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Fundraiser, draft submissions ending this Sunday

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Posted 06 November 2006 - 02:49 PM

At first, an apology: I should have given an update on this much sooner and am very sorry that I didn't get around to it. To those who donated, don't worry, your money has been received and will be forwarded to the winner, once elected.

The fundraiser was supposed to end well over a month ago, in late September; part of the reason an announcement didn't follow was one person's promise to contribute, and me waiting for a while only to realize that it would likely never happen.

In any case, until this Sunday, November 12, you will be able to chip some more money in, but only by PMing me. I will then provide you with the details; you will need to use PayPal or Moneybookers to proceed. Checks are no longer accepted, because it would take far too long to process them for the purpose of this fundraiser. Using ChipIn is also no longer an option, because their fundraisers have a limit on 29 days, which are long over. Please only PM me if you have positively decided that you will send money, and please proceed to once you receive my reply. Nobody would want this delayed any further. Also, when sending the money, attach a note specifying that it is for this fundraiser, rather than a generic MC donation.

Also, I'd like to ask everyone who has been working on a design (either in private, or including submitted drafts here) to submit a version by Sunday as well, polished enough to be ready to be voted on.

After Sunday, I will announce the final sum, and eventuallystart a poll where people can choose their favorite design. The winner of that will receive the money (to be split in case of a tie), and the winning design will become the default skin of MYSTcommunity, and will be continuously updated for new versions of the software.

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