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Myst III: Exile Journal of the Stranger This journal was written by me. It tells how the Stranger solved M3

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Posted 13 March 2010 - 04:09 PM

*NOTE: The author wrote in a very hard-to-read handwriting. The author also had a very hard time writing the part for the Ages of Edanna and Voltaic from the look of his journal. The journal was written around 1815 AD or 9471 DE or ten years after Riven. From the look of the writing, the author didn’t have much ink colors, so he/she stuck with black. * **The original version is attached. Read it in either format. Doesn't matter to me.**

Myst III: Exile

The Perfect Place to Plan Revenge
Story of the Stranger

My old friend Atrus asked me to come to Tomanha for a few days to see the place that he calls Releeshahn, one of his newest Ages for the D’ni. I used my Linking Book from Myst Isle to his new home and found myself standing on a patio overlooking the desert.
Suddenly I heard, from behind me, “It is a nice view isn’t it?” I turned around to see Atrus’s wife Catherine with a baby in her arms. She said, “We call it Tomanha. We moved here after Atrus finished writing Releeshahn for the D’ni. He went to get some-thing your trip to Releeshahn so he shouldn’t be terribly long. Unless he goes to check over the whole house first, so he could be hours resetting all of his padlocks. But he seemed very interested in having you meet the D’ni. Why don’t you wait in his study?”
I said, “Thank you.” and watched as she went to sit to on a bench in the corner. I walked to the middle of the room and looked at her when she said, “This trip is exactly what Atrus needs right now.” I asked why and she said, “I haven’t been able to get him out of the house after he found all of his journals out of place. Seeing how the D’ni is settling in should settle him.” I nodded, turned and walked to Atrus’s study. I opened the door and stepped inside. I looked around and saw that he had a book on a pedestal, books lining shelves all around the study, a large table with all sorts of things on it. On his wall was a rural showing the destruction of the D’ni city. He had rich green blinds on his wall with the rural. The last thing I noticed was that he had a small red globe of fire next to a larger globe that was clear glass with a book inside of it. I looked through the glass and saw the book to Releeshahn. While I was looking at the book, I heard the study door opening. I looked up to see Atrus walking in saying, “Ah, my friend! I am so glad to see you. Catherine tells me you have been here for some time now, sorry if I have kept you waiting. I wanted to get something for the trip to Releeshahn,” he held out a red-brown looking book for me to take. I took the book from him and said “Thank you.” He nodded and said “This way when we get there you can read what I meant for the Age to be and what it truly is. Well I had better get the key to unlock Releeshahn.” He walked to the back of his desk and said, “I am interested on hearing what you have been up to in recent months.”
Suddenly I heard behind me the sound of a linking traveler. I turned around to see a man dressed in ragged clothing, holding a Linking Book that was green. He had golden hair that was very long and curly. He looked around, saw the red orb, picked it up and threw it at the drapes behind me. It burst instantly and caught the drape on fire. I watched horrified as the drape came down onto Atrus. I heard a loud crash from the man, so I turned around to see him picking up the book to Releeshahn. I heard Atrus yell, “No! Stop!” but the strange man didn’t listen to him. The man opened the green Linking Book, raised his hand for a second and touched the page, linking out of the room. I heard Atrus yell, “No! Releeshahn!” I looked closely at the fallen Book and watched the small fly-by before touching the page just as the fire got to the Book.
* Unknown Age *

