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For Queen And Age! IC

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Posted 18 November 2010 - 01:15 AM

Cold? Why would she be cold? I should offer my sweater Lunanne thinks while she enters the forest.
The forest is calm and dark, mostly filled with predators. There is no water nearby
yuck, that might be a problem, I need to remember to tell them to be sparse. What is that herbivore doing so close to the camp though, need to investigate that .
She starts to sneak towards the herbivore, her knife in her hand.

Then there is the noise. She cannot say where it comes from but she has never heard anything like that before. She freezes immediately, only moving her arms to catch the squee, keeping her blade away. Her heart bounces rapidly. She senses confusing in the camp, but no one is wounded it seems.
I should return though, approaching that herbivore from the camp side might be a better idea anyway, then at least it will flee away from it. And I have to stay calm. There might be an enemy out there.

She walks back to the fire and starts talking when she comes by the group. (english)“I have honestly no idea what the heck that noise was” she says while setting the squee on the ground, Stay here! she commands it and puts the flowers in a bowl Sylvia took from her backpack. She looks around the group, checking whether everyone is still okay. Lyall and Erkos joined the group again, they left while I was away. Private talk? Conspicuous ? Let's remember it

"Someone translate for me," Lyalll asks "If the sound was caused by the action I took, it was not intentional,"

Aalana babbled some apology, but Lunanne ignored it, feeling it wasn't meant for her why would she need to apologize. Aalana seemed to come to her senses though and translated for Lyall. but by her you never know how long she stays sensible

“I will go and take a look at Ameya's side of the camp. There is a rather large, I think, herbivore there, too close to my liking. It might have something to do with the noise“ . She loosens the sweater, letting it fall on the ground. She rolls her braid into a rough bun and knots her shawl like a head scarf around. Lastly she folds up her wings completely. This done she remembers something o yeah the sweater,water and predators. No time to worry about that now. First herbivore and noise She climbs into a tree close to the camp, nearby the herbivore and starts looking for a way to approach it without alerting it.

Behind her she hears Ameya falling out against Lyall? But for what? The noise or going of to talk with Erkos? So many secrets, it seems. I do not understand. Focus.

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 06:52 AM

Aalana looked at Lyall and Ameya argue while Lunanne went to their side of the camp.
"Great", she whispered in Morzened, "as though there wasn't any tension in the first place..."
However, she ignored the rest of the group and returned to her sleeping bag, glad to go back to sleep. Sleep was precious to her, and she was too selfish to bother about others' comfort or whatever it was they spoke of. The shadows were hard to ignore, however, and she couldn't help but dream of Bro Keinmor.

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