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Mysterium 2006 Picture Thread! Just thought I'd start it!

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Posted 02 August 2006 - 02:38 PM

Ran, on Aug 2 2006, 03:55 AM, said:

Geeeeee, some other people could post some pictures!!! ;)


I know, I know ... :)

Bear with me - I want to make the most of my few remaining vacay days here in the US. The Maker knows when I'll be able to do this the next time.

Selecting, downsizing, cropping and uploading pics to new webpages turned out to be not in the list of easily "do-able" things, despite my initial intentions. :)

But I'll have them up real soon-ish. :laugh:

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Posted 02 August 2006 - 06:43 PM

My Mysterium Photos Hosted by Ran <3 Had a great Mysterium with you guys :)

Ok, now my report is up, along with a collection of all the picture links I've found so far.
Days one & two
Days three and four
Links to all the galleries I've found. Updated as more come out.

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  Posted 02 August 2006 - 10:14 PM

K'laamas' Mysterium Photos:

K'laamas D'ni Mandalas:

If anyone wants their D'ni mandala, I can e-mail them a very high-res version, in black & white, or colored. I can also easily switch the colored pattern/texture to anything you want. And if anyone else wants a mandala of their name made, please don't hesitate to ask--I love making these things ( :

And here is my Mysterium Report:

My Mysterium journey began at home in northern Utah. M@ & I (and our mom) spent all of Wednesday driving up to my Grandma's in Western Montana. I hate road-trips... Stayed the night, and then we drove towards Spokane Thursday morning, but missed a turn & went the wrong direction for 20 minutes. Finally made it, & picked up Novah at the airport. There was road construction, so the exit we needed to take didn't exist o.O Wandered around town. Finally found our way to the Ramada, & ran into Mihshehl, Lehsa, & Ran! Checked in. We booked late, so we could only get a 1-bed smoking room. Oi. Ran into Nisan & Ireenquench!

Met a bunch more people down in the lobby--Roland of Gilead, Dan the Myst Fan, Vaaht, etc. We got so loud, the front desk people asked us to take it to the Conference Room ; ) Alahmnat, Oscelot, SR388, SR's wife Brandy, & Rivenchan showed up! Then we all went to the Top 'O China Buffet for dinner. It's got a white Cadilac sticking out of the roof.

Went back to my room with Ireen, & we took a look at the DLF presentation. Gave her a sneak peek at my secret D'ni project ; ) Hung out in the Conference Room. Grey Dragon showed up to chat! M@ swore he saw RAWA in the elevator, so a few of us went RAWA hunting ; ) No luck ) : More chatting in the lobby. Went to Coldstone's for a "Town Hall Meeting". cream... Chatted for quite a while.

Gathered & chatted in the Conference Room. Saphira arrived! She pounced me ;) Grey Dragon & a GameTap guy came! Much sleep-deprivation zaniness ; ) Stuck around 'til past midnight. Deg showed up! In bed around 12:30

Friday morning. Had breakfast. I was wearing a shirt I had made a while ago--I designed a D'ni mandala of my name, and had it printed on a t-shirt ^_^ A number of people asked if they could have mandalas made of their name, & Wolfie even asked if he could have a t-shirt made w/his mandala on it. I just told them all "maybe" or "we'll see", so as not to spoil things to come <.<

"The F'li" apparently came by early to drop of the Scavenger Hunt packets. We congregated out front, and took some group pics. We split into groups for the Scavenger Hunt. My group had M@, RIUM+, Novah, Vaaht, & The Face In The Door. The folder had a map of northen Spokane, and 25 close-up photos, w/25 thumbnail satelite pictures. We had to find the spots, & take pictures of them, matching the camera angles as close as possible. We ran around town for a good part of the day finding things. Lots of traffic on Division street, which we were constantly on, so I had to employ my assertive driving--much g-force on the u-turns ; )

Stopped at one of the Scavenger Hunt spots for lunch. Found a few more. Went to Riverside Park, and got a picture of the big Clock Tower at 2:40 :laugh: A tent-like thing that obviously inspired the Wahrk Gallows from Riven is there, too ( : Took The Face In The Door back to the hotel, as she wasn't feeling too well. Found a few more Scavenger Hunt spots. While taking a picture of a steak house called "Wolfy's" for CAGrayWolf, the owner gave us directions for the 4 last spots. 2 of them were out in the freaking middle of nowhere... Went back to the hotel, & Mihsh had to leave 'cause of a forest fire near her house ) : (All is well now, though ( : )

Picked up dinner on the go, & went to Lazer Quest! Everyone was late. It's a cool place--a huge maze with 3 levels, & mist. We played 3 games--Free-For-All, Free-For-All with Bases, and 3-Team. Rawa was there! RIUM+ won the 1st game (I got 6th), Trickster won the 2nd game, (I got 2nd), & I won the 3rd game! The 3 1st-place winners each got a cool little journal, with the 1st line of "Words" by the Watcher written on the first page in D'ni! (presumably by Rawa).

