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Posted 30 July 2010 - 08:54 PM

Drizzle26 has just been released, and here's what's new!

You can get it from UAM now, which is the easiest and simplest way. If you prefer to get it manually, you can still get it from https://sourceforge....ojects/drizzle/

The most notable new features are: the ability to save your images and textnotes from Moulagain, and Drizzle now contains a full-fledged, albeit not yet practical, Moul server!

(The official page with installation instructions, walkthroughs and screenshots for the Ages, and a more detailed description is here:

(You can use Moulagain files instead of Moul files if you wish! And you can buy MagiquestOnline at

New features:
-Memories tab can now connect to Moulagain and get pictures and textnotes!
-Improved 3dsmax conversion for Age Writers.
-Age Reports now include vertex counts.
-First Drizzle to be downloadable through UAM.
-Plays with your children when you want a nap.

Advanced features:
-Talcum (Moul/Moulagain) server!
--contains a full fledged database engine
--SDL engine
--vault engine
--File server
--Http server with administration commands
-Dataserver improvements:
--Dataserver rewritten to make maximal use of information parsed last time, so that updates are very fast.
--Dataserver now allows for an override file to make certain files belong to certain Ages.
--Dataserver creates both Alcugs and Talcum manifests at the same time.
-Feature to remove pak overrides, so that we don't need to worry about which pak file has a newer date. (useful for shards)
-Ability to download files from a Moulagain/Talcum server
-SDL parsing support
-Pak file creation
-Command-line ability to translate an Age up or down
-Many new prp objects supported
-Ability to download "Secure Download Queue" files from a Moulagain/Talcum server
-Patcher for Moulagain binaries to make them work with a Talcum server
-First Drizzle to be downloadable through UAM.
-Moulagain Proxy server(imperfect)

Bug fixes:
-Fixed error message after installing an Age.

The Drizzle team includes OldWolle with Age collection and mirroring, L.K. with walkthroughs and the German translation, myself with coding, Chacal with the French translation, and Wodan with the Dutch translation. Enjoy!

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