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Official MYSTcommunity Rules and Guidelines Revised 28 Jan 2011

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 08:09 PM

Welcome to MYSTcommunity! Please take a minute to read these rules and guidelines for using our forum. There aren’t too many, and most are pretty obvious. We just want to make sure everyone understands them, in order to keep our community family-friendly and spam-free - the better to share in our passion for all things MYST. :)


These rules apply to posting in all forums.

  • Swearing. Verbal obscenities are not allowed, either in censored (e.g. with asterisks or random symbols) or uncensored form, in any language. Please also remember that this is an international forum; what may not offend you, may still offend others. If you aren’t sure whether a word is appropriate, check it with a moderator or administrator, or just use a different word.
  • Deleting. Contact a mod/admin if you would like one of your posts or threads to be deleted. Please include the reason why you want it removed from the board.
  • Editing. You are free to edit your posts for technical mistakes, such as spelling and grammar. If you edit a post for substance, such as correcting erroneous information, you should include a notation of what was changed. When editing posts older than 30 days, you should contact a mod/admin and provide the reason for your changes. You may edit old posts for reasons including, but not limited to, removing personal information and intellectual property. Altering the substance of old posts is strongly discouraged. If you intend to do this, the staff member will ask you to reconsider.
  • Double-posting. If you want to add new information to a thread when you have already made the most recent post, please simply edit that post. In most cases, double-posts will be merged automatically. We occasionally allow exceptions to this rule, but you should PM a mod/admin to request permission first.
  • Bumping. Posting to a thread which hasn’t been active in more than 30 days is strongly discouraged. This rule may not be strictly enforced in less active forums, but in any case, you should PM a mod/admin to make sure it’s ok to revive an old thread. Threads older than 180 days are automatically locked.
    • The exception to this rule is in the Creativity Corner forums. Bumping to add a comment after 30 days is still not permitted, but the thread starter is permitted to post to an older thread in order to add a new chapter, art piece, song, etc. If the thread is older than 180 days and new posting is not allowed, contact an administrator to fix it.

  • Personal chats. You should not use the public forums for small talk (e.g. “hi,” “how are you,” “fine”) or topics better suited to a private discussion. Instead, please use the Personal Messenger (PM) system. Back-and-forth exchanges in public threads are fine, as long as they’re on-topic.
  • Spamming. You probably know what this looks like:
    • Short posts which don’t really add to the discussion (e.g. “yup,” “me too,” “first,” “+1”, “lol”). It’s ok to have a one-line post from time to time, but a consistent pattern of it will be treated as spam. For best results, try to make sure that all of your posts are contributing something substantive.
    • Irrelevant or nonsensical content meant only to interrupt the discussion.
    • Posts designed to shock or upset other members.
    • Excessive emoticons, images and/or links.
    • Excessive self-promotion or attention-seeking behavior (“trolling”).

    If you see spam posted by another user, please do not acknowledge or reply to it. Instead, report it to a mod/admin.
  • Personal attacks. We ask that you remain civil when participating in our forums. Do not post all-caps, ad hominem remarks, or other forms of verbal hostility. If you have an issue with another member’s post, please report it to a mod/admin for review instead of making a scene.
  • Illegal or llicit content. Posting, linking, or requesting any of these materials will result in an immediate ban:
    • Illegal activities.
    • Pornography.
    • Pirated media, software, and/or CD keys, including but not limited to Myst- or Cyan-related products.
    • Content promoting violence against others.
    • Advocating or providing instructions for exploiting security holes in MYSTcommunity, Myst Online: Uru Live, and other websites or services. Obviously, you also may not act on a security hole in MYSTcommunity or MYSTlore.
    • Personal information about a member without the permission of that member, including but not limited to real names, home addresses, contact information and photographs.
    • Content from PMs, private forums or other non-public communications without the permission of all parties concerned.
    • Harassment or threats against specific members or groups. This also applies to PMs. If you feel that you have been threatened by another member, even through an off-site medium such as email or Twitter, please do not hesitate to contact a mod/admin for help.

  • Annoyances. These aren’t strictly against the rules, but we’d really appreciate it if you avoid them:
    • “Notaoneliner” and other variations. This does not magically change a useless post into a useful one.
    • Including “woodchuck” as a poll option. Don’t ask.
    • Member popularity polls.
    • Signatures that display the viewer’s IP address. You’re not fooling anyone.
    • Posts designed to “break” the page layout, including but not limited to giant images or blocks of text, nested quotes, long side-scrolling text.
    • Undescriptive or misleading thread titles and subtitles.

  • Negative reputation. When you notice a post that violates these guidelines - such as spam, hostile rhetoric, or questionable links - you should cast a negative ("down" or "minus") vote on that post. This helps the staff identify bad posts and patterns of bad posts. You should not cast negative votes for posts that you merely dislike or disagree with. The reputation system is meant to highlight exceptional contributions from all members, not to punish them for having unpopular opinions. Abuse of negative reputation will be penalized.