When I landed I watched the man as he looked back to me then went for the cliff face. I ran after him. I turned and saw a small ladder and his feet go over the top. I ran up the ladder after him. When I got to the top I saw him go through a door at the end of a wide bridge to a building balanced perfectly on top of an ivory tusk. I ran across the bridge to the door. I tried to open it, only to find it was locked. I turned around and walked across the bridge and looked around. To the north, there was open sea. To the west, was a smaller tusk with a reflector in front the front of the tusk. The south was completely blocked off by the giant tusk. To the east, there were more of the reflectors but they were smaller than the first one. To the northwest was a small reflector and something that looked like a mirror. To the northeast was another small tusk with what looked like a hole in the land near it. To the southwest was what looked like a small pond with some very unusual plants in it. To the southeast was what looked like the side of another tusk with what also looked like a rather large hedge of red fruit.
I climbed down the ladder and walked to the mirror device. When I stood in front of it, I saw a small stand with a wheel on it. I turned the wheel five times then looked at the reflector to see that it was reflecting the sun’s rays to my left. I looked left and saw another reflector but this one was larger than the one that was reflecting the sun but this one was like the first one although it was pointed toward a yellow reflector. I walked over to the yellow reflector, turned it and looked into the globe. I saw a blue reflector, so I walked over to the blue reflector. I turned it and looked through it to see a green reflector. I looked around the reflector to see it was across the pond. I walked over to the yellow reflector again and saw a broken pole that must have been a reflector at some point in time, but what happened to the reflector part was a mystery. I walked past the pole to find myself standing on a stairwell made naturally from the stone surrounding it with a handrail next to it, leading in two different directions. The first direction was the way to the small tusk with the reflector in front of it. The second way led down to the pond. I took the way to the pond. Along the way, I noticed that the rock stairs ended and metal stairs began. I also noticed that the pond had a magnificent building that seemed attached to the giant tusk in the middle of it. I walked to the door of the building and opened it, closing it on my way in. I turned to my left and found my way blocked by a gate. To the right of the gate was a lever. I pulled the lever and watched the gate swing open with another gate opposite it. I walked through the gate. To my left was a smaller pond with a few plants and a large golden button in a pedestal. I pushed the button and watched as a gate behind me slid into the floor. Behind the gate was a larger room with a table and what looked like a lift type thing. To this very day I still have no idea what it was. I went through the gate into the large room. It looked like the man was living in this room because of the hammock in the corner. On the bed was a journal with a leaf on the front of it. I opened it up and read that this man’s name was Saavedro and that he was from an Age called Narayan and that the Age that I was on was called J'nanin. The two sons of Atrus had brought him here then trapped him here. He wanted revenge on Atrus and his sons. The journal was very hard to understand because most of the pages were missing. I closed the journal and put it into my pocket. I walked around the room and saw on one of the walls a painting. The panting looked like a beautiful woman but she had no eyes. I had thought that Saavedro had painted it but had forgotten to put the eyes on it. I guessed that this was his wife.
I walked over to the lift, opened the door and stepped inside. I closed the door and looked around inside of the lift. There were two small windows; one of them was in the shape of an arch with two levers out in the room. Around the lift were round holes for something. I pulled the levers and heard a loud squeaking sound. I looked out the arch window and saw a gate spinning around the lift. The gate went in a complete circle around the lift, and then went back to its starting position. I felt the lift moving, so I looked down through the floor. I was standing on a grate in the lift. Doors closed below me, sealing the way down. I felt the lift stop, so I looked at the door. I heard a crash behind me, so I turned to the window and looked through it. I saw the man named Saavedro picking up the Releeshahn book from the floor. He noticed that I was looking at him through the glass of the window, and called out, “Come for your precious Book so soon, Atrus? Not so fast my friend, not yet, not yet.” I watched as he took out a crumpled piece of paper, put it onto a scanner, and take the paper off of it. An egg-shaped cage rose from the center of the room. I then saw Saavedro walking around the room to the left of the lift, but to the right of me. I looked at the other window and saw that it had a green button outside of the lift. Before I pushed the button, I looked at the door. I opened the door to find another door in front of me. I tried the handle, but it was locked. It was the door from the outside of the building. So I pushed the button after closing the door once more.
When I landed once more at the base floor, the gate spun again. I got out and closed the door. I was curious to see if the lift would work with no one inside, so I pulled the levers. The gate spun again and I noticed that on the gate were spokes that looked small enough to fit into the holes of the lift. The spokes of the gate almost hit me, but when the gate went back to its starting position, the lift went up. I saw a small room under the lift, which I entered through the gate. In the room were four walls all of them broken with gears and levers sticking out from it. I thought, “Well maybe Saavedro has something in his journal that I can use. I pulled out the journal from my pocket, opened it up and read. I found a picture of the screw gear, a picture of the gear and lever system, a picture of the three-lever system, and a picture of the two gears, one of which had a missing tooth. I put the systems according to the pictures. I then turned around and exited the room by a ladder going up to the ground floor. I pulled the levers again and watched the lift come back down. I decided to test it, and pull the levers again to see what it did. When I pulled the levers, instead of having the gate turn, the entire thing turned. The spokes went into the holes and when the gate turned the lift did too. I heard something clanging above me, but when I looked up there was nothing there. I watched the lift go up. Then I pulled the levers and brought the lift back down. Instead of turning very slowly to get the lift, the gate spun very fast and hooked onto the lift and turned it back around. I got into the lift after it was done turning. I pulled the lever once more thinking, “This might be the last time I pull these levers.”
When I arrived at the top again, I heard a clank from the room that Saavedro was in. I opened the lift’s door and looked into the next door’s window. What I saw made me want to stop him. He had gotten the egg device open and I saw a book on it. He had walked down to the book and linked. Then the egg closed and went down with the orb things closing around the room. I then opened the outer door and went through the portal. I looked back at the lift and closed the door. I noticed that there was a lever on the wall next to the door. I pulled the lever and watched as the lift went down to the bottom floor. There was a circular floor piece that covered the lift shaft. I walked onto it and noticed on the left and right of the shaft there were green buttons. Behind me was the room with the egg thing, but in front of me was the locked door. I looked around for a way to unlock the door and found a handle with bars on it in the door. I pulled the handle and the bars came out easily. I turned around and went back into the room, closing the door on my way just for safe measures and walked over to the place where Saavedro had been. Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed two things. The first thing I noticed was a small blue button to the right of the opening for the egg thing. The second thing I noticed was a small stack of papers that had Saavedro’s writing on it. I walked over to the stack and put it in the order it looked like it went, in the journal. I read it and saw that there were more Ages according to Saavedro on this island. I then walked over to the blue button and pushed it.
I heard a thumping sound to my right. I looked to the right and saw the round machine open and project a blue light. The one to the far side of the hole did the same thing but projected a red light. The one to my left did the same as the other two but projected a yellow light. I looked up to the roof of the room and saw that it had a small circular machine. That machine projected an image of Atrus talking. I somehow heard him speaking although he was not there at that moment in time. He said, “My sons,” he nodded, “I promised to teach you the secrets of my Ages. This one is the first of your journeys. Search the island and you will find three Linking Books, each connecting to an Age.” The image was scrambled and an image of Saavedro appeared saying, “Hello Atrus. So sorry I can’t be there to greet you in person, but I didn’t think it wise considering how long I have been stuck here.” The image of Saavedro was scrambled for a moment, showing an image of Atrus talking but there was no sound, then it went back to Saavedro saying, “Worried about Releeshahn? Worried about friend, family, people you can’t get back? I know just how you feel. But if you want to reclaim Releeshahn you have to open this device, but there is just one problem, I have changed the three symbols that do that.” He laughed an airless laugh then said, “Find the three symbols, Atrus, and don’t keep me waiting forever.” The image faded leaving me looking up at the roof. I walked over to the machine to my right, the one that projected the blue light and looked into it. I saw a very blurry image of the outside. There were two levers; one was to my left and the other was to my right. In the center was a silver orb connecting to the levers. Above the orb was the image of the outside surrounded by four little brass balls. In the image was a symbol of a ship with a feather for a sail pulled the right lever and watched as the image got more clear then blurry. I pulled it to the clear part. Then I pulled the left lever and saw that it was a zoomer and I was looking at the tusk with the reflector. I put my right hand on the image and moved it toward the tusk. I removed my hand form the image and saw that I had lined up the picture with a golden form of the picture and in the background it was black. I zoomed in until it was right on the gold and black image. I had the feeling that I should take note of the positions of the balls, so I pulled out a piece of paper form my pocket along with a quill I found on the ground floor and copied the positions to the balls. I did this to the other two machines, taking note on each one. Once I had done that I went through the door again then I remembered that I had to go and finish the thing with the reflectors. I turned around and pulled the lever to bring the lift up and watched as the lift sprang from the base floor quickly. I opened the door and walked into the lift closing the outside door on my way then closing the lift’s door. I turned to my left and pushed the button and watched as the round door opened and I went down to the ground floor.
