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Great News for Fan Age Players and Authors Alike!

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Posted 23 October 2010 - 09:05 PM

The return of the UAM KI plugin (a Cyan-approved project), and the release of Drizzle29!

Uam Ki Plugin v17:
  • Customize the books on your Relto bookshelf, using /bookshelf.
    -If used online, any visitors to your Relto will even see and can use your selection of your favourite Ages!
  • Authors can now create and share Relto Pages! More info and a tutorial here: http://dusty.homeuni.../UAM/ReltoPages
    -And it works online too, so that when visiting someone's Relto, you will see the pages they have turned on.
    -And for people making Ages, it is even easy to have your page be a reward for solving a puzzle!
  • For people testing a new avatar and wanting to get up and running quickly, there are three new cheat commands: /opencleftdoor, /getki, and /getmarkers
  • A stable framework for Age authors, making it possible to do many things without Python nor SDL.
    -Linking books and journals and clickables are all supported in this first version. UamVars!
    -For those who do prefer Python, there are many commands here:
    -It is all carefully designed so that everything is supportable whether in Pots, Alcugs, UntilUru, Moulagain, or Talcum!
  • A full reset command (/reset) that resets a fan Age's state, and works both offline and online.
    -(Technical details: removes the AgeChronicles, DevicesFolder, VaultSDL, PlayerChronicles, physics, and regular SDL.)
  • Module system that easily allows you to enable/disable modules.
  • GPLv3+, like Drizzle.

  • Displays progress when downloading from moulagain and when decompiling python files.
  • Improved command-line support, such as closing properly and hiding the splashscreen.
  • Command-line "listobjects" function to just list the objects in a prp file.
  • Translated up the Minkata starting point, to hopefully fix the bug some people had with falling through the ground there.
  • 3dsmax conversion now has a "Partial Age" option for creating Relto Pages and Ahra Pahts shells.
  • Bugfix for Moulagain clients: fixed memory leak
  • Subworlds now seem 100% stable! Reorders objects to work around a Plasma bug, where the names of objects was causing problems with subworlds.
  • Some minor improvements to DrizzleDeepview.
  • Talcum's automation is improved, so it is simpler to set up. Some info and a tutorial:
  • Sings nursery rhymes only *slightly* off-key.

Available through Drizzle/UAM and the UAM Shard! (Just type /uam to bring up the help.) Since these are major new features, please bear with us and report any bugs!

The Drizzle/UAM team includes Dustin with coding, L.K. with walkthroughs and the German translation, Chacal with the French translation, and Wodan with the Dutch translation!

I hope you folks find these to be improvements to your time in Uru, and enjoy them!

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Posted 24 October 2010 - 04:40 PM

This is awesome.

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Posted 26 October 2010 - 10:34 AM

View Postaander91, on Oct 24 2010, 05:40 PM, said:

This is awesome.

Ditto! :arianna:

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