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Music of Chance And now for something completely different...

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Posted 30 September 2011 - 05:35 PM

New short narrative! I say narrative because this one isn't long enough to be a short story. It's also unlike anything I've ever written before; it's from a high school girl's perspective; it's almost entirely in present-tense instead of past-tense; it has nothing to do with robots, imagination-projectors or the Myst series; it's vaguely suggestive of a potential... well, you'll see. Enjoy!

Music of Chance
by ~Zenoc2

The music carries her down the hallway. It's five minutes to the first bell, and she's lost in the song playing in the two tiny pieces of plastic in her ears.

She comes to her usual spot, a table on the far side of the library. Drums her fingers on the fake oak-wood surface, taps her foot to the beat, underneath the table. She mentally runs through the list of last night's homework. English: check. Math: nothing. Spanish: don't really care. It's shaping up to be a slow day. Tuesdays usually are.

A flicker of movement under another table catches her eye. A tattered pair of black no-name sneakers, one of which is tapping the faded-red carpet. She stares for a second. The foot is tapping at the same time as hers. She risks a glance up at the person it belongs to. A lanky blond boy, hair hanging down over his right eye. Briefly she wonders if he's been watching her tap her foot, trying to match her beat, but he's staring off into space. Look closer- sure enough, he has earbuds in, too. Funny that his beat matches hers so closely.

She realizes she's staring, and quickly looks away. No idea who the guy is. Why should she be staring? It's just a funny coincidence.

The song's epic drum solo is coming up, her favorite part (aside from the lead singer's adorable voice). She glances up at the blond boy again. Still staring at nothing in particular, but his eyes aren't glazed over any more. There's a look of concentration on his face. A flicker of movement. He's drumming his fingers on the table.

His index finger falls, and a cymbal crashes. The solo begins. Middle and ring finger hit the toms and roll on the snare. Hi-hat, floor-tom, base drum. Beautiful precision, perfect rhythm.

The solo ends and the guitars come back in, the lead singer setting up a playful rhyme. It's playing right in her ears, but she doesn't hear it. The blond boy's hand rests. He has a smile on his face. Then, suddenly, he looks around, self-conscious of his silly grin. He spots her, and she quickly looks down.

Feeling a blush coming on, she scolds herself. For just a moment, she had thought that... Surely, it was just a coincidence. A really weird coincidence. That's all it could be.

She gets up to leave. The bell's about to ring, anyway. As she walks away, she steals another glance back.

Their eyes meet.

She quickly looks away again, trying desperately to avoid blushing again. Must be another coincidence. Must be.

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