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A Tentative Itinerary for Mysterium? ...Or, well, making one, anyway.

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Posted 23 July 2007 - 10:47 PM

If you haven't heard there is a post on the UO forums from scraper. It looks as though he has decided to step down from Mysterium.

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Posted 24 July 2007 - 08:37 AM

View Postjustthetigger, on Jul 24 2007, 04:47 AM, said:

It looks as though he has decided to step down from Mysterium.

She. :P

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Posted 24 July 2007 - 11:17 AM

I've posted a bunch of Mysterium photos over on the Myst Online forums. I encourage people to check them out, and more importantly post their own if they were there.

EDIT: I've posted my own trip report on the Myst Onlone forums.

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Posted 26 July 2007 - 08:01 PM

Thank you, Vaaht, for planning and organizing much of last weekend's events. Thanks as well to Shoom'lah for her hospitality and to all the other LA locals who welcomed us to Mysterium and the area. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone, whether for the first time ever or the first time on the surface.

There are pics and comments on UO as well: Uru Obsession Mysterium Pics

Some of us met in the cavern in the city on Tuesday night and are planning to meet this Sunday at Noon Cavern Time (MDT) in the Guild of Greeters Neighborhood for a mini- Mysterium of sorts. Hope to see some of you there! :P

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Posted 28 July 2007 - 11:13 AM

No problem. I'm glad you guys had fun. And this Mysterium wouldn't have gone off nearly so well without all the locals who helped drive, suggested places to go see, and generally knew their way around better than me. And the gathering at Shoom'lah's house on Saturday night was amazing. : ) Without that, we would have had no good place to do presentations and hang out for several hours all together, so for that she deserves a big thank you.

Also, you guys probably won't see me in the cavern on Sunday as I have some errands to run in the middle of the day on Sunday, but you guys have fun! (I haven't set my other computer up yet anyways, so I can't really play right now anyways.)


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  Posted 28 July 2007 - 03:13 PM

Here are all of my Mysterium Photos! :twitch:

And here's my Mysterium Report! :twitch:
Click to reveal hidden content
K'laamas's Mysterium 2007 Report



I drove w/M@ from northern Utah to southern California. Long, long drive... After a little
freeway-change mis-hap, and dinner taking way to long, we finally got to the Comfort Inn in
Santa Monica aroun 8:00 PM We were met in the parking lot by vaaht :twitch: There were a few other people in the Hotel Lobby, and we all headed to a nearby cafe to plan our weekend. After we were done there (when the cafe was trying to close <.<), we went to a little open courtyard in the hotel & finalized our plans. Right as we were finishing up (at around 11:30), the hotel
told us to leave, 'case we were being too noisy >.>


Santa Monica Pier & Sight-Seeing:

We all gathered in the Hotel Lobby, until they again made us leave for being too noisy <.< >.>
From then on, we met on the sidewalk outside the Hotel. We then headed down to the Santa
Monica Pier to go sight-seeing. On our way back to the cars, we found a "Journeys" store! Next
we found this cool toy store, w/some awesome replicas--Luke's & Obi-Wan's lighsabers, a
Stormtrooper helmet, a Wookie mask, a Rocketeer helmet, & the stone Aztec chest from Pirates of the Carribean.

Museum of Jurassic Technology:

We all chilled in the Hotel Courtyard for a bit, then went to a bizzare little place called the
Museum of Jurassic Technology. It's...I'm still not really sure what it was, but it was strange. Very dark, with lots of different hallways to different rooms--easy to get lost. All the exhibits were small, and very odd & archaic. Ask someone else to describe it, 'cause I can't :cool:

The weirdest part was the Disappearing Tea Lady. In the upper-level of the building was a
fairly well-lit room, w/a lady dressed in old-fashioned fancy clothing, who served tea & cookie.
About 5 Mysteriumites were up in the Tea Room, and the Tea Lady went through a curtain into the little kitchen. And she never came out o.o They peeked inside, and she was gone! A little
while later she sort of "snuck up on us", suddenly right behind us in a little theater near the Tea Room. When we asked her where she went, she said she just left the kitchen, walked across
the Tea Room, & left into the hallway. But none of the 5 Mysteriumites saw it! Very odd...