Hung around for a bit, then went back to the hotel. Anna Catherine arrived! Chilled in one of the rooms with Alahmnat, Oscelot, SR388, Brandy, Frodo, Saphira, River, Lehsa, & Queue. Saphira bit me! :) Dropped in on Ran, The Face In The Door, Nisan, Anna Catherine, & M@. Went to bed.

Got up early Saturday morning. We went to where we were told one of the last Scavenger Hunt spots was, but it wasn't there ) : It turned out it was like 3 blocks south of Cyan, but we didn't find it in time ) : Found one more spot, though. 24/25--2nd place ( :

Went to Cyan Worlds HQ! Rand talked for a bit, then took a panoramic picture of all of us out front. We all signed in, and they gave us a little card that said "Mysterium" and had a few numbers on it. The wouldn't tell us what it was for, but they told us not to lose it <.< Cyan's south building with the cool fishtank from Teledahn was closed, but we got to tour the North building, including the downstairs (:

The entrance to the North building is awesome. There's a ditch in front, and a bridge across it. It looks like an arch-like shape, with rough brick edges, was torn out of the front of the building, and placed at the other end of the bridge. It's pretty cool ( :

At the front desk they had all kinds of Myst merchandise to buy--posters, t-shirts, books, EDGE discs, etc. We got to see the mysterious elevator--it has a panel with 12 D'ni buttons on it. We actually got to ride the elevator! But if we pushed any of the d'ni buttons, it beeped & the little screen said "Restricted Floor" o.o

Cyan has an impressive set of shelves w/all their various awards, & a few special objects. One in particular caught my eye. A couple years ago, Novah made a working clock with 12 D'ni numbers around the edge, and the words "Tahleeo Gor" ("Surface Time") written on it. She sold it on eBay, and always regretted it. But the person who bought it was at Mysterium this year, and donated it to Cyan!

In Rand's office area, up on the ceiling is a suction-cup Nerf dart that's been stuck up there for years, since shortly after Cyan moved in! Near there, Rand was displaying & talking about some of the artifacts from Riven! Gehn's gun & pipe, the Moiety dagger, the Rivenese sickle, Cahterine's journal, and the Riven & Tay books ( : There was also a little model of the D'ni cavern with the glowing lake, and a bigger clay model of the city on Ae'gura. In Cyan's Conference Room, RAWA was showing several Uru-related videos. A couple were shown in '01 & '03 at Carlsbad & Spokane, & a few were new.

Downstairs, Mark D. & another Cyanist were showing off the rendering & animation from End of Ages in 3D Studio Max. Tim Larkin, the sound/music guy, was chatting & taking questions in his office. Josh Staub was showing off a bunch of concept art, and R-chan was messing around at her desk. There was also a computer set up, logged into Cyan Chat, but hardly anyone was in ( :

We had lunch out back on Cyan's patio. Hot dogs, chips, & cookies, whee. Then we had a fun session of Q&A with Rand (and a little with what's-his-name from GameTap). Naturally, most questions were about Uru. Really motivating ( : I asked if there would ever be a "pick up" function in Uru. He says they're slowly working on it. And Rand seems to be the only one who liked kicking things around ; ) Rand also said that the little cards we got when we signed in will allow us to get a "Mysterium 2006" t-shirt for our avatars in Uru! :) Lucky us ^_^

3 years ago at Mysterium in Spokane, I asked Rand what he thought of Exile, since Cyan didn't make it. He said "I loved playing Exile...I mean, I did't finish it.." *crowd laughs* "Stupid puzzles!" *crowd laughs harder* This year, I asked him if he'd finished it yet, and he said no! *crowd laughs* I then asked what he thought of Revelation. He said there were a few things he would've done differently, but sometimes you get a team that is so committed to their project, that they really come out with something great. I then asked if he'd finished it yet, and he said no again! *crowd laughs again* He pointed at me & said "No more questions from you!" *crowd laughs once more*

