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Of costumes in Riven... Nelah's costume is much more complicated than it looks

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Posted 30 October 2011 - 07:37 PM

Sorry, shamelessly copy-pasting what I'd posted in my DA journal. I just figured that there were a lot of Myst fans here, some of whom might be able to help me out here.
Just so you know the context, in the previous journal entry, I'd asked people to vote for a cosplay idea. Katran as seen in Myst III: Exile and Nelah had won in first and second place, respectively.

[...] I thus opted for my second choice, Nelah, who had earned a lot less votes, but enough to be way up above the other two choices on the "ladder" of possibilities.
I looked at my sketches, since I have studied her costume intently (it is actually a lot more complicated than what meets the eye in the game) and compared it to pictures. That's when, after some pretty intense research (thanks to pictures of a much better quality and a very neat screenshot), I discovered that I'd gotten several parts of her costume (and that of the other scout) wrong. A lot of sketches to re-draw later on...
Apparently, the motifs are not as simple (a euphemism here) as the ones on the scout's costume. Hers are complex and in at least three different colours (not just two). Plus, it appears that I got her pants wrong. I previously thought that they were baggy due to certain screenshots and beige, like those of the guy you rescue in the Jungle Island's cell. But no. They are straight, if not tight. And the colour is very hard to perceive: green or white?

I thus ask you Riven fans what you remember and if you know sites where I may find pictures of that costume that are not bust images of the actress. Those don't help me where the pants are concerned.
According to the highest resulotion screenshot I could get of her and a couple of HD videos, the pants seem to be white. However, we know that the scout wears green pants with white shinguards/socks/whatever those are.
Which possibility seems the most probable to you: white pants or the same thing as the scout?

Also, this is a question based on one of Riven's bad endings. Yes, I am referring to the famous "Fry da book!" scene. You may find it here, or pretty much anywhere on youtube.

In the game, the player meets three different members of the Moiety:
A scout, seen several times including at the very beginning of the game. http://farm4.static...._2cc82891f9.jpg
A random rebel, locked in Riven's Jungle Island's cell, awaiting to be fed to the Wahrk. He is released by the player only to shoot him/her when they link to Tay for the first time. http://mrillustrated...n/character.jpg
Nelah, one of Katran's old friends and a prominent member of the Moiety Party/Faction. She is the one who keeps the player locked up until he/she is given the possibility to return to Riven via one of Katran's books. http://myst-aventure...-2-340.jpg.html http://mrillustrated...notin/woman.jpg
http://mrillustrated...characters1.jpg http://mrillustrated...characters2.jpg

Three different people with different roles and costumes. Now, watch the video carefully.
We now see two different characters. The first one appears to be the scout. A second person slowly comes up to the prison book from behind the scout. That person appears to be wearing a long tunic like Nelah, but is a man (according to his voice).
Who is this person? If it is Nelah, those few seconds may provide me with information on the lower half of her costume. If not, then who is that? Certainly not the scout. A third member of the Moiety? Someone superior to the scout? Probably.
What do you players and fans think?

Thank you for your feedback. I'd be curious to know what you think.
Thank you.

Also, I hope I posted this in the right section of the forum...

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