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Quickfic Prompts All of the prompts for the quickfic thread. No monthly prompts here.

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Posted 17 April 2011 - 05:35 PM

1. Atrus finds out he's going to have another child, and his thoughts.
2. Catherine with the Moiety before she's captured by Gehn.
3. Achenar uses his electric cage.
4. The story behind the unsolved puzzle in Kadish's vault.
5. AU: Gehn really did repent after BoA.
6. Suahrnir's fate.
7. Anna's relationship with Sirrus and/or Achenar.
8. Yeesha leaving home.
9. AU: Atrus follows Saavedro to J'nanin.
10. AU: Atrus never rebelled against Gehn.
11. The first time one of Atrus' sons killed a person.
12. Yeesha saving Kadish.
13. Catherine as she's locked in the cell on Riven.
14. AU: Yeesha (adult or child) discovers Gehn's trap book.
15. Esher's life before the Fall.
16. AU: Keta survived childbirth.
17. Esher and his punishment at the hands of the Bahro.
18. Yeesha's first linking.
19. Atrus introduces catherine to the places of protection.
20. Kadish as he's on his deathbed.
21. Ri'Neref establishes the first link to D'ni.
22. Catherine links to Riven for the first time in 30 years.
23. AU: Riven is stabilized.
24. A time when the Stranger visited Atrus and Catherine in Tomahna, and nothing bad happens.
25. AU: Veovis is Gehn's father.
26. AU: At least one of Catherine’s children wasn’t fathered by Atrus. (Since it’s AU anyway, birth orders can be messed with as responder chooses.)
27. How Katran was chosen by Gehn to be his wife.
28. The Watcher's childhood or early life
29. AU: Sirrus has a Linking Book on him when he Links to Spire, and is only pretending to be trapped.
30. AU: Anna fails her trial and is imprisoned in a Prison Age.
31. AU: Gehn has picked a Rivenese wife after Atrus and Katran left and actually had other children.
32. AU: Atrus doesn't rescue Catherine in time, Gehn marries her.
33. AU: Veovis accepts A’Gaeris’ demand to make Ages to rule, and they rule over Ederat.
34. AU: Gehn enters the Surveyor's Guild (or any other non-Inkmaker/Bookmaking/Writer Guild).
35. AU: The brothers choose the opposite Prison Age. How does this affect them?
36. AU: Veovis proves his innocence in the matter of the illicit Books and the murdered Guildsmen and is not arrested. How does he prove it? How does A’Gaeris react, and can he still carry out his plan to destroy D’ni?
37. Yannin becoming one of Serenia's guardians/priestesses.
38. AU: The Moiety overthrows Gehn while the Stranger is there.
39. Kerath returning to D'ni victorious.
40. A parent has the “birds-and-bees” conversation with a child.

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