well done and I think the other mods will agree. I'm going to go ahead and merge this with sepper's table of contents.

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