I went through the door again to the pillar with the golden button and turned to my right. I went through the door that was at my left and went down the walkway. I noticed that to my left was a small walkway of rocks that ended with a strange looking plant thing. I turned and walked down this walkway. When I reached the end of the walk way I looked around and noticed that I was next to a plant thing that had a clear ball on the top of it. Next to that plant was a flower in the water and next to that was a fungus thing with reddish-pink baubles on it. I touched the flower in the water to just smell it but it opened up creating a small walkway for some other creature. I looked to the clear ball and touched it. A small animal poked its small nose out into the open and looked around, saw that the flower was open and ran across it. The creature went over to the fungus and started squeaking making the fungus grow. I wanted to go over to it and pet it but then I heard Atrus saying something: “When you link to an age, if the creatures there are not friendly with you or hasn’t noticed you, don’t touch it because if you do, you might startle it enough to make it attack you.” so I looked around instead. I looked at the tusk that I saw in the machine with the bird symbol and saw that right next to it was a plant type thing that looked like it could amplify sounds. I walked over to the shear rock face and noticed a ladder that blended in so well that you would have to be looking very carefully to have seen it. I climbed up the ladder and walked over to my left toward the amplifier. Behind it was another fungus that looked like it formed a bridge to a door. I walked over to the back of the amplifier and moved it. I found the place where the animal was and heard it squeaking very loudly. Behind me, I heard a cracking sound, so I looked. The fungus was growing into a bridge. I climbed up the ladder that was above the first ladder. When I reached the top I looked around and noticed the remaining few reflectors across bridges to my left and right. Behind me was the bridge of fungus and the tusk with the bird. I went to my right to the green reflector. I walked up some stairs made by nature then up some wire stairs that I guessed Atrus had put there when he wrote the Age. When I had reached the green reflector, I gazed out over the pond and saw the blue reflector shooting the light to me and the green reflector. I turned around and turned the reflector and looked through it. At first I saw nothing but on my second turn I saw a red reflector. I looked around and saw not more than twenty feet away was the red reflector. I walked over to it and turned it, not noticing that I had my head in the way of the next reflector, so I got a very bright light in my face. I turned around and saw in the distance, a yellow reflector, so I walked toward it. When I reached it I noticed that there was a purple reflector next to the yellow one not more than ten feet away from the yellow reflector. I walked over to the yellow reflector and turned it once, some how getting in the way of the light again. I got blasted in the face with the light. I walked over to the purple reflector and walked over to the far side of it. I turned around, looked through it and saw a red reflector near the tusk with the circles for a symbol. I walked over to some rocks that looked sturdy enough to cross and walked over them to the red reflector. I turned it and looked through and saw the reflector with the door on the tusk with the symbol of the feather-sailed ship. I turned around and went toward the tusk with the circle symbol. I noticed that there was a hole that was surrounded by some kind of shiny metal in the rock of the land that was holding the tusk. I went down into the hole and looked around. At the end of the path to the tusk was a door but for some reason there was a giant ball of something that looked like wood bound in some type of metal. I noticed that to my left was a small pillar like the one I found the wheel for the sun reflector across the water and next to a ladder. I climbed back up the hole and walked over to the place where I had seen the ladder. Sure enough, it was there. I climbed down the ladder and turned to my left, looking at the pillar. I was also looking at the ball of wood from the side. I looked over at the pillar and saw two levers. I pulled the left lever and watched the walkway move up; moving the ball toward the ladder, but moving the ladder at a sideways position. I moved the right lever and watched the ball as it hit the wall behind the ladder with a clang. I moved the left lever again and watched as the ladder moved back to the hole. I turned toward the ladder next to me and climbed up it, walked over to the hole and climbed down onto the walkway. I moved toward the door and opened it up. I took a step forward and had to stop because the floor was gone beyond that point; just beyond the door. At that moment I got an idea and went back to the ladder, climbed up and walked over to the other ladder at the pillar and pulled the right lever again. The ball moved toward the door. I moved the left lever and watched as the ball moved closer to the door. I pulled the right lever again and watched as the ball rolled through the open door with another clang. I moved the walkway to its starting position. I walked back over to the door and looked around on the inside. Inside was another pillar but above that was an egg thing; like the one in the main tusk but smaller. I walked over to the pillar ion the room and looked closer at it. It looked like the machine in the main tusk, except that this one had not image on it and no levers. What it did have were the same little brass balls. I took out my notes on the machine and put the balls in the order that I had them. I found that the middle part was a button and after I had put the balls in the correct order, I pushed the button. The balls went back up to the top and the cage came down and inside of it was a Linking Book with the name of Amateria. I opened the book and watched the flyby of this new Age. It showed buildings with water around them. In the center of the island (for that is what all of Atrus’ Ages are) was a large building, which kept dropping crystallized balls. I touched the page and linked to the Age of Amateria.
* Amateria *
When I landed, I found myself looking out to sea. There was a large storm cloud coming in but not quite there yet. Also there was a brilliant sunset on the horizon. I looked to my right and saw a walkway leading off to a large medal bridge that---during my flyby-----had a large gear under it. To my left was a small ladder leading down into the water but there was a path of stepping stones in the water. Behind me was the large building that for some unknown reason had stopped sending out the crystal balls. I walked to my right and saw a Linking Book. I walked over and saw that it was a Book back to the Age of J'nanin. I continued walking toward the bridge and found my self facing a lamp post. I walked to my right and noticed that the floor to my left sloped down then dropped off. I walked over to my left and noticed some stairs that went down to another hallway. I walked down these stairs and went down the hall. I noticed a slight breeze coming in to my left and when I looked, I saw another walkway leading to the large metal bridge and gear. I walked down this walkway and saw that the walkway didn’t go to the bridge and gear as I had thought, but it went under it and walked to a platform, that had five levers on it. Four of the five levers were on a pedestal and the last lever was on the ground next to the pedestal. There was a walkway near the lever on the ground. I followed this path to a hut. I found the door partially ajar, so I went into the hut. On the floor were shards of a crystallized ball. On a shelf lining the entire room except for the door, was two pieces of wood that looked like they were for a ball, a crystal piece, and two metal pieces. In the middle of the room was a part of a wooden ball that was stuck in mid-air by a rope. I looked in Saavedro’s journal for clues to this thing and found a passage saying, “Metal equals five wood pieces, while wood equals four crystal pieces. So one metal and two woods should do it here in this hut.” I took this information and dragged a wooden piece off of the shelf and put it onto the other four wood pieces. Then I took another wood piece and put it onto the ball. Then I took a metal piece and put it onto the ball. I looked at the ball and it occurred to me that it wasn’t finished. I turned and went out of the hut and walked toward the pedestal. I walked onto the pedestal and pulled the lever on the floor. The pedestal and floor piece I was standing on moved up like the lift back in J'nanin. When the lift stopped moving, I took out Saavedro’s journal again and read it some more to find information about this age. The journal had parts where the pages were missing, and part of the answer for this part was missing. All it said was “pull top lever to the right and put the middle lever on the left then….” So I pulled the top lever to the right and the middle lever to the left and pulled the side lever. The top of the center building flew up and created a crystal ball that dropped onto the track of the Age. The giant gear moved to the far left and the bridge moved down some. The crystal ball bumped a smaller orange ball that rolled into a tray under the metal bridge and brought the bridge lower. The crystal ball rolled at a very fast pace onto the bridge and rolled to the other side and rolled off of the bridge on some more track. The lid for the pedestal lifted up and projected an image of the part that I had called “The Off-Shore Structure” that dropped two weights and rose up a bridge part then dropped back down. The lid fell down after turning off the image and showed hexagon symbols. I felt like I should have taken note of the symbols so I pulled out another piece of paper, put it onto the top and copied the symbols. I then put away the paper and pulled the lever on the left. Then I walked back the way I came toward the hallway. Instead of going right, I decided to walk left. Half-way down the hallway was a lift with a red handle inside of it. I walked into it and pulled the lever up. The lift moved up and stopped next to the orange ball, which had been kicked back up the rails by a giant hammer. I looked closely at the ball and noticed that it was a wooden ball with medal on it holding it together with a crystal in the last part. I then looked around; looking for any pages of Saavedro’s but found none. I then walked back toward the lift and pulled the lever to the middle position. I walked out of the lift and turned to my left and continued down the walkway. I came upon a part that was open to the elements but it had a painting on the wall of one side. I was a small room that had no roof but had three walls; one of those had the doorway which I had come through. To the south east were the remains of a ship that had turned upside-down with a small stepping stone walkway in the deck. I looked toward the ship and saw between the ribbings of it, that there was another puzzle (for Atrus’s Ages have five to ten puzzles each in them; I haven’t failed at one yet). From what I could see, the puzzle was nothing more than five rings that had sounds coming from the middle of each one, while a track went through them all connected by a center platform which was connected by the center building. I turned around thinking I had seen a ladder on my in and walked toward the place where I had thought I had seen it. When I had walked to the place, I looked around and saw a small ladder that was blending into the rock surrounding it. I climbed up the ladder. When I got to the top, I found myself in a tunnel of rock that went on for a few feet in either direction behind me was a set of rails and in front of me was another set of rails that had a walkway on it, that led into the center building. I walked down the tunnel, toward the building but when I looked around when I came out of the tunnel I saw a platform that had another switch on the side and a switch on the puzzle. I walked off of the track and almost missed the stack of papers from Saavedro’s journal. I picked them up and put them into the journal, reading them as I went. I read more about Saavedro and almost missed the solutions to the puzzles here. All that I gained from the journal was that there was a puzzle in the center building, this ring and sound thing was a puzzle and that there was another puzzle some where on the island. I walked over to the platform and pulled the lever on the ground to raise the platform. When it was finished rising, I pulled the lever on the puzzle and watched the tower fly up and drop a crystallized ball fall from it onto the track. I turned back to the platform and watched as a smaller version of the ball rolled through the rings. What I saw from the real ball was when it went through the first ring it exploded but the smaller ball kept going. I took out a piece of paper and drew a picture of the puzzle from above. I labeled the rings from left to right one through five. I took out the journal of Saavedro and wrote down the symbols of the five rings, then pulled the left lever. I walked off of the platform when it landed and walked back to the tunnel with my notes. I walked to the ladder and climbed down, then turned to my right when I got to the bottom. I walked past the mural on the wall from Saavedro, and onto the stepping stones in the hull of the ship. I walked on these stepping stones until I reached the end of the ship and had to climb up it. I stood up on the walkway leading to the center building and the middle of the five rings. I walked over to the center of the rings and walked to the first ring being careful not to step in the sound field. What I heard from the ring was a clapping sound. There was a metal ramp leading through the center of the ring and there was also a wooden walkway to the left of the ring where I had to go to realign the symbols. I used the piece of paper to align the symbol for the first ring, and then went to the next four rings. When I had aligned the rings, I walked back to the ship and climbed back down to the walkway. I walked back toward the ladder and walked up it. I walked back to the platform that had the levers and pulled the lever on the left to float up. When the lift had stopped, I pulled the lever on the right to allow the ball to fall. The ball fell toward the railing and rolled toward the third ring. It passed through without shattering. It moved back toward the first ring and passed through it. Then the ball went through the fourth ring and passed through, then went to the second ring and went through, and then it went to the fifth ring and went through. I watched the ball roll toward the center building then disappear. The top of the puzzle fell like back in the other puzzle and showed two of the six weights move down and raise another part of the bridge then had it fall back down into the water. Then the top fell again and showed more symbols that I wrote down on my paper. I pulled the lever on the left and went back down the ladder toward the ship and climbed up it. I walked toward the fifth ring and passed through it and saw another stepping-stone walkway. This walk-way leads toward another puzzle that was behind a locked door that was locked very badly. The lock was a handle that had a hole in it for a handle. I pulled up on the handle and pushed on the door to make it open and walked inside. The door closed behind me. I looked around