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September Myst Writings Challenge

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Posted 02 September 2006 - 12:12 PM

Another month, another challenge... :rolleyes:

Challenge: We have been told that several settings and events glimpsed in the Myst games (such as the Myst Island, or the Trap Book timeline) are "artistic license" for the sake of compacting the story; but how would the events really play themselves out, then? The subject of this month's challenge is to rescind a part of the what appears or is referenced in the games in order for it to appear closer to what "really" happened in the Myst mythos.

( the topic was gracelessly stolen inspired from this thread )

Focus: Narration and Setting

Length: 900 words or less

Submission deadline: September 30th, Midnight GMT

Additional guidelines: All entries must be your own original work, no plagiarism and should follow the tenets of MystCommunity's family rated language. WiP's (Works in Progress) are allowed if you would like to submit your work for feedback and suggestions prior to submitting your final entry. Please label all WIP's threads as: "September Challenge WiP"

Have fun! :braces:

SBS :blinky:

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Posted 15 September 2006 - 05:30 PM

We’re All Free

“We’re very fortunate to have retrieved it.” Gehn took the book from the guard. He had been anticipating this moment and what he would do for some time. “You may return to your duties.”

For some time he merely studied the book. There had been dreams in which he had found such a means of escape, dreams that had either faded into reality or turned suddenly into nightmare. But dreams were nothing.

The linking panel showed the ancient chamber in K’veer. The words followed a standard linking book formula. It appeared to be just what it was. And yet…

Setting the book down and lighting his pipe, he began to smoke meditatively. His thoughts, which had been so murky, slowly cleared. It was apparent that to go on the way he had been was very risky. He had been forced to write his 234th Age on the basis of memory, and in many places had actually bridged gaps with slapdash phrases of his own. Even with the resources of the D’ni empire it had been difficult to avoid instabilities; how could he hope to write a stable Age on his own? To be sure, his 233rd seemed slightly more stable then the unfortunate Ages he had written before, but so it had been with his 98th. He remembered his 98th well. Would he continue hopping from Age to Age, dragging his people along behind him forever? Cut off from D’ni he could hardly hope to restart that great empire. And yet…

Katran was free, but was that all Atrus had hoped to accomplish? What would happen next? Would Atrus and Katran leave the affairs on Riven alone, or interfere on the side of the Moiety? He knew his son. Brash and thoughtless, but with a deep resentment of D’ni thanks to his grandmother. He knew Katran. She was the inevitable result when one raised ahrotahntee above their station. He regretted his search for an equal now. Keta had never desired…that was beside the point.

Or the book could be a trap. Not leading to his death – Atrus was pitifully soft-hearted – but to incarceration. Like grandmother, like grandson. Was it worth the risk to return to D’ni?

He set the pipe down and picked up the book, then climbed down the ladder to his bedroom. There he looked silently at the two pictures hanging on the wall. His father watched him sternly, Keta adoringly, both awaiting his choice.

“You know I will always love you with all my heart.” The form in the imager flickered and was gone.

He took his goggles and his gun, making sure it was loaded, and then one of the Riven linking books and the strange crystal. Then he opened the book and put his gloved hand to the panel.

What burns the bridge between the Ages? The Ink.

Gehn was in D’ni once more. But for a just a moment he thought it was yet another nightmare, because Catherine stood before him.

“Where is Atrus?” he asked, beginning to smile.

“Would you try again to kill him after you failed thirty years ago?” she replied, speaking D’ni at last.

He was quite sure she would die rather than tell him Atrus’s location, so he said nothing more. But before he could raise his gun there was a sharp pain in his neck, as if an insect had stung him. He tried to turn around as his vision began to fade, struggling against loss of consciousness, but it rushed upon him too quickly.


When Gehn awoke there was no sign of Catherine or his assailant. His gun was next to him, but there was no sign of the linking book or crystal. Of course.

He stumbled to his feet and looked around the room, licking his lips. No… He went to the door and opened it. Daylight flooded in.

Sand for brains, sand for brains…

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Posted 19 September 2006 - 06:52 AM

The Stranger in this narrative is replace by Keith

A Curiosity Fulfilled

Keith stared at the two pages before him, and the green book sitting above them. Curiosity prompted him to take the red and blue pages, revolve the fireplace, and place the pages in their books. He wanted to catch a glimpse of the worlds that would be so valuable as to safeguard them in such extremes. To hide seven pages of each book in six different Ages! Then he thought back to the white page he had in his pocket.

He had found it in the marker switch by the dock. The seam on the box was so obvious he almost thought it was booby trap, to destroy an intruder on the island. He had found out how to open it after much experimentation. He was not so foolish as to stand in front of the door as it opened. He stood behind the box and flipped the switch. A satisfying creak told him that he had guessed correctly at the combination. He walked carefully around the open door and saw a single white page. He was a little disappointed at first, until he realized the script was the same as the funny looking book that had brought him here. Keith grasped it gently, half expecting to be sucked into another new world, but nothing happened.

He had pulled it out of his pocket a half dozen times in the next few days as he solved the puzzles of this island's strange worlds. None of the Myst linking books had been missing a page, and the color of the paper seemed to suggest it didn't belong in the red or blue books in the little library. Now he paged through the green book and saw no tell-tale rips so he disappointedly set it down. He looked at the shimmering image of a cave that glowed from some unseen light source, and finally he decided to make a quick trip to this world before finishing his mission. He reached out for the page with confidence, well-used to the sinking sensation of linking.

