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Crazy Poem Contest take this line and run with it

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 08:21 AM

This is also known as "why Kaelri and I should never be permitted to talk at oh-dark-hundred and then post about it".

So last night the phrase "galloping kittens" was uttered by one of us, and then the other one changed it to "the kittens galloped across the plain". And then the word "elephant" came up.

Therefore, we propose to you a challenge:

Write a poem using the line "the kittens galloped across the plain" that also contains the word "elephant" (in a different line, mind you). Then post it in this thread. Be as crazy, wild, and wacky as you can possibly be!

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 03:15 PM

crazy? alright

rain on the plain

The sun set on the plain
a lonely elephant wandered around
rain hammered down on the ground
when we were there, first rain in years

after the rain
a silence resounded
the kittens galloped across the plain

we didn’t see them, having left
and we didn’t see that the
blue flowers started to grow around the cleft

flightly we were, are, will be
change does not happen easily

and it rained, rains, will rain on the plain

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 04:04 PM

Okay, this poem took a darker tone than I originally intended...

The Wishing Well

In Sicily in the ancient days
Sir Godfrey was a knight
The word in town was he was brave
And marvelous and bright

His liege lord, quite on the other hand
Was villainous and cruel
He starved the children of the town
And fed them only gruel

The children went to the wishing well
And smuggled it a dime
And asked for some mirac'lous help
To free them from this slime

A minute later the heroes came
In a magical crate
Three tiny clumps of meowing fur
Their vengeance now to sate

Their leader was a calico manx
A trumpeter a tabby
The cannoneer was black and white
And just a little flabby

And henceforth rushed in all the knights
The liege lord ruled and more
They feared this menace to their reign
And so they came to war

The kittens galloped across the plain
The enemy in sight
The tabby gave the whooping cry
That echoed 'cross the blight

"The time has come," the leader cried,
"To kill so many things.
The time has come to slay these beasts
Who think themselves as kings."

Like hunters before an elephant
They took their tasks in stride
...Till the brave knights took out their swords
And one by one they died

Sir Godfrey isn't a hero now
The townsmen away
If ever he or other knights
Go passing down the way

The liege lord maintains his evil reign
As far as he can see
And grateful that to the wishing well
He paid the bigger fee

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 05:35 PM

Exorcism of the Marooned Toaster

He sat upon the counter, wanting more in life,
And soon enough he realized the spoon was not a knife.
The spoon that longed of cereal, now bore an evil grin,
stretched across his shiny face: he found that he could win.
He talked the man into a trance and had made him build a trap,
the Rebels were coming quickly but he knew this was a wrap.
The fools could not defeat him, he would scoff at their cremation,
"Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battlestation!"
So sure was the sneaky spoon, but things turned for the worse,
He soon found out the rebels were doing more than the rehearsed.
Apparently the fools had fought their way down to the base,
and a frown decided it would show his reaction on his face.
"Kill those bumbling morons, or face my spoonly rage!
They're like a bunch of kittens, galloping across the plains!
You are well equipped, so stomp them into dust!
Be like elephants, crush the ants, kill them now you must!"
And soon as the events unfolded, a turn took for the worst,
the bubbles in the kitchen sink were all starting to burst.
Soon enough they found the man was not inside the car,
but hew was reading Leaves of Grass behind the blender's bar.
"Get out of there you filthy hag!" I yelled to the pitiful band,
and soon enough, he swung it up and cut off my right hand.

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 09:16 PM

The Royal Steeds of Wintupet

In the far away land of a Wintupet
There was a man playing the trumpet.
Cried he: "Out with the royal steeds
Bring them on their royal leads!"

And so the creatures were brought forth,
Brought from as far away as the north;
Frothing at the bit, eyes rolling wildly;
The stable boys following mildly.

Then they let the mounts go
Full of grandeur and show.
Not mare, hare, elephant, or rat
No, these mounts were the lowly cat.

And so the kittens galloped across the plain
Through storm, sleet, or rain.
Onward the cats pressed
Doing what cats do best.

All the rodents of the land keeled over in fear
Whenever such steeds drew near.
And so they gallop on,
Onward to the sunset yon.

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