and saw another stack of papers from Saavedro’s journal. I picked them up and put them into the book, and read them. The journal told me how this puzzle worked, the things that Saavedro did to it and what the last puzzle held. I closed the book and turned to the pedestal which had a lever on the left side, two circles with many holes and one red knob that had a piece of metal stuck in it. I walked to the pedestal and pulled the lever on the lift to make the lift go up to the top. When it had stopped I looked down and saw that it had a long track leading to it from the center building. The track ended on a round holder that—from the description of the journal—moved in a circle then shot the crystallized ball up onto another track so that it rolled onto another circle that rotated and then shot the ball up onto another track to the first circle hexagon so that it rotated and then shot the ball again onto the track leading away to the center building. The journal showed the positions of the places that the ball would land but it didn’t show where the pegs would go. The pegs came out of a small opening in the puzzle and dropped onto a small shelf. Then I remembered that there was a side note about the pegs. I pulled out the journal again and read the note which said “Place the pegs in the holes that the ball drops into then pull the lever.” So I picked up a peg and placed it into the top right hole, then another peg into the right hexagon’s left middle hole then picked up the last peg and placed it right under the first peg. Then I pulled the lever. The center building flew up and dropped the ball onto the track. I turned around to the puzzle just as the ball rolled to it on the track. The ball jumped from the track onto the first holder and it rotated until it hit the first peg. The peg dropped out of the hole, and the ball launched into the next holder in the right hexagon. The hexagon rotated until it hit the peg and the ball jumped into the first hexagon. The hexagon rotated one turn and dropped the peg. The ball jumped out of the hexagon and fell through the right hexagon onto the track waiting below. The ball rolled to the center building and disappeared. The lid to the puzzle fell and projected the image of the bridge which dropped two weights and rose the piece of the bridge for a moment then let it fall again. The puzzle lid fell down again and showed me the last few hexagon puzzle pieces. I pulled the lever on the left to go down, and then stepped off of the lift when it had gone all the way down. I went through the door and started to walk to my left when I noticed that the surroundings had changed. I was back in front of the center building. I turned toward it and walked across the walkway until when I looked down I saw that the walkway stopped and that it had two wooden rails on the walkway leading up to the center building. I looked around and saw another pedestal to my left. I walked up to it and saw that it had hexagons lining the top of it. I pulled out Saavedro’s journal and read it for a clue for this puzzle and came across a part that said, “For the bridge puzzle push the hexagons in the order from the other parts of the island then walk across and do it again until the bridge is complete.” I took the paper that had the hexagons on it and pushed the hexagons into the pedestal. I looked toward the bridge and heard a clicking sound in the pedestal, which sounded a clicking sound in the bridge, and the wooden rails twisted and brought up the missing part of the bridge. The part of the bridge was nothing more than two sheets of metal locked together to form a bridge part. I walked to the next pedestal and pushed the parts again and had the same from the first part happen. I walked up the walkway again to the last part of the bridge and did the same of what I did in the first part of this puzzle. The part came up and I walked across it. I came to the side of the building that had the rails on it leading from the bridge. I saw some light from under the rails and pulled up on them. The rails flew up with the side of the building and revealed another walkway that ended a few feet from the inside of the building. I walked inside and heard a clanking sound to my right. I looked to my right and saw a set of stairs flying toward me. They stopped in front of me and opened up from the center of the building to the walkway I was standing on. I walked across the stairs and saw a chair in front of a projector. I turned the chair towards me and sat down in it, turning it toward the projector. In the center of the projector was a small silver button which I pushed.
Saavedro’s face appeared in front of me and said, “Do you know how long I have been stuck here Atrus? Twenty years Atrus. TWENTY LONG YEARS ALONE!!! They tied me to a post! They burned their Myst Linking Books in front of me. And when I finally made it back to Narayan, and I saw…. I saw…. It would have been better if I had died.” The image of Saavedro vanished as the message ended. I looked up above the projector and saw another lever. I pulled this lever down to me and pulled again. The lever snapped back into place and I felt the seat rock. I saw the room go down as I went up and landed in the top of the center building. I heard a hissing sound, and looked around to see six little spikes hook onto my chair. Then I felt the top fly up into the sky. I heard a clanking sound under a red button, (there were four buttons, each looking out over the other parts of the island) and when I looked there was what looked like a small orange box on gears. This box stopped and on the front of it was the symbol for this Age. The box opened and inside of it were nine circles that had golden lines on them. I had seen a part in Saavedro’s journal that had said something about this. I took it out and reread the part that I thought had this puzzle in it. It said, “The puzzle for the center building was hard to finish at first but I found the code to it. The golden lines are parts of the track that line the entire island. The lines have to start at the blue part of the island and go to the red part. However when I had gotten up here I found the puzzle completed, so it took me some time to fix the puzzle to make it so that way the user HAD to redo the pieces.” The writing continued but I had already gotten what I wanted from the journal. I placed the circles in the order from the blue part of the island to the red part. There were four parts to the island, like I put down earlier. There was a blue part which was the sounding arch-ways, there was a green part which was the hexagon launchers, and there was a yellow part which was the metal bridge and orange ball, and there was a red part which was the Off-Shore Island. I looked at the puzzle again and then said to my-self, “Well it looks like it starts from the blue part so I should push the blue button right?” I turned to the blue button and pushed it. Suddenly a large silver arm came down in front of me, the spikes pulled out of the chair and suddenly the arm glowed a bright blue color and spun around the chair making a crystallized ball around me. I was inside of a giant crystal ball. The ball got pulled up higher in the top of the building and then fell onto the track in the sounding rings. The ball had runes in the crystal which were spinning very fast; the only symbol I noticed was the symbol for Amateria. The ball had holes in it, so I heard a loud whooshing sound. The ball rolled through the rings then went to the center building and went through a door. The base of the center building had symbols of Amateria all over the place with more tracks the ball rolled out of another door and went to the puzzle that had the metal bridge. I passed the orange ball and the crystal ball bumped into it making it roll down to the holder that made the bridge go into place. I rolled onto the bridge and rolled to the center building again. The ball rolled through the base of the building and went through another door. This door led me to the hexagon-jumping puzzle, which had me go through a rock tunnel which sped me up even more until the surroundings were a blur. The ball rolled to the ramp that jumped me to the first hole. The ball stopped, but I could hear it humming while the puzzle turned. The puzzle stopped and shot the ball up onto another track landing me into the next hole. The puzzle turned and jumped the ball onto another track to the last hole which spun the ball until it was lined up to the last track of this puzzle and then it shot the ball onto the normal track. The ball rolled very fast to the center building where it rolled into another door with the Amateria symbol on it, which took me to the door that I came into to go to the center of the building and the ball rolled down the walkway with the metal parts that covered the missing parts to the walkway. The ball rolled down the track while the bridge dropped the wooden pieces back into place. The bridge did this two more time then the ball rolled toward the Off-Shore-Structure. The track lead a little to the right then curved to the left to the Incomplete-Bridge. I was about to go into the water when the bridge activated and the first missing part flew up from the water and into place. The ball roll across the first part then the second and third parts when they came up, but never stopped rolling. The track made a hard left and stopped leaving the ball rolling in the air for a second or so. The ball landed with a soft thud on another small ring that looked like I came from the jumping hexagon puzzle, but this one did not launch the ball. Instead the ring slid to the right, then stopped with another soft thud. The chair started humming, and then the crystal ball broke into pieces but leaving me just fine. The silver arms that held the chair in place during the ride around the island went back into the top of the chair, and I saw a symbol in front of me. I heard Saavedro’s voice in my mind saying, “I changed the three symbols that do that.” I pulled out a fresh piece of paper along with the quill and started copying the symbol down. When I was done, I put the paper into my pocket and looked down to see stairs leading downward to a smaller roofed platform. I stood up and walked down the stairs to the platform to find the Linking Book to J'nanin. I opened the book and watched the fly-by as it stopped and just spun around the center building on the larger tusk. I touched the page and Linked back to J'nanin.
* J'nanin *
When I landed, I was inside of the building in the center tusk. The room was the same one that had the three projectors and the one the roof. I walked over to the scanning device, and took the piece of paper that had the symbol from Amateria, and I placed it under the lamp, on the bluish table. The lamp turned on and shone a symbol onto the floor, but this symbol was real not a drawling, then the gear under the bowl dropped down and twisted in the air landing on the symbol and turned it to a position. The symbol melted into the floor and the gear rose up back to its starting position. The egg cage in the center of the room rose up out of the hole but didn’t open. I heard the sound of the projectors turning on to another projection so I looked up. I saw Saavedro’s face appear again and he said, “Not so easy is it, Atrus? Running like a rat through a maze, looking for some sign that will help you save your world. Is it over here? Is it over there? Is it someplace I can’t find?” He shook his head in a “no” gesture. “Sirrus and Achenar didn’t care about saving Narayan. All that talk about ‘fixing instabilities’, rewriting the Age so that we would be free to live our lives…. That was just talk … to hide the truth of why they had come. But we believed their lies, Atrus. So we abandoned our traditions, forgetting that those traditions were keeping Narayan alive. And when the lattice tree started to die, I followed them here to tell them what they had done. And they laughed. They said that they would never fix Narayan. They said that they had already taken everything it had worth saving. So my dear, old friend Atrus, I brought you to this place where your education begins. Find the remaining two symbols and come see what your boys did to Narayan.” The image disappeared; I walked to the door to the lift and pulled the handle to have the lift go to the base floor. Once the lift was out of the small room, I walked into the room, closed the door to the projector room, and walked out of the door on the other side of the building. I walked to the shore of the island and turned left to the bottom of the bridge that leads to Amateria. There was a rock pathway like in Amateria, but it lead to the pathway that lead to the plant bridge. I walked across the bridge and opened the door at the end of the bridge. Before I walked through the doorway, however, I looked up and saw the symbol of a bird. I walked through the door and closed it. I was in another smaller tusk with a pedestal, and above that was another holding cage for a Linking Book. I walked to the pedestal and took out the page that had the positions of the golden balls for the projectors and put the bronze balls in the same order for the golden balls for the bird symbol, and then I pushed the button in the center of the pedestal. The egg holder dropped from the roof and inside of the egg was a green Linking Book that was named Edanna. I opened the book and watched the fly-by, amazed as the image showed me a giant tree growing from the center of an ocean. This tree grew straight up and didn’t branch off in any direction but it had many plants inside of it. The tree had many animals living in it. The fly-by stopped and spun in a clearing on the top of the tree. I touched the page and Linked.
* Edanna *

