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Post-Euromysterium fun in Rotterdam!

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 02:30 PM

Just got back from the Euromysterium, what fun!
Posted this elsewhere already, but since the feeling is still gurgling inside of me, here's my Euromysterium report, well, more of a brain jumble thing....

It’s amazing how people that have been mere internet acquaintances or even complete strangers can relate and connect in uhm ..I think 5 seconds?
Thanks you so much to the Guild of Organizers, you did a perfect job.

First of all, the hotel was perfect, close to classy, unbelievable for such a small price. (Excellent food, strange blue tulip pictures in my room though, interesting Myst style lamps in the halls, probably about 500 of them? forgot to take picture unfortunately. Red carpets to camouflage my shoes on was all over the place.)
I went laser gaming for the first time! Interesting ‘sport’, not exactly what you would call peacefull :angry: but definitely worth trying out, especially if you are not an ego-shooter type person, strange experience. I made last place (boohoo? or yay?), which may have not only been due to me not being able to figure out the gun right, but rather because I forgot that running was not allowed and crashed into Oracai (in fact, our faces hit each other) and after that, I think I was grinning stupidly and randomly aiming my gun at the walls.
Next day we went on a boat trip through the port/docks of Rotterdam, zillions of containers, the whole system a very figurative display of the complexity of our world (the night before we had interesting in depth conversations about stuff like a simpler life being a better choice, live8, and Until Uru (no, at 4 a.m. those aren’t three different topics. And yes, you think you are going to feel ‘dead’ the next morning, but for some reason you are not.)
Anyway, after the boat trip we split up, some went to the Euromast (big tower), after a stroll through the park my group went to the art museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Intriguing exhibition, they put historic art (like Hieronymus Bosch) next to contemporary pieces, these very different works start interacting and tell a new story. The also had a lot of Magritte paintings there, surreal.
After a bus tour along architectural sites (cubic shaped houses, that would be standing on their corners if they weren’t build across the street like a bridge), we went back to the hotel and hung out a bit, before the quiz which included knowledge of all Myst games. We were allowed to group solve, but how do you answer questions about the amount of green lamps in Spire without sitting in front of a computer with internet access? But we all knew the Ytram is not a frog, which made us feel a lot better :eek:

After dinner buffet we had the presentation night, I presented a summary of the myst-tree puzzle. Some advice for anybody: If you are going to read out D’ni language in front of a group of people: Practice, practice, practice. I didn’t and the ones it the first row were lucky if they weren’t hit by sprays of saliva.
I won a rare MystV: EoA T-Shirt (the blue one with the glyphs on the back)! That’s my favourite collectors item (aside from the Euromysterium Shirt, my button and the box of dutch liquorice). Amon-re did a really interesting presentation about his experiences in developing a fan adventure game.
The best part of the presentation night was the surprise. A really nice letter and a huge treat from Cyan. Thank you so much for sending us that! It’s definitely a ‘drooler’. We are not supposed to talk about it, but I guess I can say multimedia and major goosebumps. Shhhh it’s a secret secret, but you all would/will love it.

After that, the rest of the night turned out to be further proof that it is possible to survive with deprival of sleep, if the conditions are right. Some were so attracted to staying with the group they chose not to go to bed but to sleep in chairs or sofas. An occasional nod or blink and a ‘yes, yes’ indicated they were there.

The next morning we had to say goodbye after breakfast, but we didn’t, because...oh well...there was so much to do...take more pictures for myst-tree and still lots to talk about, music to listen, so we just dwindled way into the late afternoon. Marein decided to do an impromptu presentation of how to NOT handle matches which ended him carrying around two glasses with iced water around both (!!!) of his thumbs.

What a great experience. I am now a gathering fan, I guess. What more can you want: You come with a stomach of expectations and go home with your head twirling with impressions and your heart full of compassion. New friends. Plus, I learned about local cutlery producers, how many bodies can fit into a Ford sports car (a Cougar?) and how to pronounce “Hagelslag”. Thanks again to everybody who made this such a nice event.

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 02:48 PM


Thank you so much for sending us that! It’s definitely a ‘drooler’. We are not supposed to talk about it, but I guess I can say multimedia and major goosebumps. Shhhh it’s a secret secret, but you all would/will love it.

Tell me now! :angry:

It sounds like you had great fun (part from the laser tag thing, it would seem more proper for a Half Life gathering or something). Anyways do the next Euromysterium in the UK. :eek:

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 02:50 PM

That sounds like a huge amount of fun, Ireen! :eek:

I hope that many attendees will join in detailing their experiences; along with photographs, ideally. :angry:

Because of matters not under my control I missed this year's EuroMysterium. I'm very glad that it was such a success (certainly not surprised, though :blush:). :eek:

SBS :evil:

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 04:39 PM

Thanks for the cool report, Ireen!

- Deg -

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Posted 11 July 2005 - 05:56 AM

Yay for EuroMysterium 2005! :angry: We had such a great time... those that didn't come were wrong, really. I don't know what to tell, there's too much, and I think Ireen already told a great deal. There'll probably appear some more reports on Myst Blogs later on.

The presentation I did will be put online in a short while, hopefully before tonight!


Anyways do the next Euromysterium in the UK.

There's been so much discussion about where to hold the EuroMysterium, and I think the Netherlands was the best choice. Why can't you UK guys just take a plane or a boat to the Netherlands? It's right next to your door!

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Posted 11 July 2005 - 11:00 AM

I think we should hold it each year in a different country. Maybe the UK people will organize it next year? I'll go anywhere :angry:

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Posted 13 July 2005 - 07:45 AM

Aw, I knew I should've stayed saturdaynight! *Wonders about the mystV treat*

Anyway, it was fun. Even tho I lost my voice during Saturday, hehe. It was a delight to meet new people *waves at Ireen* as well as the ones I've only talked to online. Well organised too! And a great price on the hotel. Too bad there weren't many people from other countries.

Oh, and it's a Ford Probe. Did we actually fit 5 people in there without using the trunk??? :arianna:

Now up to Mysterium. :P

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