He kept his eyes closed and counted to ten, opening his eyes only when he was very sure he had rematerialized. He didn't want a repeat of that lake forest, where he had seen little pieces come together to form a real, moving world. He had emptied his stomach right over the walkway and had learned to link with his eyes shut after that.

Before him a small blue stone shone incredibly powerful, casting a fairly decent amount of light onto the rock strewn ground. He looked at his feet and found he was not standing on the floor of a cave, but of a strange, tiled basement. Looking to the middle of the floor he saw a face in the center of the room. It looked human, but surely these amazing books were not made by any man...

A voice! behind him someone called out in a strange tongue. He looked stupidly at a man who sat behind a desk, hidden behind a pile of books. Keith tentatively walked towards him. "Hello? My name is Keith." The man did a double take and switched into English. "Welcome my friend. I'm afraid you have come at a rather bad time." The brown-haired gentleman looked at a Myst book lying on the table. "You see, I'm afraid my Myst book has been tampered with and the only way out of this cavern is this." He gestured to a huge tome that was opened. Apparently he had been working on it before Keith arrived.

The white page sprang to mind, and Keith pulled out of his jacket. The man's eyes narrowed and he glared at Keith questioningly. "I found it in the marker switch by the dock, " Keith explained. Atrus looked sad. "I see, so it is as I feared." He mumbled something about "sons" and reached out for the page. Keith surrendered his find and the weary man placed it in the Myst Linking Book. He then flipped it to the shimmering image of an island, wreathed in clouds and flying gulls.

"If you wouldn't mind waiting, kind stranger, I need to speak to my sons and then I'll reward you for your services." Keith was about to tell the man that there was no one on the island when he disintegrated right in front of him. "Ugh, is that what it looks like? No wonder John didn't come after me when I linked." Keith waited patiently for all of twenty seconds, and then walked over to the desk t look at the big book. He marked the place with his hand and turned to the shimmering panel. This one wasn't as fuzzy as the red and blue books, but it wasn't clear enough to distinguish the place. He heard a sound, and quickly flipped the book back to its place and turned around. The brown haired gentleman walked towards him from the link-in spot. As he walked past Keith to sit down there was a strong oder of smoke.


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Posted 21 September 2006 - 08:36 PM

Read this first:
Click to reveal hidden content
The PPC are people who go into bad fanfiction and destroy Mary Sues and Gary Stus. The original series thereof was written by Jay Thorntree and Acacia Bird, who mainly dealt with Lord of the Rings. It spawned legions of spinoffs in many fandoms. The Agents look like Maintainers because Agents have to disguise themselves as something canon. The fic Hammertong and Tangara are dealing with here is my own, and found in this very forum. It is called “Revenge” and I think it was my first prose here. Major, major damage to MREDURE canon I wrought.

Warning: This is violent.

The Death of Rheim Son of Sirrus

“Last Stu,” said Agent Tangara Braxton of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum (Dept. of Mary Sues, MREDURE division) after they'd handed the character replacement over to Ymur, thrown Barm off Spire (with many weights tied to him to increase his terminal velocity), run the Stranger's-Sister!Sue over with the Mazerunner. They portalled to Wahrk Lake of Riven.
“I'll charge this one,” said Agent Hammertong. “Rheim, you are charged with being a Gary Stu, with being the uncanonical son of Sirrus, with contriving a lost sister of Saavedro to be your mother, with having Sirrus Write Ages, with contriving an improbable escape for Sirrus and Achenar, with creating a character replacement (namely Evil!Yeesha), with making all the canon characters OOC, with tactical follies (You don't fight on an erupting volcano unless your name happens to be Obi-Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader), with increasing the human body's heat conductivity considerably(it would have taken longer for Sirrus to catch fire in the lava chamber), and with having all the personality of a keanulint. Any last words?”
The Stu spat. Tangara pushed him in and he pulled her after.

The Stranger climbed the stairs on Survey Island, hoping to get some more clues from the map, when he or she heard voices coming from the plateau. He or she heard two cries, one masculine and one feminine, and then two splashes. He or she dashed over to the elevator and arrived to see a D'ni girl trying to get back to shore. The wahrk had caught the man in the water. A D'ni Maintainer on land was looking for something in his backpack. “What the [Jakooth's Age]?” gasped The Stranger.

“We've got a canon character here,” said Hammertong, who pulled a lifeline made of Elvish rope out of his bag and threw it to Tangara.
The wahrk dropped the dead Stu and attacked Tangara, but Hammertong and The Stranger succeeded in hauling her ashore. Her face and scalp were shredded. “I'm setting a portal to Medical,” said Hammertong. He pulled out his cellphone (with a KI interface installed by Makes-Things). “Dr. Fitzgerald? This is Hammertong. We've got an Agent incoming wounded. I'll stay long enough to neuralyze The Stranger.” Tangara went through the portal.
“Neuralyze?” asked The Stranger. Flash! Hammertong was gone too, and The Stranger remembered neither Agent, nor did he or she the Stu.


What became of them? Tangara healed, and took to wearing a ski mask. Hammertong went insane while they tackled a Potterverse Draco!Sue a year later. After that Tangara worked with Tawaki Penguin for a couple missions and then with Kedri'Neref Hemelin. And to find out what The Stranger did afterwards, play Exile and Revelation.

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