When I landed, I looked around and saw a flower with glass middle behind me. I looked through the glass and saw a J'nanin Linking Book. I turned around and saw a walkway lit with plant-like lights. I walked down this walkway, and came to a lift like no other lift. It looked like a very tall leafy plant, but the leaves were spiraling around a base root. I walked toward the plant and heard a rustling sound, then saw the leaves moving, but when I stepped away, the leaves stopped moving. I walked onto the leaves on the bottom and was pulled up and around the base root. When I reached the top, the leaves stopped moving so I could step off of the lift. I heard a rustle of wings to my right, and when I turned I saw a giant bird flying out of the main part of the tree. The bid was a sea green color, while its head was a darker shade of blue and its eyes were very green while around its eyes were red. The bird flew over to my left and landed next to baby birds that were the same color as the larger bird. The big bird opened its mouth and let out a high-pitched caw that at the same time was soft. I saw another flower like the one that was pointed straight to the Linking Book back to J'nanin to my left but not as close to the birds as I would have thought. I looked through this flower and saw a plant-like slide leading from the birds nest to the part where I saw the Linking Book. I thought to myself, “This looks like the one from Amateria, but different. I suppose it is the way back to the island of J’nanin. I turned to my right and noticed a small tunnel made out of part of the tree’s roots. I walked though the tunnel and found myself next to a large orb that looked like it was filled with water. I walked past this orb and saw a withered looking plant lift. To the left of that, was a bowl that had a vine leading to the top of the lift. The orb must have been the water supply and Saavedro somehow took the water from he bowl and filled the orb. The lights continued up a ramp to the right of the withered lift. I walked to the ramp and climbed it. The ramp leads to a clearing at the very top of the tree. The clearing had an orange flower that had a handful of petals overlooking the withered tree and the orb, a large plant that was blocking the sunlight to this smaller plant. The leaves of the sun blocking plant lead to a base that was very round and had a pink knob. I pushed this knob and the leaves moved out of the way allowing sunlight to shine on the small orange plant. The leaves had been covering up a book: the J’nanin Linking Book. I walked back to the book and opened it, watching the fly-by. The fly-by stopped and spun around the inside of the Green Room with the Edanna Linking Book. I closed the book and walked over to the orange plant. I touched the center of the plant where the petals were touching, and the petals moved out of the way showing me another glass part like the other two plants. I looked through it and saw a beam of red light aiming to the bowl of the withered lift. I moved the plant to shine on the orb of water and watched as the orb swelled, and burst. The bowl filled with water, so that the withered tree could open up and become active. I watched as the plant opened up from the top to the bottom. When it was done opening, I covered the flower with its petals again and walked back down to the tree. I walked onto it and started going down. When I finally stepped off of the plant, I looked around and saw a stack of papers that had Saavedro’s writing on them. I picked them up and placed them into his journal. I saw a bowl that held a very strange animal inside of it, an eel that was glowing. I looked away from the eel and I saw a walkway leading off to my right. I walked along this path and came to a large bridge with red bulbs on it. I walked across the bridge and found another walkway leading off to the right of that path. I walked on this walkway and found myself in a tunnel that had a slide to my right and a small ramp leading up and to my right in front of me. I walked up the tunnel and found myself looking at a rolled up plant and a large plant that looked like it had a light with a small thick rope in the center bottom the plant. I pushed up on the rope and saw the light leak out of the plant and shine on the rolled up plant. The light acted like the sun and allowed the rolled up plant to unroll so it looked like a tongue. To the right of the bridge was a lever which attached to a rope which attached to a pedestal with a gear like wheel and a clamp. I saw an upside down green “Y” in front of the bridge. I pulled down the Y and found that it was a type of swing. I got onto the swing and looked to the pedestal. I pushed off and landed with the sound of bristles on ground. I released the Y and walked over to the pedestal. The pedestal had a rope attached to it, which attached to a cage hanging over a small opening. Behind the opening was more of those fruit that the Squees like. I walked over to the plant, and shook it allowing one of the fruits to fall off. I looked up and noticed that it was in the shadow of the cage so I moved it to the left of the cage. I walked over to the back of this room and saw a slide leading down into the round chamber. I slid down it and walked back to the bridge that looked like a tongue. I heard the sound of a Squee to my right, so I looked over and saw the Squee running towards the fruit. I waited until the Squee was a safe distance away and pulled the lever on my right. The rope released the lever on the wheel which allowed the cage to fall, right behind the Squee. The Squee made a frightened sound and ran to the bridge of red fruit. The plant swelled up and broke in half just a second after the Squee ran across. I looked at the place where the bridge was and saw a ledge two hundred feet or more in front of me. I pulled down the swinging vine and swung across to the other side of the chasm. When I landed, I saw another lamp plant so I opened it. I saw a walkway leading to a small room. I walked into the room and saw a picture on the wall from Saavedro. The picture showed two young men that I guessed were Atrus’s sons, Sirrus and Achenar holding books with panels on the first pages. To the right of the picture was a globe that was like the one that held the water for the plant lift. I pulled the handle and watched as it started filling up with water and the eel. I turned around and saw two walkways. In the middle of the two walkways was a small green tree that had two very large bulbs on the top. I took out the journal of Saavedro and read it to see if he had any information about this Age. When I was done reading, I walked on the right path. On the path were flowers that were bluish in color. At the end of the walkway were two of the bluish flowers while near the beginning of the path were one of the flowers. The flower I was standing at was glowing because the light from the sun was hitting it. I looked again in the journal of Saavedro to find what this plant was called and found “Lambent Orchid” as a result. In the journal it said, “These plants are very interesting, for they only light up when there is direct sunlight on them. They can be used to direct light from one flower to another, or to help overheat a Quaffler fig by directing the light to an Aurora Blossom which overheats the Fig. It can also be used to open Tongue Ferns.” I looked through the orchid and saw that it was pointing away from another orchid. I pointed it to that orchid and walked over to it. I looked through this orchid and saw a fern. I pointed the light to the fern and watched it extend. I then walked back to the top of the walkway and went down the left path. At the bottom of the path was a fig’s basin. Above the basin was a root from a Venus Flytrap that was holding the bird animal that was called by Saavedro a Grossamery. To the left of the root was a fig. I pulled on the handle and allowed the water to flow in and allowed an Electra Ray to flow in as well. I noticed that there was a path that leads away from this basin, so I followed it. On the path, was another projector of Atrus’. I pushed the silver button in the middle and watched as Saavedro appeared in front of me. He said, “This morning I woke up and I couldn't picture Tamra's face - the little line at the corner of her lip that pulls her whole mouth down when she smiles, the flutter in her eyelashes... I tried so hard to picture her in my mind, put her down on paper as if that might bring her back.
I couldn't do it.
Atrus, I'm not you.”
The projection ended, so I walked to the left of the projector. I walked across the fern and found myself in a broken part of the tree that looked like a log that went up. I walked up this log and found myself to the right of an opened Aurora Blossom. Above the blossom was a Lambent Orchid that was pointing away from the blossom. I walked up roots that looked like stairs and walked behind the orchid. I looked into it and moved it so that it was looking down onto the blossom. I walked back down to the blossom and looked through it, seeing the fig with the ray inside of it. I walked back down the log and noticed that there was another part of the log leading off to another part of the tree. I continued on my way thinking to myself that I was going to go back to that part of the log. When I was back behind the first orchid that was reflecting light into the second orchid, that was shining the light to the fern, I moved the orchid so that it was shining on the last orchid on the right path. I looked away from the orchid when I started hearing a cooking sound, and looked over at the fig to see it grow larger until it was overheated and exploded into the basin, allowing the Ray to swim around and touch the root to the Flytrap. I watched as the electric current went up the root and into the Flytrap, releasing the Grossamery. The Grossamery flew around my head a few times, then flew out through the hole in the wall behind me. I moved the orchid back to the position that shined light on the second one. I then walked to the log. At the center of the log, where I had seen the other path, I crawled into the other walkway and stood up, walking to the end of this new passage. When I walked out of the passage, I looked around and found myself on the top of a very large branch with a smaller branch to the left and another Swing Vine. I walked over to the Vine and stood on it, allowing it to drop me down to the lower level. I jumped off of the Vine and looked around. In front of me were two paths, one lead to the left away to the center of the tree. The right path went to a very large plant with two leaves on the top, and a red center. I took out Saavedro’s journal and read it to find the name of this plant and it gave a description of it. “The most interesting plant of this Age is called a Jumping Dragon. This plant has a red-yellow bottom, with two leaves curling at the top. When a person steps onto it, it acts like a natural elevator/lift. When the person steps off of it, it falls back to its resting position.” I closed the journal and walked down the left path, walking to the center of the tree. There was an archway, and after I walked under that, I saw a small hanging drape of flowers to my right. In front of me was a very large plant that had purple leaves, a pinkish bottom, and stems hanging from the top of it. I walked through the drape and walked up the walkway that followed. When I got to the top, I saw a crack in the wall allowing light to pour inside of the tree. I looked to my left and saw another Orchid. I moved the flower to shine on the stems on the top of the flower. Suddenly, the flower opened up, showing me a caged part to the plant with a purple fruit on the inside. I walked back down the walkway and continued on the walkway until I reached a path that had small bluish mushrooms on it to my left. I walked onto the path, and found another very large flower with a blue root to the left of it with a hole in it. To my left was a walkway leading down to the flower, and to my right was a path leading up and behind the flower. I walked on the right path and found myself looking at another fan palm with a crack in the wall. I pushed the orange button in the center of the palm and opened the leaves, shutting out the light. I walked back down the path, and walked down the left path, leading down to the plant. When I was next to both the root, and the plant, I noticed a whitish-brown color coming from the root. I walked into the root and saw another stack of Saavedro’s journal. I picked them up and placed them into the journal. I read, “The purple flower with a pink ring of light coming from under it is called a Nemel Lotus. The local insects like the smell of the flower, so when the plant it exposed to the sun, they are present. The heart of the Lotus is a caged fruit that the Grossamery like. Surrounding the flower is a mushroom population that is called Vesuvi Mushrooms. They have special spores, that when released, they will scatter the insects.” The journal stopped from there. I walked out of the root and found the largest Vesuvi Mushroom, and pressed the center button. I watched as spores flew into the air covering an insect swarm above the lotus. The swarm flew away toward the other lotus. I walked back into the root and walked up it. I found an opening above me, so I climbed up it and found myself facing the caged fruit that was mentioned in Saavedro’s journal. There was a branch in the center that looked like the foot holds on the Swing Vines, so I stepped into the fruit and pushed the branch up, releasing spores into the air along with a horn sound. Suddenly I heard a loud flapping sound and a loud caw. I looked up and saw the Grossamery flying to the fruit, and it picked up the fruit with me inside of it. The Grossamery flew out of the hole in the wall that it flew in through, and flew around the tree once, giving me a nice view of both the tree and the sea far below me. The Grossamery flew over to its nest and dropped the fruit, before flying around and landing inside of its nest. The Grossamery looked at me, so I thought that it wanted me to leave. I looked around and saw a slide, so I slid down into the small clearing that held the last J’nanin Linking Book for this Age. Below me was the symbol for this Age. I took out the paper that had the symbol for Amateria and the quill, and started to write down the symbol. When I was finished, I put both the paper and the quill back in my pocket and walked over to the J’nanin Linking Book and touched the Linking panel.
* J’nanin *
When I landed in J’nanin, I found myself back in the viewing room. I placed the paper that had the symbol from Edanna on the bluish bowl and watched as the symbol formed, made the cage that had the Narayan, and activated the projectors, allowing Saavedro’s third J’nanin projection to show. Saavedro said, “This what you expected Atrus? When you followed me here, hoping to reclaim Releeshahn? This classroom what you expected to find? I read your journal you know. In Tomanha. After I found your Linking Book abandoned outside this Observatory. I read all about the D’ni. How you started their world again. Can you really do that, Atrus? After everything that’s happened to Narayan? Could you start the world over again? I don’t think so. I think there’s too much blood on our hands, too many ghosts. Surely you can’t change that with a pen-stroke. One more symbol, Atrus. Narayan is waiting.” The projection ended.
I walked to the door and opened it, walking to the lift shaft. I closed the door and opened the door that lead to the outside. I walked out of the door, closing the door behind me and walked to the tusk that had the reflector in front of it that was beaming the colors from the other smaller reflectors onto the door,
When I was at the door, I took the color notes out from my pocket, and pushed the buttons in the order that I had placed the color reflectors. I walked inside of the dusk and closed the door behind me. I took out the paper that had the positions for the bronze balls for the feather sailed ship symbol. I walked to the pedestal, and placed the balls into the order that was on the paper, then pushed the button. The cage that held the Linking Book came down and stopped on the pedestal. On the cover was the word Voltaic in golden letters. The cover was a deep red color. I opened the Book to the first page and watched the flyby. It started in the middle of the sea, then turned left and flew straight toward the brownish rock, and through a hole in the rock, then towards a small round building that was covered in rocks. The building was on an island in the middle of the sea with a small walkway leading away from it. On the rock was a large round door beside the building was a pedestal that had spikes coming from the top with a round front. I touched the panel and Linked to the Age of Voltaic.
* Voltaic *

