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Who's going? I am surprised no one asked this already

#76 User is offline   The MYSTerious 1! 

  • shokhootahn (instructor)
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Posted 17 July 2004 - 11:28 PM

Me and tfo will once again be there, and this time at the hotel, so I can really bug the heck out of you have lots of fun!

#77 User is offline   BobC 

  • lontahn (discoverer)
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Posted 18 July 2004 - 04:26 AM

BobC, on Jul 17 2004, 09:43 PM, said:

The Days hotel has been sold out for some time, and I would like to know what other hotels are close by.  I've been searching for a map of the city showing where all of the hotels are, but have not been able to find one.   :)  

I found the information I was looking for and reserved a room at the Comfort Hotel Downtown, at 15 Charles St. It looks to be within walking distance of the Days Hotel.... (I hope)

It looks like my daughter and I will be there Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. :tongue:

#78 User is offline   Danny R 

  • telnahvah (guildmaster)
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  Posted 23 July 2004 - 07:43 AM

well ... it's final ...

:)  I can't be there   :braces:

That's what I get from making a living in a "creative" job - much of the work is project-oriented, and when things take longer than anticipated (which is all too common in music recording) it's not like I can simply tell my coworkers to take over. For several reasons, once you start a production you better stay with it to the end.

Sooooo - to quote a famous little statement from the Making of Riven movie: "Today, if all goes well, we'll be done with yesterday's schedule." Or, in my case, that of two days before yesterday.

The reason I didn't let you know sooner? It looked like a tight schedule from the start, but we made good progress in the first week, so I was still sure I could make it. Then things began to look worse, then better again - and so on, back and forth ... I really couldn't tell until these last couple days.

Now I know.  :rotflol:

So if anyone of you should be looking for me in vain, it's not because the plane took a wrong turn or something.  ;)

Of course I'll be following the events as closely as possible on this and other boards, and I'll try to make a virtual appearance in CC whenever possible. :blink: To all who are in Toronto, I wish you a pleasant, happy and eventful time!  :blush: :tongue: ;)

#79 User is offline   Rishahnu 

  • telnahvah (guildmaster)
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Posted 23 July 2004 - 08:31 AM

Danny R, on Jul 23 2004, 10:43 AM, said:

well ... it's final ...

:tongue:  I can't be there  :)

Same here. Wow, I was so close, and then things just happend. Stupid life, getting in the way of Myst! [eeyore]Anyhow... next year I guess. :braces:[/eeyore]

Oh, I will be there in 2-d form, so keep a look out for a tall hot guy with a hot girl... [/arrogance]

#80 User is offline   QuantaFille 

  • telahm (guildsman)
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Posted 23 July 2004 - 01:58 PM

I won't be there either. My car repairs cost a lot more than I had anticipated, so I had no money for airfare or hotel.
I'll be there in 2D though, I'm the one in front of the computer with MystCommunity on the screen. :tongue:

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