M@ asked about animals in Uru, and Rand said there would be more ( : He then asked about squees in Uru *crowd laughs*, and Rand basically said we shouldn't hold our breath )': M@ also asked if there was any chance that we could see a slinky walk down the Great Stair *crowd cracks up* ; )

After Q&A, we hung around for a little longer, getting pictures of, & things signed by, Cyanists. Then back to the hotel. I went out for a few supplies for my presentation. A bunch of us went to the famous Red Robin for dinner. Nisan made 2 D'ni menus! He had to really stretch it to get all the food names, but they were all gramatically correct ; ) Vaaht & I spent half our dinner time reading it ; )

Back to the hotel, & I threw my presentation together. All the presentations went well. I was a bit late for the first--Novah's presentation on the fan-game "Ages of Ilathid". I only missed the intro. She showed a couple cool trailers ( : River was next, talking about the recreations of the journals from Myst he made that he briefly showed last year ( : He also had the Rime journal this year :( Last year he gave the Channelwood journal to Kha'tie, and this year he made 2 more, and gave one to Rand! River then displayed several of his plush squee prototypes! He gave the final one to Rand (which squeaks ( : ), and he gave one prototype to M@ the Squee Lord! :D

LinkBookMaster then showed off 4 little Myst movies he made. We had a 15-minute intermission, and then Eleri & Blade talked about Myst Embassy. Roland of Gilead briefly showed off some of Budgie's quilts she sent with him. Then Goldenwedge & Rex Havock gave a presentation on the KI--marker games, & some cool marker art.

Then, the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship presentation ( : Ireenquench, Nisan, & I got up, and I gave a nice D'ni intro: ".shorah g'tsoonootahvtee b'shemtee biv .kenet k'lahmahs, Ireen, gah neesahn, gah kenet t'tomet b'tahget b'shemtee, khreh hahrtee senets, 'rekorokh deseekaytee'" Saphira in the 3rd row promptly responded with "Gesundheit." *crowd cracks up* ; ) I then translated the intro, and we handed out this year's D'ni Puzzle Packets. This was the 3rd packet the DLF has made, and it was also distributed this Mysterium weekend at Mystralia! I advertised for the DLF website & forums, and Domahreh's "Rechoortahn D'ni" lessons. I then said that the DLF was planning to hold D'ni lessons in-cavern in Uru, and the crowd cheered & applauded ( : Nisan then quickly showed off the 2 cool all-D'ni Red Robin menus he made.

Finally for the DLF, I presented my secret D'ni project. I quickly explained what D'ni "mandalas" are, the most prominent of which being Yeesha's Crest, and then told everyone that in the last month I had made D'ni mandalas for a number of people in the community ( : Ireen & Nisan then unrolled a big piece of paper, which had 30 mandalas in a 5/6 grid--all with their own colored pattern/texture. There were instantly quite a few "oooh"s, "ahhh"s, & "wow"s ;)

After the DLF, a band called "Cobalt Core" played a song called "Ode to Myst" ( : Funky might call it "Alternative Metal" or something. Kind of cool. They handed out CDs w/4 of their songs on it, to advertise for their upcoming album. T'resah then showed off her Teddy-Squee she made 2 years ago, and also an Atrus doll she made to match the Catherine Barbie she gave to Cyan at the 1st Mysterium in 2000 ; )

That wrapped up the presentations, & we all sat around & chatted. I put my mandalas up on the wall, and showed off my language stuff to Vaaht & Ireen (couldn't find the other 2 linguists, Nisan & Blade). A bunch of us went to the Service Station Cafe for food, 'cause Josh Staub & a few Cyanists were supposed to be there. They had left before we got there, but we hung around for a bit. We went back to the hotel and chilled. Me, M@, Zadok, Ran, Novah, Face, AllMyst, & a couple other people waited around for another group to get back from a restaurand called
"Shari's." We finally gave up & went to bed at 1:00

Got up Sunday morning at 8:00, showered, & had breakfast. Packed & checked out. Novah left, but not before Lehsa got a picture of M@ & I clinging to her ankles ; ) The group then headed off to EDGE. Screwed up course... 3 holes took us back to Tee 1 o.O We all gave up and did 3 contests: Farthest Distance to 1st Hit, Final Distnace (with bouncing/rolling), & Most accurate Throw. I won the first contest :tay: The 3 winners got journals w/the 1st line of "Words" by the Watcher written on the first page, just like the 3 winners of the Lazer Tag games on Friday!