The Getty Center:

Next we went to a Musem way up on a hill, called the Getty Center. It has a cool little tram to
take you up to the top. The first thing we saw was the Gardens, which we dubbed "Eder Getty" :blush: Very cool. We got dinner at the food court, checked out a couple exhibits in the Museum, then headed out.

Ice-Cream & UCLA:

Half of us went home, while the other half went into town. We stopped by a place called Diddy
Riese, where we got ice-cream cookie-sandwiches. Mmmm.... Next we went up to the UCLA campus, where vaaht gave us a tour. She's a linguistics grad-student there, with her own cubicle, so she let us into the linguistics building to use the restrooms. While waiting, I wrote in D'ni on a white-board, & left it for the students/faculty to decipher :blush: As she wrapped up the tour, we stopped by the UCLA bookstore so vaaht could pick up her copy of the last Harry Potter book at midnight.


Universal Studios Rides:

After gathering in the morning, half of us went to some gardens, while the other half of us went
to Universal Studios! Very hot day... We saw a lot of cool stuff, and even a few "Myst Fans"
(fans that blow mist) :boot: We went on several rides--Jurassic Park, a cool river-ride; Revenge of
the Mummy, an awesome ride that starts out like the Indiana Jones ride at Disney Land, then
turns into a Roller-Coaster in the dark, and even goes backwards briefly! We then browsed a
gift shop, and then went to the Backdraft show--fire is cool :P After waiting forever in line for food, we finally ate lunch.

Universal Studios Tour:

Finishing up our stay at Universal Studios, we went on the Studio Tour! It was quite a mix of
things--A tour through some actual filming sets/locations, displays of props/items used in movies, demonstrations of Hollywood filming techniques, & even a few mini-rides--all from the
Tour Tram. We saw "New York Street", a street lined with fake buildings, redressed for use in
countless movies. We got attacked by King Kong. We saw several movie-cars, including the
"Mule" from Firefly & the DeLorian from Back to the Future!

We saw cars mounted on huge robotic arms, to make them "fly" in an explosion. We got attacked by the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, got caught in a flash-flood, parted the waters near Skull Island, and got caught in a sub-way train-wreck. We drove past "Amity Island" from Jaws, through "Wisteria Lane" from Desperate Housewives, past "Whoville" from The Grinch, and past the "Bates Motel" from Psycho. Next we drove right through airplane-crash set from War of the Worlds--a very huge and very cool mess. Finishing up the tour, there was an enormous filming blue-screen mounted outside like a giant billboard.

Shoom'lah's House:

Shoom'lah has an awsome Myst-like house! You really have to see the pictures to appreciate it.
It's got visible rafters, a metal gate blocking one of the hallways, a reading-spot out back that looks suspiciously like a linking-cage, & even a hidden compartment in the kitchen counter! We all got a tour, & took lots of pics.

Out back was a few tables crewed by 6 people from a company called "Myst Wear"! They got in
contact with Cyan a few months before, and made an agreement to make & sell Myst/Uru/D'ni
merchandise! Everyone there who gave their name & e-mail got a free Uru mousepad! :bored: They also had Uru t-shirts, & huge, quality, vinyl Uru posters! There's a lot planned & coming, so we were all excited--especially as we were the first to get to buy any of it ^_^ They were really great--they made no attempt to monopolize the gathering to sell or even promote their wares. They were content to sit behind their tables, answer questions, & show their stuff to whoever wanted to see :)

Presentations at Shoom'lah's:

After chowing down on pizza, and getting a phone call from RIUM+ in Australia, it was time for
presentations! We were able to hook peoples' computers up to the big wide-screen LCD TV up on the wall above the fireplace :) First, Shoom'lah showed off a bunch of her Myst-inspired
art--both old & new. Second, Jeff Wise played a wonderful piece of music on the piano that he
wrote recently--"Kerath's Arch", written while gazing at the Arch from near the entrance to the
Kahlo Pub, shortly after the tragic events that had occurred there. Third, Slider showed off
Uru-screenshots of his Cone-Feats; he developed quite the talent for getting cones where people said they couldn't get to--onto the 'Hood fountain, the Kahlo Pub, up on boxes, etc.

