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Riven Mapping and Measurements

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 12:45 PM

Well, not had much to do at work today so got out my big maps of the Riven Islands and started working out some measurements (well, as much as you can with a computer generated image).

For some of the footpaths/stairways I have had to assume (educated guesswork really) a width of 3 or 4 feet depending on where it is - once I had that determined it was a simple matter to work out that 2mm on my ruler was roughly equivalent to 1ft of real measurement - now I appreciate that this is largely speculation (before anybody shoots me down in flames and tells me how wrong I am, lol) but it felt like a fun exercise to get involved in.

I was a bit surprised at the length of the footbridge from Temple Island (The Dome) to the Magalev Island where Gehns Temple is, so much so that I mapped it out in the office with bright yellow pvc tape (I work in a large office and today it was empty apart from me).

Based on my previous assumptions regarding the footpath/stairway widths some of the measurements work out as follows:

Footbridge: 42' 6" in length, assumed width of 3'.

Golden Dome: 63' in diameter (No idea of the height as the map is 'top down' only)

Gehn's Temple: 22' 6" long by 13' wide, stairs down to Magalev about 5' wide by 13' in length.

Fire Marble Dome: 12' in diameter (again, height unknown).

Katran's Prison: 17' 6" in diameter (height unknown but could be estimated from a screenshot and rough estimation from the video clip based on normal ceiling height and how tall Katran (or the actress that plays her) is.

Prison Fire Marble Dome: 18' in diameter - presumably the Prison Island map is drawn to a different scale which is why there is such a difference between its Fire Marble Dome and Temple Island's, which of course would make Katran's Prison Dome actually smaller than 17' 6", however having said that I have assumed a footpath width of 3' 6" which would make the Dome diameter of 18' about right.
Were the Fire Marble Domes of different size? I thought they were all the same - of course I could be wrong.

I would love to find a huge field somewhere and map this out with posts and string if only to get an overall impression of how big it is.

Obviously this is just a silly exercise that kept me amused for a few hours and I am sure there will be many who can point out that I haven't taken xxx into consideration etc but I enjoyed doing it and I have a load more to do on days that are equally uneventful.
And the best part is, I was getting paid while I was doing it - that's what comes of being 2 weeks ahead with my work...

Now I have bored you all silly it's time for a quick cup of coffee then back to the drawing board - literally...

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