Special Forums

Because of their content, posting rules will be applied differently in these forums, as described below:
  • The Book of Gemedet is for forum games and other frivolous posts. Posting in this forum does not increase your recorded post count. Although the posting guidelines are a little less strictly enforced here, you are expected to use good judgment.
  • The Boiler Room and Rush Limbaugh Understands are for more sensitive, personal or controversial topics involving politics, religion and the like. These forums have their own specific guidelines (in addition to the ones here) and are moderated under a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and Myst Online: Uru Live may include discussion of unauthorized software modifications related to offline or independently-hosted content - such as creating, distributing and installing third-party Ages. (This should not be interpreted to authorize supporting or enabling the exploitation of security holes in the official MO:UL server, which are prohibited under the rules above.)
  • The Testing Place is used to test board functions and BBCode. It is therefore not necessary for these posts to have substantive content. However, abuse of this forum will be moderated. Posting in this forum does not increase your recorded post count.


These rules apply to your personal settings and profile information.
  • Content. The same restrictions on swearing, spamming, personal attacks, illegal and illicit content apply to your profile.
  • Avatars. No larger than 64x64 pixels or 50 kilobytes. Must be in GIF, JPG or PNG format. No flash, please.
  • Signatures. Please add no more than a few lines of signature text, and keep images within the following restrictions:
    • The total height of images should not exceed 100 pixels.
    • The total width of images should not exceed 500 pixels.
    • The total area of images should not exceed 40,000 pixels.
    • The total size of images should not exceed 40 kilobytes.

    In addition, please do not use the quote, list, code or mod tags in your signature.

Multiple Accounts

Under normal circumstances, every person is allowed one account.
  • Changing your name. If you wish to change your username, contact an administrator. They can do this for you without the need for a new account.
  • Forgetting your password. If you have forgotten your account details, contact an administrator to help you through recovering them.
  • Sharing. If you share your computer with family or friends, you should register a new account for each of them. You may be contacted by an administrator if the same email address has been used by different accounts or in similar situations; in that case, please cooperate and explain the situation.
  • Exceptions. If you believe you should have an additional account for yourself due to some special circumstances, please contact an administrator for approval before creating it.


The consequences of violating the rules above are at the discretion of the mods/admins. We realize that people may react strongly to some topics, in a way that does not represent their overall behavior, and honest mistakes can be forgiven. Each case will be judged individually and dealt with in whatever way the staff feels is appropriate for the incident and best serves the community.
  • Censorship and removal. Mods/admins reserve the right to delete or edit any post. Do not resubmit a post which has been deleted, or undo an edit made, by a staff member.
  • Warning. When a post is edited for content, a “Moderator Note” will appear. You may not use the “mod” tag unless you are in fact a moderator or administrator.
  • Suspension. If your account has been suspended, do not create a new one. Attempts to circumvent a suspension will not be tolerated. Instead, if you believe you are able to follow these guidelines better in the future, contact an administrator and ask for your account to be reactivated.
  • Banning. In extreme cases, a person may be permanently removed from the community. This is a rare occurrence and we hope never to reach this point with any member.

While we allow (polite and reasoned) discussion of a general staff decision, such as a change in board functions or appearance, matters involving disciplinary actions against specific members or groups should not be discussed publicly. If you have concerns about such an action, you should contact a moderator or administrator in private. Private discussions with the staff, as with any member, should not be publicly shared.

Member Groups

Normal members go through the following groups:
  • Validating. After you have registered your account, you will be unable to post until you have been approved by a moderator. This is just a security measure to keep spammers at bay. If you have not been approved within a day or two of registering, please contact an administrator.
  • Fresh Member. As a new member, you will be unable to post images or attachments for your first few posts.
  • Member. Once you have made 5 posts, you become a full member, and all of the board’s normal functions and services are available to you.
  • Veteran Member. Members who have made over 250 posts receive additional PM storage space, the ability to send mass PMs, and other benefits.


Team Members, Moderators and Admins are members who have been chosen to help manage the forum. Our team consists of hand-picked people, selected by factors such as skill level, reliability and frequency of visits. If we believe you could make a worthwhile addition to the team, we will approach you privately. We do notice, watch and appreciate every single member's contributions.

Being a team member does not afford you any additional status in terms of being a member of this community. Every member should be treated with the same kind and level of respect. Rather, being on the team requires additional work that is voluntary, unpaid and often uncredited.

Please do not offer or request to become a staff member. We appreciate your willingness to help, but in most cases, the best help you can give is simply to be an active, valuable member, with interesting, insightful threads and replies.

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