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The "Lost History" Of The DMoA Neighbourhood

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Posted 20 April 2011 - 12:21 AM

I got this idea not too long ago - to come up with the history of your Uru Neighbourhood. When was it built? What was its original name (they can't all be named Bevin, unless it turns out that means Neighbourhood)? What happened in it?
So I decided to "delve" into the history of my Neighbourhood; the D'ni Museum of Art, and write it up like a DRC article.

Deviantart Page For Story

Originally known as Timehl; meaning Gallery, the neighbourhood was built for the Guild of Fine Artists during a period of civic expansion in the D'ni Renaissance. Completed in 2486 DE, the neighbourhood was held by the Guild for only two years, at which point the Guild was disbanded and replaced with four Minor Guilds under the advice of King Naygen.
Timehl soon became home to many members of the new Minor Guilds and eventually gained a reputation as "a refuge for those who favour art above all else"*. Timehl would remain such a neighbourhood for many years, until 4023 DE, when a Guildsman from the Guild of Linguists moved there with his family. After that date, Timehl became less exclusive, and many families with no previous ties to artistic Guilds moved in over the following years. Despite this, Timehl still remained an important location for the Minor Guilds, some even believing that it rivalled the vast Cultural Centre built by King Emen in 5202 DE*.
Timehl's wide community continued to grow, and moved away from its artistic roots, becoming more known for the many events it hosted, including various festivities in its Garden Ages, public debates in its central plaza, and, somewhat infamously, a cult known as "Regorahyan"*. It was said that by this point that the name Timehl no longer referred to a house for artistic works, but rather, a "home for all those, Guildsmen or not, who make up our beautiful cavern"*.
Timehl's final inhabitants fled during the plague, leaving only a few items of value behind*. Whether or not they survived is unknown, although it is worth noting that some of the apartments in Timehl were discovered to be empty upon investigation. Timehl was later renovated by a group of explorers, who dubbed their new home, "The D'ni Museum of Art".

* Taken from the journals of Guild Captain Jaken of the Guild of Legislators
* Taken from the journals of Guild Master Nehir of the Minor Guild of Painters
* Taken from the journals of Guild Master Hemelah of the Guild of Messengers
* Literally translated as "The Timepiece", very little is known about this cult, due to a lack of documentation, although several recovered journals make note of a ritual trance of some sort.
* These items included a collection of fire-marbles, supposedly from an exhibit once done by the Minor Guild of Sculptors, and a Food Age, Sa'raleeh, that belonged to a Master of the Guild of Caterers.

Some of these notes might not make sense to a person who hasn't visited the DMoA, but several events mentioned in my story are in-jokes for members. For instance:
*Despite its name, the D'ni Museum of Art has little to do with artistic works, hence the shift towards meetings in my history.
*The Timepiece cult refers to several users who 'worshipped' the clock in the back plaza (dubbed Gorahyan Square by the DMoA).
*The fire-marble collection alludes to the DMoA habit of decorating the fountain in the main plaza with fire-marble sculptures.
*The Age of "Sa'raleeh" is a nod to the DMoA habit of handing out food, often desserts, to members. As you probably guessed, the name refers to the Sara Lee range of desserts.

BTW, anybody could add to this - post up the "lost histories" of your Uru Neighbourhoods!

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