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Faith in the Community

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  Posted 28 July 2007 - 03:24 PM


I hope the Mods/Admins will forgive me for putting this post in this particular forum. My goal is for everyone, especially those who do NOT read the Mysterium threads, to see & read this. I've been very blessed to have been able to attend 4 Mysteria--half of them. And after the attitudes of many people leading up to this most recent Mysterium, I just have to voice my thoughts.


I don't intend for this post to come off in an "angry" tone, but I do wish to reprimand a great deal of people in general for their lack of faith in Mysterium, and in this Community's abilities. Every year that Mysterium is NOT going to be in Spokane (at Cyan Worlds HQ), there comes a point where you hear some people start saying things like "Mysterium's not going to be very good this year", or "Mysterium's gonna suck this year", or "Hardly anyone's going this year". In the week or two before this last Mysterium, I even saw someone on one of the web-boards saying they thought this might be the LAST Mysterium!


Just let me set the record straight, as I was AT Mysterium 2007 in Los Angeles: Mysterium this year did NOT suck! The West Coast may have not been the best place to have it (as it was on the West Coast last year). Los Angeles may not have been the best city (distance, size, & cost).
Not as many people may have come as in some past years. The Mysterium Planning Committee may not have been there. And there may not have been an itinerary set in advance.

But this was an AWESOME Mysterium! EVERYONE who was there will tell you that! When we all
gathered on Thursday night to plan the itinerary for the weekend, there were 2 things we were all hell-bent on: Making this such an awesome weekend that everyone would regret not coming, and making sure that Mysterium happened in the future.

False Ideas:

1- We may not have had as many people as in the past, but in the past, the ENTIRE group rarely stayed together. They usually broke up into several smaller groups--like the size of OUR group this year. And with too many people, you can't really meet & get to know everyone, but this year we ALL got to know each other.
2- The Committee may not have been there, but they're the PLANNING Committee--it may help to have them there, but that doesn't mean the event can't happen without their presence.
3- There may not have been an itinerary set beforehand, but Committee members in the past have said that it's better NOT to have the entire weekend plans set in stone. There has to be
flexibility so there's other options if someone doesn't want to do something on the itinerary. And a large city like L.A. has all kinds of options, plus we had lots of locals who attended to suggest ideas & guide people around.


The thing I hate the most is when people say (either publicly or to themselves) "I'm not
committing to going to Mysterium this year until I see who else is going." If EVERYONE said that, then NO ONE would go! I understand that sometimes you just CAN'T afford it. And I understand that sometimes there are unavoidable time-conflicts. But barring those, and if you WANT to attend, just tell yourself "If at all possible, I'm GOING next year!" Or at least "If at all
possible, I'm going the next time it's in Spokane!" Tell that to yourself, and start planning &
saving NOW!

Additionally, I understand there's a lack of motivation to go when there aren't many people going who you know. Just about all of my close friends that I've seen at past Mysteria couldn't make it to L.A., and out of the 30+ people who attended this year, I had only met 4 or 5 of them, and only knew 2 or 3 of them very well. But even though I didn't know very many people, we all share our PASSION for everything Myst/Uru/D'ni! It was a weekend where we could make the slightest reference to something from one of the other games, and EVERYONE would laugh & love it--something none of us can really do in "real life". It was a weekend of getting to know wonderful, wonderful people with a common passion. And even though I didn't know many people at the start, it was COMPLETELY worth it to go, because I made new and lasting friends.


I know things were kind of rocky leading up to this Mysterium, but please, have more faith in
this Community! We're not a Utopia, but we're a WONDERFUL group of very capable people, and quite a rarity compared to most online communities. Mysterium has ALWAYS been a blast in the past, and we are NOT going to let any year become the "weak link" simply because of a few problems. No matter what little hurdles come along, the ONLY factor that will decide whether or not a Mysterium is "good" or "bad" is US.


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Posted 28 July 2007 - 03:26 PM

View PostK, on Jul 28 2007, 11:24 PM, said:


I hope the Mods/Admins will forgive me for putting this post in this particular forum. My goal is for everyone, especially those who do NOT read the Mysterium threads, to see & read this.

Understood; no worries. :P I do think the subject is broader than Mysterium itself, as your topic title already alludes to, and it has been frequently talked about in certain areas of the community, so it's fair to say that, in a sense, it counts as "Community News".

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Posted 04 August 2007 - 12:51 AM


K, reading your post only makes my heart heavier that I did not attend one of the two significant events in my year that I truly look forward to. - Last year I gave up one to attend the other and, this year I did the inverse.

But I feel that I missed something that 12 months of anticipation will not erase.

That it was such an intimate group only makes me more sad that I was not there - amongst people which I feel more akin to than even my neighbors. Were it only a factor of one - then the choice would have been made for me many months hence. Sadly so many things came to bear. But it boils down too, I was not there.

That is what hurts the most.

I have faith in this family. Even tho I may be 'absent' for far more than I should allow, we have become united in ways that even a 'game' could never have fathomed.

I'm so sorry I missed you - and at least 29 others like you.

Count me in in the future. (hugs!)

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Posted 15 August 2007 - 09:30 PM

I would have gone were it not halfway across the country from me.

I'm new the community but not to the games or the love of them. I'm sorry all this happened. Maybe I'll go in '08 if it's closer to me!


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