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Yeesha's final coordinates? Wrapping up Path of the Shell

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 08:48 PM

Hope there's somebody out there who can answer this...

There's one last thing I've never, ever been able to solve in Uru: Path of the Shell... [pause for spoiler warning].
...When you arrive at K'Veer after completing the "path of the shell," you find Atrus's desk. On it are some spare clothes, a Relto page, and a note left by Yeesha for Atrus. My question concerns the numbers she wrote at the end of the letter:
245, -55.

Now I've completed the "To D'Ni" content (heck, I was in the beta... I remember seeing this stuff as it was being added), so I know the numbers relate to a position somewhere in the D'Ni cavern. Problem is: I can't figure out where these coordinates lead to.
-3118 is mostly useless, it's just 360* space around the other two position markers.
- -55 relates to the altitude (-55 measures below the Great Zero, but that doesn't say much since there's no links to anywhere above the Great Zero).
-245, measure of horizontal distance, is the one I'm struggling with... the "neighborhoods" are in the 999 region, so they're too far away; K'Veer marks at around 800, so that's still too far; and the farthest I could get in the D'Ni city proper was 112 at the Library Courtyard.

So has anyone cracked this location yet?

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Posted 01 September 2008 - 09:23 AM

IIRC, those aren't coordinates. Its a reference to a passage in one of the Relto books. The font just makes it look like it might be coordinates.

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