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Edanna Today's Adventures

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Posted 08 January 2009 - 11:59 AM

The moment I placed my hand upon the linking book to this age I was swept into a land of seemingly natural beauty. Large wild birds fly across the rock structure that I have fallen on.

Shortly after I landed, I stepped onto a spiral staircase made of some exotic plant. I was instantly taken by the plant up to a higher level of the age. It was here that I discovered, hidden by a strange plant which stood upright when I touched the center of it, a linking book back to J'Nanin, dispelling my fear that I should be stuck here.

The plants here are very other-worldly and I must admit that some of them look to be quite grotesque. I fear some of these also for I do not know their power or how they will react to my presence.

One of the interesting plants i have found in the upper level is some sort of sunflower that, when touched, opens to allow light to be focused on a fixed point. Looking through the flower I found no significant object on which to focus the light within its range of motion. I can only expect that it is part of a puzzle which I do not yet fully understand.

I allowed the spiral plant to carry me back down to the lower level, where I spent time exploring this age and enjoying its beauty. It is here however that I must now retire for the night.

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