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Major Spoilers VII You have been warned

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Posted 22 December 2011 - 12:00 PM

1. Herby grounds the Groaci and Slox ships.

2. Jaina pwns Warmaster Lah, and Anor is disgraced.

3. When Hochstetter's superior learns he let those prisoners go, he arrests Hochstetter, who is pretty clearly looking at an interrogation and firing squad.

4. Sir Charles Grover and Professor Whitaker alone are zapped back in time. Captain Yates is allowed to resign quietly while General Finch is facing a court-martial.

5. Wonse gets hit by a book and staggers out a high window.

6. Uta knifes Ymur at the cost of his own life.

7. Count Almaviva begs his wife to forgive his cheating. She does.

8. Neither the Enterprise nor the nuthouse is the reality.

9. Apple Bloom's confession makes the flower bloom, and her illness is cured.

10. Early is left to drift, and he is unlikely to be rescued before his air runs out.

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