We all went back to the hotel. Some people went to lunch, others went Geocaching, and I went swimming in the hotel pool w/M@, Queue, & The Face In The Door. The 4 of us then went to Panda Express for lunch. Back to the hotel, and R-chan arrived and took Queue to the airport. Everyone got back, and we all hung around outside for a while 'til Alah, Oscy, SR, & Brandy took off in their Pirate car ; )

The rest of us then went to Riverfront Park. M@, RIUM+, The Face In The Door, & I were in one car, and River, Lehsa, Saphira, Frodo, & Ran in the other. Much fun ( : We saw the giant clocktower, & made Grass Angles ; ) Then we saw two lady pirates! We all yelled "Pirates! Yarrrr!" One of them said, matter-of-factly "We're Naval Salavage Specialists." We paused for a second, and then: "Pirates! Yarrrr!" ; ) There was some kind of Medieval festival going on. A girl w/big leather boots & a sword, an old guy in a jester costume... Saphira & I got put in the stocks ( :

We drove back to the Apple Tree Inn (just around the corner from the Ramada) & had sandwiches in River, Frodo, & Saph's room. We took some final pictures, and said goodbye )': We drove back to my Grandma's in Montana, spent the night, and drove back home to Utah on Monday.

The End

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Posted 03 August 2006 - 01:09 PM

Great pics Wolfie, Eleri and Ran....I can't begin to say how great it was meeting you all :)


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Posted 03 August 2006 - 03:36 PM

K'laamas, on Aug 2 2006, 10:14 PM, said:

Then we saw two lady pirates! We all yelled "Pirates! Yarrrr!" One of them said, matter-of-factly "We're Naval Salavage Specialists." We paused for a second, and then: "Pirates! Yarrrr!" ; )

Everybody: Thanks for the pictures you two!

*two ladies walk away*



Pirates: Naval Salvage Specialists!!!!

hahaha, such good times!!

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Posted 03 August 2006 - 03:49 PM

Aww, thanks for the story-tale, 'laa! Sounds like everybody had fun, which is awesome. And I love all the pics!

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Posted 03 August 2006 - 06:09 PM

List o' Pic Collections

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Posted 03 August 2006 - 11:18 PM

Most awesome photo collections. It was a great event. Boy, do I need a haircut :) .

I put a few pics in my scraps on DeviantArt, I'll try to link up--

Here is a start, anyway. I'll try to add to it. I also think maybe I should reduce the size some, but maybe later. I'm not real good at this.

T'resah, joining the fray

Edited: to change the link from deviantArt, who won't show my scraps for some reason, to a new Lyster gallery. Same pics.

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Posted 04 August 2006 - 02:08 AM

I see you have some 2D attendees there, T'resah; but I don't recognize any of them.

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  Posted 17 August 2006 - 01:25 PM

Sweet pics, everyone :)

Now that we have DSL ;), uploading my pics has been much easier :), so here ye go:


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Posted 17 August 2006 - 02:00 PM

Finally put mine up! There aren't many because I had some camera problems as you can see. :)

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 08:09 PM

Adding mine to the list:

- Scraper -

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Posted 22 August 2006 - 11:31 AM

Deg's Mysterium 2006 Photos

- Deg -

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Posted 23 August 2006 - 10:19 PM

View PostNisan, on Aug 4 2006, 01:08 AM, said:

I see you have some 2D attendees there, T'resah; but I don't recognize any of them.

Ahem. We had a nice conversation over lunch, but I sorta forgot to ask names. Sorry--anyone else remember the names of the 2D folks?

T'resah, who is bad at names anyway

PS--I moved my pictures to here on the Lyst.

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Posted 05 September 2006 - 10:59 AM

So I never posted the link for my photos, cause it took me a whole month to get off my bum and get them uploaded. Anyway, with a lot of help from Ran, Queue's Mysterium photos: for your viewing pleasure:


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Posted 05 January 2007 - 09:43 PM

Anyone ever have a hamburger at Dicks? For real, it's 1 of the best burger joints in the entire United States.

Picture of Dick's

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