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Myst - A Teenager's View Spoilers are inevitable

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 05:02 AM

Well, before I start the actual journal, I just want to lay down a few things. There will be spoilers in this journal, but really, the game is 17 years old, so I don't know how spoilery it actually is. Secondly, I don't follow the actual timeline. I find this book around say, late 1990's or something. I guess I'm kind of transported to a timeless world though, so all's good. Regardless, I am writing this because it sounds like a fun idea, and I'll probably write one for both Myst and Riven. So yeah. Come along with my on my "first" journey to Myst.

Vaction? Really? Ugh. Mom and Dad have dragged me out of the house to go to New Mexico for a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t have minded if they had said “Let’s go to Disney World” or “New York City is where it’s at,” but no. Here we are, frying our skin in 100+ degree weather. So far, we’ve been around for a few days, but my parents had something “special” planned for today.
Apparently somewhere near where we’re staying, there is this archaeological site. My parents call it “The Cleft.” They’re making me go to it later today. Archaeology is cool, but I don’t want to get a tour of the place. Wish me luck.


So, that didn’t take me long to get through. My parents, on the other hand, are still on the tour. I prefer self-guided explorations and tour guides annoy me. I exited the cleft and decided to walk around that volcano. There’s nothing in any direction. No cars. No people. Silence. That cleft must be pretty good at containing noise. There wasn’t much in there. Just some flowers and a couple of small rooms. Nothing too cool. I expected better. Regardless, I’m still walking.
WOAH!!! All of a sudden, our of nowhere, this ancient book crashes to the ground in front of me. What the heck? I lean down to pick it up of the worn, dust-covered earth. I brush the filth off the cover. The word MYST. Hmmm. What is this thing? I look into the air. No airplanes in sight, so it couldn’t have fallen from a plane. Did God send this book? No. Why would he drop a book? Am I halucinating? I don’t think so. I have water and snacks. I’m perfectly hydrated. Well, let’s stop questioning the origins of this volume and take a look.
I open the cover and take a look inside. A foreign scrawl spreads across the page. Odd looking letters. I don’t understand... I keep flipping through the pages until I get to the end of the book. A picture. It looks like a bit of water. Dude. It’s moving. The camera pans up from the water to reveal an island shrouded in fog. I can’t see it too clearly, so I move my hand to brush dust off the page and I am surrounded by blackness.

I hope this is enjoyed by peeps. I don't want to be writing this for air. :) But yeah. I'll be updating this regularly. Be on the lookout.

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