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Queue's Mysterium Experience and other useless pieces of information

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Posted 25 July 2005 - 03:56 AM

:whimper: I just lost like a whole half a page of writing..

Alright. *sigh* un mas tiempo.

Well I'd never been to a Mysterium Before. So I really didn't know what to expect when I arrived. I admit, when I showed up to the meeting rooma nd saw everyone I was a little intimidated. I snuck in the back and sat down. I didn't know anyone. What had I gotten myself into?? ;)

But then I saw a Khatie! :blink: and a Lehsa!! Faces I recognize Hurray! So I snuck up front and sat down next to Lehsa. "Hey Lehsa how are you?" I just started talking to her and asking her questions as if our conversations in Cyan Chat had merely put on pause and just unpaused again at that moment when I sat down. And you should have seen Lehsa she was so cute. Just giving me this look. ;) "Who are you?" Oh. heh. I'm Queue. And then she realized who I was. Okay so I guess maybe I should have done that right up front, but I recognized who she was! The least she could do was recognize me right?! Sure it probably would have helped if she had known I was coming and if she had seen a picture of me that wasn't from about a year ago... :P but hey that's her fault. *laughs* ;) I had fun surprising her. (((Lehsa)))

And lo and behold as I was sitting and talking to Lehsa there was K'laamas! "It's K! hey!" K'laamas looks at Lehsa and then at me (very confused) ;) Yeah Yeah.. So I'm starting to get the hint. So I've never been to a mysterium before. *mutters* :P So I introduced myself to K and I made a note to start doing that in the future when meeting new people.

And little did I know it, but it had already started. Mysterium!! (woot! woot!) I was meeting faces!! Faces that could be recognized with names. Names that I had known in some cases for 6/7years or so! The magic had begun I was a part of Mysterium Chicago 2005 history. I had finally beat the "not able to make it" curse that had haunted me like a cruel penitentiary each mysterium. And I was ready to make the most of it. I'm in Chicago! (and its hellishly hot *hides under air conditioning*)

So our first event. The presentations. Scraper welcomes us all to Mysterium 2005. I think to myself, that she really is as loveable in person as she looks in the pictures I'd seen of her. What a delight to meet this fearless leader. So as it turns out the first presentation is a 1D visitor. Hurray! Why it's not other than a phone call from..
*check dial-tone*
*run to the front desk a few times*
*alright try one more time*
huh.. :-S
Alright change of plans
a long-distance phonecall to: Rand and Rawa Hurray!!
(guess there was "a bit of a snafu" with the phone service)
(we heard that phrase a lot during the presentations I think *chuckles*) :P (((((snafu))))) :heart: :pout:

So Rand started off by talking a bit about EoA. I was thinking as he was talking how I wish someone were typing or recording what he was saying. So I'll do my best to sort of relay what was said (but it was much better in person) ;). I often notice that Rand impresses me with his thought and talent and listening to him talk I couldn't help but being impressed again. I liked what he was saying about EoA not being a game about fanfare and display like people might expect for a series finale, but instead opted to make instead a simple, true and solid game. He talked a bit about the tight schedule they were under to get it out. Yeesha! And how EoA won't necessarily wrap up all lose ends cause he wants to make sure we have a bit to ponder and discuss still. And of course as we all know "the ending is not yet written" so even after EoA the story will still go on I imagine. If only in the minds and hearts of fans. But hey that's not too bad. He also mentioned his surprise at the number of fans present at the presentations and repeatedly mentioned how nice it was to have such support from us.

After his little talk about EoA it was opened up to a Q&A
There were a few questions concerning Until Uru. The obvious question about what Rand thinks they might do next at Cyan. Apparently they're still planning on releasing the book of Marrim (sp?) at some point. They're just looking for an author still. After that they have 3 Something Else™ to think about. The first is some elaborate revolutionary entertainment something-er-other that Rand thinks is really cool. "Lattice." Apparently it wouldn't involve online. And um.. yeah. He said that it's probably a bit too early for such an idea, and wouldn't be the kind of thing publishers would want to risk money on (see URU). The second idea is a less risky idea. One that publishers would be more likely to go for Rand thinks, and would be more of a single all wrapped up storyline. There is some potential and an idea floating around about how there could be a sequel to this second option, but there definitely wouldn't be much further they could with it beyond that it seems like. The last option is more of a smaller in house thing they might do. The only trouble with that is it wouldn't be a money maker for them and as they don't have any of that nest egg left (see URU), they donn't really have the resources to do something independent like that really.

Would Cyan ever disband? Well.. hard to see the future is. Technically if none of the publishers decide to take Cyan up on their ideas then Cyan as a company isn't going to to have money to pay its employees with. And that wouldn't be any good. But Rand says that he suspects someone would probably still be around. (I suspect himself and Rawa and Ryan Miller at least) Though granted, if they were to still do something it would be entirely in what spare time they could muster after the other jobs they'd have to get to still provide for their families. So admittedly those would be rather tough times for Cyan.

Is there going to be any new D'ni language in EoA. True to form Rawa answered "some." We all laughed. Rawa and his mystic cryptic answers. :P

The latest movie Rand saw was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Which was a typically weird/strange Johnny Depp/Tim Burton film. But still entertaining.

Rawa had eaten something for lunch that day, but I didn't hear what it was. I don't think it was red robin. I think Scraper might remember his answer.

And um.. I think that about covers it for the Q&A.

So that was the first ever one dimensional mysterium attendee. Hurray!!

Onto the other presentations..
;) ;) ;)
apparently there were a lot more presentations this year than there normally are. I um.. hadn't eaten anything all day and was approaching event horizon at some points during the presentations. But luckily for the universe, I managed to hold it all together until the end, and actually heard/saw/witnessed some interesting stuff. My favorite of course was Bastiko's A Revelation Story Which was highly amusing and all around fun. :arianna: Cheers to Bastiko for being courageous enough to attempt such a huge project. :) [and he's still not done! there's still EoA to write!! :blink: :faints:]

And then Presentations were done. And I went out with a group of people I didn't know who were going places I didn't know and walla some new found friends where born. They got icecream, I was too hungry so I parted ways with them and went and got some chicago style pizza instead.. mmmm.. ;) On the way back I walked around the city by myself and was enjoying the fact that I was lost in downtown chicago and had no real direction or time I had to be back by (as long as I made it back to my room and got [i]some[/] sleep that night). So that for me was one of my favorite parts of Friday. Just feeling like an explorer plopped down into some huge empty concrete world. Luckily too it wasn't so hot then, so it was by far much easier to attempt such a thing. :) Eventually on the way back I stopped into a bar that was playing some live music and listened for a little bit, talked to some of the locals and amused myself by watching a pair of overly drunk chicagans try and unravel the music of bands like the doors and nirvana and rush. That was a lot of fun. But because of that I didn't end up getting back until pretty early in the morning that night. But that's what coffee is for right? :P

mkay it's terribly late and I ought to get some sleep.
part ii and part iii will have to come later.
night all.
:hugs: to everyone at mysterium. I miss you guys already. :-)

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Posted 25 July 2005 - 06:23 AM

RAWA had a cheeseburger, didn't he?

Or the D'ni delicacy cheezb'rg'r. :arianna:

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  Posted 01 August 2005 - 05:24 PM

No he had a Cheeseborger! Cheeseborger!
No fries just chips... no pepsi! just coke :arianna:

~L~ Crazy Texan back in the age of Tehk'sahs

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