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Posted 21 September 2010 - 10:27 PM

Drizzle28 is out, and here's what's new!

You can get it from Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.n...s/Drizzle28.jar, or possibly through UAM. (If you're using Drizzle26 or older, you'll need to get it from Sourceforge, due to the URL change.)

(The official page with installation instructions, walkthroughs and screenshots for the Ages, and a more detailed description is here:

This release focuses on improved 3dsmax conversion and improved auto-update. There is also a new, handy way to send Ages to me for inclusion in UAM:

New 3dsmax Conversion Features:
-3dsmax conversion now handles subworld exit regions.
-3dsmax conversion makes sounds streaming, so that SoundDecompress does not need to be run.
-Small improvement to physics conversion. (Affects Moul,Mqo,3dsmax conversion.)

Gui Improvements:
-Finally replaced logbox with a colorized custom version.
-Talks softly to you after you've had a long day.

Advanced Things:
-Autoupdate: When restarting due to an update, settings file will now be saved first. (If settings are set to be saved, of course.)
-Autoupdate: Drizzle.jar will be created if it doesn't exist, even if installing the same version as is running. (Was causing problems because some people tried to install Drizzle26 with Drizzle26 or Drizzle27 with Drizzle27, and then there was no Drizzle.jar and thus Drizzle.exe didn't work.)
-Warns if _socket.pyd is present.
-Made UAM updates more efficient and automated.
-UAM list is automatically alphabetized during generation.
-Fixed bug with backslashes on non-Windows systems when downloading Moulagain files.

The Drizzle team includes L.K. with walkthroughs and the German translation, myself with coding, Chacal with the French translation, and Wodan with the Dutch translation. Enjoy!

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