When I landed, I looked around and saw the pedestal. I walked to the pedestal and saw that there was a handle on the round part, so I lifted it and found the J’nanin Linking Book inside. I turned toward the building, and saw the door. I walked toward the door and saw a handle with a green light next to it. I tried to pull the handle, but it didn’t turn. I walked down the walkway, which lead into a rocky chasm. To the right of the walkway, there was an opening that leads into a lit passageway. The light in there was red. I walked into the opening and started walking down the walkway, when I noticed a stack of papers with Saavedro’s writing on them, on the floor. I picked them up and placed the inside of Saavedro’s journal. I read the newly added pages. I contained walking down the walkway. When I reached the end of the walkway, I found a metal door with a large red handle in front of me. I tried opening the door and found it locked. I turned around and found a bluish lit walkway leading away from the door to the left. I walked down the blue walkway. When I reached the end of the walkway, I found myself standing on a sunken floor panel. To my right was a green panel on the wall with holes in it leading to pictures. The pictures looked like a waterwheel, a large power generator, a gear and a round building with a door on it, floating. Behind me was a small metal ladder. To my left, was a tunnel that leads to a small room with no roof. I walked down the tunnel, hearing water getting louder and louder as I walked down the tunnel. When I reached the end of the walkway, I tried to talk, but found that the sound of the water was so loud, I couldn’t hear myself. I looked to my right, and found a river of water was flowing beneath me. I also noticed a red tube that was flooded with water. I looked to my left, and saw a large canyon with a river of water flowing in it, leading off into the distance and off to the left. In front of me was another door, with a green light that was off and a lever. I walked to the door, and tried to open the door, but found it locked. I turned around and saw a large minus sign on the floor where I was standing. The tunnel looked like a waterwheel. I walked through the wheel until I was almost back at my starting position with the green panel. As I moved I heard a crunching sound, so I looked down and saw broken glass. I looked up and saw a window with broken glass and a paddle of the waterwheel. I walked to the ladder in the room with the green panel, and climbed it. When I was at the top of the ladder, I found a large machine with a red wheel, and a hole that had the cover almost off. I turned the wheel, and saw a large wooden wall moving to the end of the waterwheel. I stopped turning when I heard the sound of water softer near where the wall was now and louder towards me. I climbed back down the ladder, walked to the end of the wheel, and climbed down into the tube with the ladder. When I stepped off of the ladder, I saw a door with a red button. I pushed the button and found myself looking at a crank that raised the roof up. I turned the crank, waited until it wouldn’t turn anymore, and climbed back up the ladder, heading towards the broken window of the wheel. When I was at the window, I pushed the paddle out, and watched the wheel start turning. I heard a humming sound coming from the green panel, so I walked over to it, and saw that the waterwheel was on. I walked back down the tunnel to the door with the green light, and noticed that it was glowing. I turned the handle and felt it unlocking, so I turned the handle all the way and watched the door sink into the ground, with a metal part sliding out and covering up the door. I saw a stack of Saavedro’s papers on the floor, next to another ladder. I picked up the papers and put them into Saavedro’s journal, then climbed down the ladder. When I landed, I noticed that I was in a large room with wires running all over the place. I also noticed a projector in the corner, so I walked over to it, and pushed the silver button.
Saavedro said, “What's the matter, Atrus, can't remember how things work? Yet you explained this class so well when we first spoke of it in Narayan: ‘I want Sirrus and Achenar to learn everything they can, Saavedro. First from Amateria, Edanna, Voltaic, and finally from Narayan. When my boys come to see your people, I want them to see Narayan's traditions at work, so they can see how a civilization can balance an Age.’ Do you know what they did when they finally came to us? You never came back. After class was over, you took your boys away, and you never came back.
Sirrus and Achenar did.”
The projection ended, so I walked into a hallway with wires and tubes all over the walls. When I had reached the end of the hall, I found myself looking at a very big machine in the center of the room. I opened Saavedro’s journal and found that it cut off at this part: “I came to a room with a large machine in it. I found a way to pry open one side of the machine and re------.” I looked around the machine and noticed a path leading around the machine. I walked around the machine and noticed that on all of the sides was a symbol. I also noticed that all of the other sides were closed except for the side facing the door. I started looking at the floor, for the pages of Saavedro’s journal and found a large stack of papers on the floor at the far side of the machine. I picked up the papers and placed them into Saavedro’s journal. It said “---programmed the machine by pushing the buttons on the sides. I also learned that you have to push the buttons five times on the top, three times in the middle and two on the bottom to put it back in order.” I walked back to the front of the machine and pushed the buttons on the right of the machine for the top five times, three in the middle and two on the bottom. When I had pushed the buttons in the right order, I heard an electric sound, so I pulled my had out of the machine and stepped away, just as the machine closed and started humming with power. I turned around and walked down the hallway back to the ladder. I climbed up the ladder and walked out of the still open door, walking back to the room that had the green panel. I looked to the panel, and saw that the lights for the waterwheel and the power generator were on. I walked back into the tunnel and walked back to the walkway that lead further into the canyon and back to the Link In point. I followed the walkway, and found it split in two directions. One of the two lead off to my right while the other continued to a large circle and a ladder at the side of the mountain. I walked along the right path which lead forward and turn right until it stopped at a lift. The lift was a golden color and inside of the lift was a lever. I stepped into the lift and noticed that there was no door. I pulled the handle and noticed that it wouldn’t move. I then pushed on it and it moved but the lift didn’t go anywhere. I walked back to the main path and walked to the ladder at the mountain. I looked to the ladder and saw a boat looking thing with a flat canvas thing on the top of the boat to the left of the ladder. In front of the bottom of the ladder was a walkway that lead to a large wall that had a door shape cut out of it. I climbed down the ladder and walked to the wall. When I had passed through the door, I looked to my right and saw four wheels under four round pipes with covers on the tops of them. Under the wheels was a circular chart with four sections, a green section, a yellow section with a red line in it, a red section and a blue section. In the middle of the chart was a golden pointer that was in the complete middle between the yellow and red sections. The platform that I was standing on was made of wood and had a golden frame around the wooden part, keeping the wood in place. On the side of the platform was a golden lever with a smaller lever attached to that. I pulled the lever, but nothing happened. I looked to my left, and saw another walkway. I walked along that walkway to my right and came face to face with another ladder. I looked down because I had felt something against my hand that was hard and smooth, and found a small red wheel with a tube leading out from it. I noticed that the tube was attached to the wheel, and that it ran off of the side of the walkway. I watched the tube disappear from view, then reappear connecting to the boat thing. I then saw a walkway going away from the main walkway, but it was broken. I turned around and climbed the ladder.
When I had stepped off of the ladder, I looked around and saw that I was on a round platform, connected to another platform which had a stack of papers on it. I walked carefully to the other platform and picked up the papers and noticed that they had Saavedro’s handwriting on it. I placed the pages into Saavedro’s journal. I looked to my left, and saw a red handle on a giant orb looking thing. I walked over and pulled up on the handle and watched as the orb rolled up until there was a hole opened, large enough for a person to crawl through. I put away the journal and crawled through the hole. I then found myself on a walkway that had a pipe with wires holding it up. I pulled out Saavedro’s journal and started reading. “It was very difficult not to slip on this path. Every time I took a step, I got the feeling of wanting to jump off, to join Tamra, but I knew that this would not avenge her or the people of Narayan for what Atrus and his sons did to them.” I followed Saavedro’s journal and walked across the path, not loosing my balance or thinking that it was about to fall. I finally made it across and came face to face with a rock wall. Attached to the wall was a pipe with a cover on it and below that was the walkway that I was standing on. I walked over to the tube and saw a red lever on it. I moved the lever towards me, but it didn’t move, so I moved it away from me and found that it was holding the cover of the pipe in place, like a door. I watched as the door swung open, to reveal a small space that looked like it was large enough to allow me to crawl through it. I looked at Saavedro’s journal and kept reading. “After I had gotten across the horrible bridge, I found a tube in the rock wall, covered with a silver vent cover. I opened the cover and saw that it had just enough room in it to allow me to crawl through. I crawled through it and found myself in the Darkness. I started looking around for some light; however I couldn’t turn around and go back. I started crying, yelling ‘NO! NO! NO!’ thinking that this was the end of me. That was when I noticed light under my hands. I was on top of a vent shaft. I pushed with all my might and almost fell through when the pipe opened up. I slid my hands through and fell into the new room.” I stopped reading so that way I could find the room that Saavedro was talking about. I put the book in my pocket and crawled through the pipe, until I was at the vent where Saavedro had somewhat broken down. I pushed lightly, and found myself looking into the room that Saavedro had fallen into. I was small enough to bring my feet around and put them into the hole, and jumped down.
When I landed, I looked around the room. Behind me was a door that had a large red lever, which looked like the one that was holding the silver cover to the pipe that lead into this room. I opened the lever, and opened the door and found myself at the red and blue crossroads again. I turned around and went back through the door, closing it behind me. In the center of the room was a tube that lead down into the bottom of the island. Behind that was a large window with a circle that was cut in half in the center, dividing it into the top and bottom. On this circle, was a knob that had a red handle on it, which was at the far right side of the circle. In the circle was a metal piece wedged in the middle. I walked over to the window and saw that the room on the other side of the window was filled with lava. On the far wall, opposite of the window, was a giant gear. Below and to the right of the gear was a platform, which had a window on it, with teeth for the gear on both sides which was confusing to me, because the gear was on the left side and it looked like it would not be able to move at all. I then tried the handle and found that it couldn’t turn clockwise, but it could turn counterclockwise. I moved the handle counterclockwise and watched as the platform moved down, having all of the lava flow into the floor and disappear. I walked to the tube in the center of the room and found a ladder leading down. I climbed down the ladder and found myself facing a door that had a small window and a knob that had a wooden pole in the center. The door itself was made of a silvery metal that looked a little rusted. I looked through the window and saw darkness, so I opened the door. When I opened the door, I found myself in the room that had the lava in it. I walked to the platform, and stood near the circle. I noticed that the circle had a red knob on it. The knob wouldn’t move counterclockwise, but it could move clockwise. I turned the gear clockwise, and had to grab hold of the railing because the platform rose up, allowing the lava to flood back into the room. I noticed that I could move the knob through the middle of the circle. I did so, and watched as a gear with a pipe sticking out of it on the right of the back of the platform, moved away from the wall, flew across the room to the left side of the platform, and moved into place next to the giant gear. I turned the knob clockwise again, and felt the platform rise up again, so the top of the platform was covering up a blue fan that I just noticed. I thought to my self, “That’s strange. In the other Ages, Saavedro had made paintings on the walls. I haven’t seen any here yet.” I walked around the circle, and to the hole in the back of the platform, and turned a knob that was there. I heard the sound of wind behind metal, and I knew that I had given power to the fan. I turned around and saw on the wall on my left, a painting made by Saavedro. I walked back to the knob and turned it counter-clockwise and felt the platform sink into the lava; but the lava didn’t flow onto the platform; instead, it sank with the platform. I immediately knew that Atrus had written this Age so that the lava didn’t burn anyone unless they were foolish enough to touch the lava. I turned the knob counter-clockwise again, completely forgetting that I had to switch the gear back again, and was surprised to find that the platform did go down until it was touching the ground. I walked to the door and opened it, noticing that it wasn’t hot; in fact it was cool. I walked into the room with the ladder and closed the door. I climbed back up into the main room and turned the knob clockwise, allowing the lava to flood the room again. I then turned around and walked out of the room.
As I stood in front of the pipes, I noticed that there was steam whistling out of the pipes except for the last pipe which was blocked by the cap. I opened Saavedro’s journal to the page where I had stopped, and continued reading. “The steam pipes were very difficult to figure out, but I finally got it. I had to close all of the pipes at the bottom, then pulled the lever--” I closed the pipes at the bottom, watching the golden pointer as it moved into the different color charts. I then continued reading Saavedro’s journal. “—on the left of the lift.” I pulled the lever to the left, and heard hissing, but didn’t see nor feel anything. I then pulled the lever to the right and heard hissing again, but this time I felt the lift rise up to the second level with more pipes. I closed three of the pipes then rose up to the top level.” I pulled the lever and closed three of the four pipes, then pulled the lever again to go to the last level. “On the last level, I closed two pipes, and then pulled the lever to the left. On the second level, I opened one of the pipes, and then went down to the ground level. There I opened all of the pipes except the last pipe.” I did the exact same things that Saavedro did, and got off of the lift, after seeing that the journal ended. I turned the wheel, and heard a hissing sound. I saw the tube inflate, as air rushed off to the boat. I then saw the canvas on the boat inflate, then suddenly the boat lurched forward, snapping the wires that held it in place. The boat made a loud banging sound, as it hit the door. I walked back to the ladder on the far side of the airship. While I was climbing the ladder, I heard the rustling of pages. I looked to my left and saw more of Saavedro’s journal pages near a lever at the bottom of the golden lift. I finished climbing the ladder and walked back toward the golden lift.
When I stepped onto the lift, and pushed the lever, the lift moved downward, the lever jumping out of my hand and spinning around me. Finally when the lift stopped, the lever returned to its starting position, and clicked back into place. I stepped off of the lift and walked to the place where I saw the lever. The walkway was held onto the mountain by more wires like those that held the pipe in place. The lever was a slight golden color with a lot of brown in it. I picked up the pages and noticed that they went all the way to the end. At the end, Saavedro said “I have set the trap. Now for the bait. I shall use Atrus’ Releeshahn Linking Book. I shall show him what his sons have done to Narayan.”
I pulled the lever, and heard the sound of giant gears turning. I watched, fascinated as the door let the airship through. The airship flew along on a thin wire that moved to the part of the walkway that I was on. Suddenly a hook like portion under the airship hooked onto the walkway. The walkway detached from the rest of the walkway and turned left until the airship stopped. I walked to the airship, which was accessible now, and stepped into the center of the ship. In the front of the ship there was a large lever that looked like it could only move up or down. I sat down on the chair and pulled the lever. Suddenly the ship lurched forward and unhooked from the walkway, following the wire along to the place where the Link-In Point was. However, the airship stopped at a small walkway just across from the link-in island. On the walkway was another lever. The airship locked onto the walkway, and allowed me to walk off of the airship and onto the walkway. I walked to the lever and pulled it. Suddenly, I heard a whooshing sound, and watched as a white line circled the island. The line disappeared, and a loud cracking sound took its place, as the island rose into the air, rocks falling off of the island. Under the island, I noticed that there were debris floating under the island. Suddenly, the island stopped, the lever clicked back into its starting position, and I felt the walkway move toward the island. I walked to the airship and pulled the lever down again. The ship lurched and left the dock of the walkway. The ship then flew to the wire, and flew up until it was level with the island. The ship flew forward, knocking the Linking Book over, and locked onto the island. This was the end of the ride on the airship.
I stepped off of the ship, and walked to the door. On the door, the green circle was glowing, showing that it had power. I pulled and twisted the lever, and released the door, just as it sank into the ground. I walked into the building and found a hole in the center. I climbed into the hole, and found a door at the bottom of the hole. I turned the wheel for the door, and stood on the rings that served as my ladder. The door opened, and I saw the third and final symbol for the Lessons. I took out the paper that had the other two symbols and drew the symbol. I then put the paper away, and looked up, to find myself looking at a cabinet. I opened the doors and watched as a shelf slid out with a Linking Book on it. The book stood up and on the cover, I saw J’nanin written in golden letters. I opened the book and linked to J’nanin.