Fourth, I (K'laamas) presented "Rekorokh Deseekaytee" ("The Book of Puzzles") on behalf of the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship--a book of D'ni language puzzles, put together by the DLF, presented now for 4 years in a row at Mysterium :( Fifth, Squall showed off a video he made in memory of the much-missed snow in Eder Delin. Finally, I presented a special present for Scraper, the Chairman of the Mysterium Planning Committee--she did a wonderful job of planning Mysteria in the past, and this was the first year she couldn't attend, so I wanted to get her something special. More on the specifics of the present later <.< >.>

After that, we all just kind of chilled out. We called vid, and a few people joined the crowd in Cyan Chat on their laptops. While in CC, RAWA was in! We asked him for a new D'ni word, and he gave one to us! He flipped through his D'ni Dictionary to a random page, & put his finger on a random word: "eer", meaning "bandage" (noun) :( We all chilled out for a while longer, while people slowly trickled out for the night.



We all drove into Chinatown & got lunch at a restaurant called "Ocean Seafood" (as opposed to
NON-ocean seafood? o.O). From there we went to a Mexican area of town, and saw the oldest
building in Los Angeles--a Spanish-style house with a courtyard in the middle :twitch: There was a
nice spread of huge cacti w/an interesting sign by it: "Please Do Not Touch Cactus---No Escriba
Nombres En Los Nopales" The latter sentence in Spanish apparently translates as "Do Not Write
Your Name On The Cactus" o.O And in a cool little conglomerate of shops, Squall found a
Sharper-hat from Uru! :D


After that, 5 of us took a little trip out of town to see CAGrayWolf's massive collection--the
largest Myst/Uru/D'ni memorabilia collection on Earth. The rest of us went to see the
Bradbury Building--an old, funky, steam-punk-like building in town. Next we wandered down the street, past a zillion various shops, to an interesting little cafe called "Clifton's". Interesting decor, including an odd mini-Chapel inside. After that, we went to the LaBrea Tar Pits--very cool. We also spent about half an hour inside the Page Museum, looking at all kinds of stuff they pulled out of the Tar Pits/


Next we drove to woxel1's house in Hollywood. On the way, Shoom'lah's GPS went screwy,
telling us to drive in a loop, going through the same intersection twice o.O We ignored it &
took the easy way :boot: Once there I grabbed what turned out to be a cactus, getting dozens of
hair-fine needles stuck in my right hand :bird: Took forever to get them all out. But finally we
walked to down-town Hollywood--we checked out the Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater, & had dinner at the "In-N-Out" burger-joint. Mmmmm....In-N-Out fries.... Finally we walked through a Hollywood mall.

woxel1's House:

To wrap up Mysterium, the few of us who were left walked back to woxel1's house to chill for the evening. Lots of cool Myst-like houses in his neighborhood. We looked at some of the art
done by woxel's brother Sam (who joined us for the Hollywood tour), and some of Shoom'lah's art. Then we played the Manhole & Cosmic Osmo for a while! ;) As we were all getting kind of tired, we went down to the basement & played Mario-Cart for a bit. Then we all said goodbye, & parted ways.


After packing up the car, M@ & I met just outside the hotel with vaaht, Nisan, & Sephoris, and
chatted for a few minutes. vaaht revealed to our surprise that Scraper had announced that she
was stepping down from the Mysterium Planning Committee! M@ & I had a long drive ahead of us, so we said our goodbyes, and drove home.


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Posted 30 July 2007 - 11:46 AM

Mysterium was a blast :P

My report would be very nearly the same as K'laamas', so I shall refrain :twitch: But here's my pics! :twitch:

M@'s Mysterium 2007 Pictures :)

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