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Mobile phones For Europeans

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 04:10 PM

Hello all Europeans attending Mysterium (not that there's many of us :)),

As you may or may not know, the GSM network in North America uses the 1900 MHz band, which is not used in Europe and not supported by most European phones. Unless you have a triple band mobile phone (and I bought one just today :tongue:), you might as well leave it at home because it won't be of much use.
Also, there are great pricing differences between the various phone companies, so don't use the automatic roaming feature! Instead, figure out the cheapest telco (you can probaly find this information on your own telco's website), and manually connect to their network, provided you have good enough reception. Also, coverage is probably not as good as in Europe, because North America uses various different standards, instead of standardizing on GSM like most of the world did. I don't expect any problems in Toronto, but maybe someone who lives there can offer certainty.Posted Image

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 06:47 PM

The two cell phone companies with the best coverage are Telus and Bell, and indeed they piggyback off eachother's equipment so their coverage maps are almost identical. The other two cell competitors are Rogers and Fido.

Toronto is not a problem for coverage, though don't expect a signal on the subway or in an elevator. Same goes for between Toronto and in London Ont, and in London. The only problems I ever get with my phone are when I hit the edges of the coverage map up north at my family's cottage.

Telus' coverage map for Ontario.

I am not sure about how you would arrange to get your tri-band phone on to one of our local networks in the way you spoke of, having never been faced with that task. I've just occasionally roamed into the US, thats it.

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