* J’nanin*

As the room became clearer, I looked around to see if Saavedro had come back while I was on Voltaic. The room was unchanged, as I had expected. I walked over to the blue bowl, and placed the paper on it. I pressed the button, and waited as the machine scanned the last symbol. A bridge extended to the cage in the center of the room. I then took the paper from the scanner, and looked up to the ceiling as the projectors turned on. Atrus appeared, nodded, and said, “You've done well, my sons, but there's still one task ahead of you. The linking book you see here connects to an age called Narayan. It's a very delicate age, where civilization has emerged in response to the world's imbalances. It's also the first inhabited age I'm sending you to alone. But don't be afraid. The knowledge you've acquired here will show you the way in. Use it, and see all that Narayan has to offer.”
The projectors turned off and I looked back to the center of the room. I walked forward, and found myself in front of the Narayan Linking Book. I opened the green cover, and watched the fly-by. In the image, I saw a ice-like shield covering the Link-In Point. Knowing that Saavedro was there, I touched the page, and Linked.

* Narayan*

Once I landed, I looked around the room to see tapestries hanging from the walls. In the center of the room, is a root that sinks to the room under this one. In front of me is a set of stairs, and two orb-like machines. I walk over to one of them, and touch it, only to feel the cold metal. I pull on it and hear a whining from the orb. However, it doesn’t move. Between the two orbs is a lever that is pointed to the orb closest to a window. I walk to the lever, and turn it toward the orb that I was trying to use. I walk back to the orb, and try to move it, but it still doesn’t move. I sigh and turn around, to see a staircase leading up to the top level. I walk up the stairs and find myself on a platform with a grate in the center, a power lever to the right, many pipes to the left and a door on the far side of me. I walk toward the lever, but am interrupted by the door opening. Saavedro steps out, holding the Releeshahn book in his hands. He is wearing new clothing. By the look of it, he tore two of the tapestries from below and wove them together to make new clothes for himself. He looks at me, walks toward me, and says, “What? You're not... Where is he? Look, I know he's here... I have his book, so where is he?”
Saavedro pauses in disbelief as he realizes what had happened.
“He didn't come. I take Releeshahn from him, and he sends you instead.”
He walks away, and says to himself, getting more and more angry: “Idiot! You actually thought this would work. You thought that you could force him into coming here and fixing things. Why? Why would he rewrite Narayan? Because of your messages? Be-cause of your paintings? Look at your world! Look at what's left of it. When are you go-ing to get it through your thick skull that you do not matter to him?!
No one could be alive out there. No one.”
He walks to me, stopping only a few inches from me.
He says to me: “We're stuck here you know. The linking book back to J'nanin is gone, left behind when I linked out of Atrus's study. And as for getting into Narayan, look around you. This chamber is the only way in, and Atrus installed some kind of shield, and I've never been able to get past it. Not once in all these years. So, you're just as stuck here as I am. At least until I open this book, and I show Atrus what it's like to watch your friends and relatives die.”
He walks toward the door, then stops, turns to face me and brandishes his hammer which he was holding in one of his hands, and walks back to me slowly.
“If you do find a way out of here, I suggest that you think very carefully about using it, because the one thing I know about linking books is that the doors they open don't close behind you.”
He walks back to the door, opens it, and steps inside, allowing it to swing shut behind him. I walk to the switch and turn it. I suddenly hear the hum of power. I walk back to the stairs and walk to the first orb. I pull on it, and it easily goes up to my waist level. I open the small compartment and see three rings with power cords leading to them. In the rings, I see more power cords making shapes. Then suddenly, I hear Atrus saying something about an Age, and I take out the book he gave me. I read up to the point where it says “Energy powers Future Motion.” I closed the book, and stepped away from the orb. The orb closed and sank back to its starting position. I walked around the room, looking at the different symbols, until I got to the tapestries that had “Energy”, “Motion”, “Power” and their symbols written on them. I took out a new sheet of paper, my quill and copied the symbols. I then walked back to the orb, and opened it up. I touched one of the rings, and suddenly the power flow to it grew bright. I touched the cords in that ring to form the symbols overlapping. Suddenly, with a static sound, the ring turned white, along with the symbols. I walked away from the orb again, and red more of the Book.
I read up to the part where it says, “Nature encourages mutual dependence”. I walked around the room, looking for symbols that followed this scheme. I found the tapestries that held “Nature”, “Encourages”, “Dependence” and their symbols. I did the same thing to these symbols as I did to the Energy ones. Once I had put these ones into the next ring, I looked for the next set which was “Dynamic Forces Spur Change” from the Book.
I found the tapestries that had “Dynamic”, “Forces”, “Change” and their symbols. I did the same thing for these ones like I had done to the others. Once I got these ones put in, the orb closed, and sank into the ground. Then with a chimes sound, the shield that was protecting the other exit out of this room faded, and dissolved. I walked out of the room, and looked around. To my right was a boat thing that was attached to a wire like the airship in Voltaic had been. The wire started from a plant root behind the boat, and continued through the second shield. I turned around and saw a stairwell leading down to the bottom level. I walked down there and found a pedestal to my right which held a Linking Book. This book had the name of Tomanha written on it. I picked it up, and placed it into one of my pockets. ‘Am I glad my friend made me these clothes. I shall have to thank her some day.’ I thought to myself. I walked around the room, looking at the other tapestries down there. Once I was done looking, I walked back upstairs and walked back to the lever that stood between the two orbs. I turned it, and heard the sound of power flowing to the orb by the window. I also heard the sound of the shield turning back on to cover the door. I walked to the orb, and pulled it up and opened it.
There was only one ring; instead of three. I sighed, and pulled out the Book again, and read some more. I stopped at the part where it said “Balanced systems stimulate civilization”. Once I read those words, I knew that I had to go back downstairs. I turned the lever back to the orb that controlled the inner shield, and walked back downstairs. I walked around the room, until I found the tapestries that had the words and symbols, “Balanced”, “Systems”, “Civilization”. I wrote all three down, and noticed that the Civilization symbol was bigger than the others. However, I just walked back upstairs to the lever. I turned it, and walked to the orb. I put the three symbols in, but nothing happened. I then tried the “Balanced” symbol, but that didn’t work. I tried the “Systems” symbol, but that one didn’t work either. I then tried the “Civilization” one, and suddenly the cover closed, the orb sank into the ground, and the outer shield dissolved in the sound of chimes. Suddenly, I heard footsteps on the grate above me, and the stairs behind me. I turned around to see Saavedro rushing down the stairs. He looks through a window that is covered in roots.
He then says: “My god. Oh my god.” He turns to me, and walks to me saying: “They're alive?! But how did you...” He looks over my shoulder, and says: “The fourth symbol...”
He looks at the Releeshahn book and sighs. He then turns the lever back and forth a few times. He then says to himself: “He gives me hope, only to destroy me with it!” He opens the inner shield and walks toward me. He then says, “But you see, I still have something he wants. Something he sent you to bring back for him. Releeshahn. Drop the outer barrier. When I'm out by the gondola, switch the shields so that the outer barrier is open. And in return, I'll give up Releeshahn.”
He walks out to the ship that I now know as a gondola and says, “Do it!”
I walk past the lever, and walk up to the top level. I walk to the power switch, and turn it to the “Off” position. The inner shield closes, trapping Saavedro next to the gondola. He looks up at me after jumping back a few feet, and says to himself: “No. No. Idiot! No! No, no, no!” He falls to the ground and sobs. Amidst the sobs, he says to himself, “No, no, no, no, no! No!”
I walk down to the middle level, and turn toward the window. He stands up and says, “Oh God. No. Please don't do this to me. Not when my family could still be alive out there.” He walks over to the window, and says, “You want the book?” He hands the Releeshahn book to me. “I'll give you the book.” He kneels down outside the window and says, “Just please, please, don't do this.” He stands up and walks back to the gon-dola. Seeing no reaction from me, except the acceptation of the Book, and my putting it into a pocket, he looks at me and says in a more desperate tone, “Please, I can't do this again. Please don't leave me trapped here like this! I can't!” He looks to his feet and yells, “No! No!” He falls to the ground, sobs and rocks on his knees, while saying, “No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.”
I walk to the lever that switches the power to the shields, and turned it to the outer shield. I walked back upstairs, and turned on the power again. The outer shield dis-solved, and Saavedro stood up, looking at me with a hand on his necklace, and the other one in the air in a sign of farewell. I watched as he jumped onto the gondola. The gon-dola moved away from the dock, and disappeared behind a building in the distance. I pulled out the Tomanha Linking Book and Linked, dropping the book onto the platform that served as the dock.

* Tomanha *

Once I landed, I found myself in the room with the plants. Catherine had called it the sunroom. I turned to the door to the study, and walked toward it. I had only gotten half way there, when Catherine ran out of the study. She had ashes from the fire on her, and once she saw me, she said, “By the Maker, you've returned!” She turned back to-ward the study and yelled into the open door, “Atrus! Atrus, come quick!” She turned back to me and said, “The fire burned the linking book you used. We had no way of fol-lowing and thought –“
Atrus runs out of the Study and sees me. He too is covered in ashes from the fire, but it looks like he is slightly burned. Excited, he says to me, “You've returned! But where's Releeshahn? Did you bring the book?” I handed the book to Catherine, while Atrus searched for the key to the book. Once he finds it, Catherine gives him the book, and he opens it. “Thank the Maker, it's fine.” He closes the book and locks it, then looks at me. “We're in your debt, my friend. If this book had been destroyed, everything we've worked for, all the people of Releeshahn, would have been lost to us forever.”
Catherine and Atrus hug as she says to me, “You must tell us everything.”

I nod and say “I will. In due time. First, let’s get this mess cleaned up. Where is Yeesha?”


I took some things from, which I should return. The things that the characters say and do are from both the game, and from MYSTlore. Thank you all who post on that page for making such great references. Any and all credit for the story goes to Cyan and Presto Studios for making such a great game that fits well with the storyline with Atrus, the Stranger, and the whole MYST characters.

Some of the journals of Saavedro don’t go along with those of the game. To view the journals, look below for the copied and pasted versions of it, or use the following link to find them: http://en.mystlore.c...dro%27s_Journal.

Please note that the following journal entries are from itself (or the game if you want to go find it there).

Entry 1 of Saavedro’s Journal
It is coming back to me. Slowly. The knowledge of who I am. How long I have been trapped here. So much of it is blurry. Whole blocks of time still floating in the fog that eats my mind. But if I concentrate, I get pieces of it back.
It was the dream that first helped me remember. I was lying in the reeds near the tusk. I don't know for how long or how I get here. I am staring at the sky. Seeing a man grow out of the cliff. First his head. Then his shoulders.
Then his torso. Sunlight rims his body like a halo. I cannot move. I think that Death has finally come for me.
The man stands on the cliff with a book in his hand, staring down at the lagoon as if something made him sad. I wanted to call out to him. To tell him it was me he's come to find. But my mouth is dry. I can't remember any words. And before I think to stand, he opens his book. Puts his hand on the page. And fades to dust.
I thought he was a dream.
It was only later- hours? Or weeks later?- that I find his swirling book atop the cliff. And when I reach down to grab it, it is real.
The fog tried to swallow me then and there but I held on to the firm reality of the book and did not let it. I did not let the numbness steal my mind.

Entry 2 of Saavedro’s Journal
The book sits on the floor of the tusk, its swirling panel reaching tentacle-like arms out to grab me. I want to close my eyes, to shut out these false illusions before they suck me into the fog. I do not want those swirling arms to touch me.
Why? Why am I so afraid of his book?
I want to remember. I must. I think —
I think this man may have come to our village. But he was younger then. Dark haired.
Tall. Wearing those same strange flowing brown robes. He carried a book in his hand then too and he's always using it. Always writing down notes. His eyes are covered by thick glasses but his face is warm and friendly. He tells me his name. He says it's Atrus.
I remember now. His name is Atrus.
Atrus says he's come to our village from a faraway place because he wanted to learn about the Tree. He says he'll only stay awhile. Doesn't want to stop our endless labors. He says he wants to help, if we will let him.
Oh Tamra. Why did we let him?
Keep writing, Saavedro. Write everything down.
This Atrus stayed with us for months. I taught him how to trim the delicate Lattice roots. How to splice old and new growths together so the walls of our houses will grow strong. I tell him the traditions of the Weave. How by using the spores to support the growing branches, we keep the Lattice Tree alive. He wants to learn everything I know. He wants Narayan to survive.
I take him to the rift, to where the sea flows through gaps in the world. Steam flows up from the waterfall. The puffer spores are ready to take flight. We stand in the shadows of dusk and watch the spores begin to rise. He says they look like pearls against the sky. Then he points to one of the spores. It's smaller than the rest. Small enough to fit the niche we'd woven into the branches that morning. Its skin is milky white. With just the faintest touch of pink.
That one, Atrus said. That should support your new daughter's room perfectly, I think.
I remember I nodded. Then I raised my pipe and played. Atrus stood beside me, holding his breath as my song drew the hollow spore in close. As soon as it was near he threw the net and dragged it in.
This is what I remember.
This is why I said he could send me his sons.

Entry 3 of Saavedro’s Journal
Focus, Saavedro. You must not let the fog come and swallow you. There are long spells, I think. Days. Maybe months at a time when I can't remember what I've done. The fog rolls so thick around me, even if I hold my hand in front of my eyes I barely see it. I strain and strain and strain but nothing sticks.
I think his sons came to visit us twice —
On Narayan.
The first time, Atrus asked me to meet them. He told me they would come through the book. He says, they will not understand how your words fit together, but they will use them to open the shield. Narayan, he says, is where their lessons come together. Narayan is the sum of what they must learn.
I remember. Tamra was carving a Spirit Mask into the Tree the day the boys arrive. She tugs my sleeve to get attention. Points at a glide ship in the sky.
I am shocked by how young the boys appear. They look so much like their father. Yet they are different somehow, too. They're more impatient. And they are angry not to be treated like men.
I take them to our home. I tell them I will teach them how to care for it. I say, together we will encourage the Lattice Tree to grow tall. They ask me why they have to work so hard. They tell me —
No, Saavedro!!! That was later. That was after Atrus took them away. You know this, because when you see them saying these things they are older. Their faces have become angled and hard. They have grown up, into men. And something dark is in their eyes.
They tell you they've come back to fix Narayan.

