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Bug Chucker on Android

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Posted 22 July 2011 - 02:34 PM

Dude, I just totally played Bug Chucker off the android store.

Amazing game, but very difficult. I got stuck pretty quickly cause I apparently suck. (I'm bad at angry birds too, so no surprise there when the main mechanic involves shooting bugs around in space in a similar fashion to angry birds slingshot.)

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to let everyone know that it's on the android store too, so those with an android instead of an iPhone can go grab it. It's ad supported, to buy without ads is $0.99 in USD.

The only thing I really find annoying is that the game doesn't explain any of the new mechanics to you besides just shooting the bug cannon. You sort of have to trial and error to find out what a black hole, a sun, dynamyte, ect. actually does. Ok, so most are pretty self explanatory, but it might have been a tad better to have a pop up instruction on each new element in the gameplay as the player encounters them.

The difficulty is also rather steep...but given the length of the game so far(more levels are apparently coming soon, so far only one galaxy has been released) it kind of needs that to keep people from finishing it too quickly.

Anyway, nice to finally be able to play it, in any case! :)

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