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Posted 24 August 2010 - 05:53 PM

Drizzle27 has just been released, and here's what's new!

You can get it through the UAM tab of Drizzle, or download it manually from Sourceforge:

This release focuses mainly on shard administration, but there are some important conversion changes, so this is a recommended upgrade for everyone!

(The official page with installation instructions, walkthroughs and screenshots for the Ages, and a more detailed description is here:

(You can use Moulagain files instead of Moul files if you wish! And you can buy MagiquestOnline at

New features for Age Writers:
-3dsmax Age Writing: swim regions now work in multiplayer.
-Command-line texture distiller, to pull the textures a prp uses into the prp itself. (Useful for things like Ahra Pahts.)
-Reorganized command-line help into categories, making it much more understandable.
-More exclamation marks than an Archie comic!

New features for Shard Administrators:
-Talcum now uses unencrypted .pak and .sdl files, which is much easier for editing. (For shard administrators.)
-Can search for, detect the version of, and use CPython's Python compiler if installed. (Intended for advanced users.)
-Can create diffs between Python files, or entire .pak files.
-Can patch .pak files to resolve some online problems. (For shard administrators.)
-One-click Uam updater and shard file generator. (For shard administrators.)

Bug fixes:
-Fixes for Moul memories, which were causing some troubles with some textnotes.
-Pagenums now reproduce the Plasma quirk of overflowing. (Which was causing a problem.)

The Drizzle team includes L.K. with walkthroughs and the German translation, myself with coding, Chacal with the French translation, and Wodan with the Dutch translation. Enjoy!

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 09:17 AM

There has been a URL change. (Url changes are annoying because of having to change old versions.) People using older versions can manually change this address as follows:
1)Go to the UAM tab and click "Change Server"

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