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The Thingy It's baaaaack...

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Posted 16 March 2011 - 01:52 PM

I need the Thingy
Life used to be so much better when I had the Thingy
need the Thingy
I didn't have headaches when I had the Thingy

My need for the Thingy drives me, helps me, pulls me out into the real world. I am ...somewhere. It is not where the Thingy is. It is not when the Thingy is.
But still I sense it. And I know who has it
Cactus Wren - the hunt is on
I travel through time and space barely remembering that I once found it hard. Thingy. Cactus Wren.Thingy.Knitting.Thingy.Cactus Wren.

"THINGY!" I shout when I finally find myself in front of Cactus Wren, who just put theThingy in her knitting bag. I grab the bag out of her hands and got to between . A cold place without air, outside time and space. But then I am dead after all.

My headache is forgotten now.

Thingy.My Thingy.My precciousss.

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  • shokhootahn (instructor)
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Posted 16 March 2011 - 06:30 PM

I sit down, take out a set of double-pointed needles and a skein of Berocco Sox -- the big two-sock skein -- and begin casting on the first of a pair of socks. (If anyone is curious the colorway is Humberside.) Carefully I tuck the skein into my knitting bag, next to the Thingy. But I have only completed two rounds of ribbing when Luna appears before me! "THINGY!" she shouts gleefully, snatches my knitting bag and seems to vanish into thin air.

I stare at the space where she once stood -- the space once occupied by my knitting bag -- in shock and outrage, and then in a growing fury. Forget the Thingy -- Luna has MY KNITTING BAG.

It takes a long time. Days, perhaps, or years. But I am holding my sock, and the strand of yarn will lead me to my knitting bag.

With the care and precision of a delicate lacework pattern, with the intricacy of an Aran sweater, with the absolute determination of someone doing Alice Starmore colorwork, I follow Luna to between.

Methodically I beat her to a pulp with a yarn swift. Leaving the Thingy lying on her stomach, I make off with the truly significant thing.

How dared she?

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Posted 16 March 2011 - 10:25 PM

I stand back and watch Wren bludgeon Luna with a strange contraption with a look of horror and amusement on my face. After Wren stomps off with her knitting things, I scoop the Thingy off of Luna's stomach, call an ambulance to come take care of her, and then disappear.

I assume an alter-ego. I am Nobody. I take the Thingy away to my lair.

The Thingy is now Nowhere.

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Posted 17 June 2011 - 10:26 PM

While taking a break from writing and editing the Crash, I look on the Internet for reference, and find this game.

Following LT, I *accidently* step on her with my 'Mech *Oops... Sorry.*, and pick up the Thingy *Oooh! Lookie! Lookie! I haz the THINGY!!! Yay me!*.

I raise my right paw to the sky, and teleport the Thingy to *Would you guess it?* Zenoc2.

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