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A Timeline (SPOILERS) (SPOILERS!!!) A project to prepare a timeline for Myst Com

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Posted 30 January 2011 - 03:09 PM

This entire thread is a spoiler. If you have not read all the books and played up to atleast Revelations, this WILL ruin it for you. PLEASE don't read through it and complain because I ruined the story for you.

I had the thought that it would be a nice idea to have a timeline with dates of the most probable course of events in the Myst universe.
Here's what I have so far (without dates, but in chronological order as far as I can figure):
The events of the Book of Ti'ana
The events of the Book of Atrus
Achenar's birth
Sirrus's birth
Ti'ana's death
(Atrus begins ignoring the kids, Catherine becomes a little negligent too, they start getting into trouble, etc.)
Sirrus and Achenar begin devising the trap on Serenia (as per the Achenar's journal found there)
Sirrus and Achenar convince Catherine to go to Riven
Sirrus and Achenar have a falling out.
Achenar is trapped in the Haven trap book.
Sirrus is trapped in the Spire trap book.
Atrus damages the books in his anger so the two cannot easily be released (by removing 5 pages)
Atrus falls into Sirrus and Achenar's trap, getting stuck at K'veer. (His linking book has 1 page removed)
The stranger finds the Myst book from the last time Catherine and Atrus fled Riven somewhere in the middle of the New Mexico desert near The Cleft
The stranger frees Atrus
Atrus burns the trap books, forcing Sirrus and Achenar through the links into Spire and Haven respectively (Or as an alternative, Atrus changes the book back to a regular linking book so the link is completed, then burns the books)
The stranger returns again to rescue Catherine from Riven
Catherine is rescued
Atrus writes Tomahna
Yeesha is born
Atrus writes Releeshan
The stranger visits Atrus to see his work on Releeshan, and is dragged into the whole Exile storyline
(Time passes)
Atrus tries to patch things up with the kids
The stranger arrives to help Atrus decide if the boys are rehabilitated yet
Sirrus gets free and tries to hatch his plan from all those many years ago (or so Achenar thinks)
Really the plan has changed and this time he's going to switch places with Yeesha.
The stranger and Achenar fight to save Yeesha. Achenar makes the ultimate self-sacrifice.
Sirrus' mind is destroyed by dream. Sirrus is dead.
Achenar dies in Yeesha's lap, feeling forgiven. (So sad, but so sweet (`: )

That's what I have so far. I need to find dates for these events. I would like to expand on things like Book of Atrus, Book of Ti'ana, events of Exile, etc. I also need to know where the Book or D'ni fits in. Before Yeesha's birth? Before or after Atrus writes Tomahna?

Eventually I would like to structure these in this format:

---Surface Date---
---D'ni Date/Journal Date---
Event and all that wonderful stuff that happens within a reasonable time span of it

---Surface Date---
---D'ni Date/Journal Date---
Event and all that wonderful stuff that happens within a reasonable time span of it

So please, if you can contribute dates, or you would like to add events, be my guest! Post anything you think should be added, or changes you think that should be made, or even questions as to what evidence supports an event or its place in the timeline. With some effort, we should have a well thought out accurate timeline worth stickying which will serve as a reference should anybody need it.

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Posted 30 January 2011 - 03:36 PM

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this has already been done. In fact, there are a few timelines out there, but I think the best is the one we have on MYSTlore (currently down, but here's the Google cache). Specific dates can be found in the individual articles for each hahr.

Once the site's back up, you'd be more than welcome to help expand it. :)

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Posted 30 January 2011 - 04:46 PM

Oh :( Well that's no fun! Okay, I guess that's one more dead end thread for me.

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