Entry 4 of Saavedro’s Journal
Sirrus. And. Achenar.
The walls run red with steam and strangling branches. I see their bloated faces laughing at everything. I remember how they lied. I remember what they did.
They brought me here to die
I followed them
The Lattice Roots were black from too much overgrowth. Puffer spores floated up in the hot steam and burst. No one was (journal cuts off here from

Entry 5 of Saavedro’s Journal
I have done it. I have used his swirling linking book to follow him. I touched my palm to its glowing panel and felt the tingling begin. There was a sudden, sickening lurch inside my stomach. Then I fell into the page.
This has happened before. I know it. It happened the first time I came to this place. When I followed his murdering sons from Narayan. It happened when I used his hidden books. And it happened when I finally opened the machine. Right before the fog first ate my mind.
The fog didn't find me this time. When I opened my eyes I was alone in a room. I was standing in the home of my betrayers.
I couldn't move. I was afraid. I thought they'd know that I had come and would be waiting for me. Just like they had waited inside this very tusk. I was afraid they would tie me up again. That the poison snakes would strike
But the silence was unbroken. The whole house was still. And without really knowing what I did, I started to search. Every room. Every floor. Every cabinet. I found his journals. Atrus' never-ending journals. I found the book that brought me back to this world. The lesson world he calls J'nanin.
Oh Tamra my love. How long have I been trapped here? How much of my life has been eaten by the fog? The face I see in the lagoon isn't one I remember ever wearing. It's so much older. So much more savage. But it is me. It is Saavedro. And I remember what they did. How they led my people to death.

Entry 6 of Saavedro’s Journal
The memories flood over me too fast. They race around inside my head, filling my soul with despair. And the more I think about how nothing can be done, how no one can be alive outside his shield, the faster the fog rushes in.
I can lose myself in the fog.
When it's thick enough, I can let go and be safe.
I can start to forget
But I must not forget. I must remember every lie they told my people. How they manipulated us all to get what they wanted! They told me they had come to fix my world. They asked me to arrange a meeting with the Elders. The books they carried in with them showed other worlds — beautiful places where people didn't have to work so hard to survive. They told my people that Atrus had written these books. That he had written Narayan, but that he'd made our world unstable. They said he wanted to make us slaves to the Tree. They asked me, don't you remember, Saavedro? Our father wrote this world to teach us. To show his sons what an Age shouldn't be.
I don't know what to say. I don't know how it could be true. But why would they lie? Why would Atrus have lied? The worlds they showed us in those Books
The Elders refuse to believe them. They say we cannot abandon the Tree. For thousands of years we have tended the Lattice roots. Without our traditions, we will die.
I don't want us to die. I don't! But Sirrus and Achenar said
They said they would come back, Saavedro. Just like Atrus once said to you, as well. He said he would come back, but then he didn't. He didn't.
And for that, you will have to make him pay.

Entry 7 of Saavedro’s Journal
I have returned several times now to Tomahna. I am searching for some sign of his sons. I was certain they would run back to their father, but so much time has passed. So many years in which to forget about my people.
Is that what happened, Atrus? Safe in your beautiful new home, enjoying life with your dear wife and family. Did you become so busy envisioning new worlds that you forgot the ones you'd already created?
I must be very careful. I must not let them know that I am free. I will read what journals I can find to figure out where his two sons are hiding. And when I've found the sons again — when I've got the whole family together — I'll bring them down. Atrus and his family will suffer.
The way I have suffered for years.

Entry 8 of Saavedro’s Journal
I see it all so clearly now. So clear, without the fog to sweep it away. How the young men in the village don't want to listen to the Elders. How they stand together at the back of the room, a growing knot of anger twisting inside them. Why should we abide by your rules, old men? they scream. You have no life inside you left to live! You gave it up decades ago to the Tree!
Tamra wants to take the children home. She doesn't like the way the tempers are rising. Do something, Saavedro, she whispers. Tell them to stop shouting and make them listen. Tell them
What, my love? Tell them what? That their young lives do not belong to them alone? That our people are meant to be slaves to our world?
Sirrus and Achenar can see the confusion they're creating. I catch them looking at faces, measuring which men are most dissatisfied. Later they will approach these men in secret. They will urge the malcontents to boycott our rituals. They will prey on their youth and dissatisfaction. And the young men will begin forming gangs. They will throw off our traditions, rise against the Elders, and follow the brothers. Riots will start. And the Tree will be neglected.
Oh Tamra. It's all so obvious now. But why couldn't I see it at the time? Every lie the brothers told. Every whisper made to put themselves in power. And when our world started collapsing around us, why didn't I see how Sirrus and Achenar didn't care? They never believed the truth behind our traditions. They never understood the work we had to do. They only knew the time had come to leave.
And when they did they left their linking book behind, knowing I would use it to chase after them. They lured me to this world, tied me up, and left me to die here.
Because I didn't stop them when I should have.

Entry 9 of Saavedro’s Journal
Sirrus and Achenar are not in Tomahna. Every day, I become more and more convinced. Atrus' sons are not there.
What happened, Atrus? Did you grow tired of them, the way you tired of Narayan? Did you abandon them, the way you abandoned my people behind your shield?

(Changing the puzzles.) (Caption Text for Pic Caption Text for Pic)
It does not matter. I can still take revenge against their father. Now that I'm no longer stuck on J'nanin, I can avenge all the dead in my world. I have already reopened his other books. I have begun making changes in those worlds, using his own lessons against him. There is still much more work to be done, but eventually I will lure him into this tusk. I will find some way to make him follow me here from Tomahna.
For now, I will concentrate on the Orbiter. It is not a natural part of its world. The material that creates it is like nothing I've seen. It reminds me, just a little, of the shield. And if it is the same material, it can't be damaged.
But perhaps I can damage the other devices.

Entry 10 of Saavedro’s Journal

(Experimenting with Amateria's stone.) (Caption Text for Pic)

(Experimenting with Amateria's stone.) (Caption Text for Pic)
I have desecrated the poem he placed in the columns. I could no longer stand to see Narayan's artistry in his worlds. I think I can do something with sap to cover the second one, but I'm not sure what to do about the island. I don't know how to alter the current.
Perhaps, if I bring in some of the unusual floating stone from Amateria? Something about the molecular composition of the rock in that Age causes it to attract and repel other stone quite forcefully. Maybe, if I introduce some of it to the soil on the island, it will interfere just enough to damage the last poem.
I will have to conduct some experiments.

Entry 11 of Saavedro’s Journal
It is taking me too long! Every minute I spend searching his house runs the risk of someone walking in and finding me. I would bring his journals to the tusk, but I'm afraid he will notice them gone. Already, I'm afraid of what he knows.
Of what his wife might know.
She almost caught me last time. I had linked directly into the sun room. I was walking toward his study when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. She was talking with someone. She was laughing. And for one heart-wrenching moment, I thought she was Tamra.
Then I remembered my Tamra is dead. I left her to die when I went after the brothers. I told her to go to the reef, to take our two girls there and hide. I took the necklace she gave me to remember her and I told her
Oh god, Tamra! I told you it would all be okay! For years, I prayed my words were not a lie. That you had made it to reef. That you were tending the ailing Lattice roots. By the Weaving, Tamra, how I prayed!
Until I opened his machine.
I saw Narayan through his shield.
And even though the barrier kept me locked inside, I knew. I knew the Lattice Tree had died.
Narayan can't survive without the Tree.
No one can be alive outside his shield.
Standing in Atrus' house, knowing that my wife and children were dead, I felt the fog roll toward me again. And as much as I wanted to give in to its numbness, I couldn't. I couldn't let Atrus' wife find me standing there. Somehow, I waded through the haze. I made my way to the study, found the book that would take me back to J'nanin. It was right where I had left it. Where they might not see it fall. I placed my hand on the panel. Heard the door behind me opening. And then the study disappeared.
She almost saw me. I know it. It was much too close this time. If the book hadn't been where I had left it —
Next time, I'll bring a book from one of his other Ages with me. Just in case it happens again.

Entry 12 of Saavedro’s Journal

(Producing a carnivorous hybrid.) (Caption Text for Pic)
My attempts to produce a carnivorous hybrid have had limited success. I thought I was making greater progress, but the life that grows in the forest isn't like the plants on Narayan. It's much more tenacious. Less susceptible to grafts. Perhaps, if I try mixing in species from the swamp?

Entry 13 of Saavedro’s Journal

(Producing a carnivorous hybrid.) (Caption Text for Pic)
No!! It cannot be true! Surely his journals deceive me!
He says he's brought them back. He says he's given his D'ni brethren new life. But how? How can one man have so much power? How can one man's writings reawaken a dead world?
I don't know what this means. By all that is sacred, Tamra — what can it mean?
It doesn't change a thing. I can still continue as I planned. I can still seek revenge for my people. I will make my enemies suffer.
By the Weaving, Tamra.
This changes everything.

Entry 14 of Saavedro’s Journal
The cavern wall is almost ready. For weeks I have been polishing it, rubbing away at the cracks to obtain a smooth surface. I haven't been able to sleep much these last weeks. I was afraid I might never wake up. But if I can make him see all that happened — if I can show him the pain his family caused — it will be worth it.
Tomorrow, I begin mixing the paints.

Entry 15 of Saavedro’s Journal

(Scavenged elevator parts.) (Caption Text for Pic)
I have found a way to reprogram his scanning device. It requires scavenging parts from another mechanism in the tusk, but I think the gears I leave can still be operated by hand.

Entry 16 of Saavedro’s Journal

(Scavenged elevator parts.) (Caption Text for Pic)
The final painting is almost done. It's been hard to work in the heat, but he must see everything that happened. As he follows the instructions I have left him, he will feel the pain I've suffered.
If he doesn't, perhaps both of us will die.

Entry 17 of Saavedro’s Journal
It is finished. All is ready for Atrus' arrival. Tonight I will sleep among the ghosts. Then tomorrow, I will link into Tomahna. When I link out, I'll be carrying his Book.
May the spirits of my people serve to guide me in this.

End of Saavedro’s Journal

I thank all who use and update MYSTlore for posting the Journals. Without you, I would have never been able to do this journal of the Stranger.

I also kinda messed up on the beginning portion of this Journal of the Stranger. I have found out that the Stranger doesn’t live on Myst anymore, but on Earth. However, I had to watch a Youtube video to be able to find that out. I don’t own Riven or Myst. However I do own Myst III: Exile, and Myst IV: Revelation. I have completed both games several times. I don’t expect myself to try to write another Journal of the Stranger, but maybe, I might.

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