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Linkbookmaster as Atrus: FOR REAL! (realMyst) An idea I've had since 2005, finally put to reality...

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Posted 02 June 2012 - 04:22 PM

Hey everyone. I thought I had banned myself on accident from MystCommunity by locking myself out of my own account. (I had considered making a new account under my new moniker: T-Squared, but I'd figure that'd get frowned upon.)

The Myst Online Forums don't allow this, but since MystCommunity has stuff about flymode in both RealMYST and Myst V, I figured I'd post this here.

Most of you know probably know or remember my attempt to imitate Atrus' scenes in Myst WAY back in 2003. (When I posted a bunch of Myst-related videos on Christmas Day.)

In 2004, I was able to hack a few video textures in the game, replacing them and moving them around. (Even replacing the PoP Books, the Rime Book, and the D'ni book with my own Universal Linking Book!) The next idea I had was to try replacing the video footage with a different video to see if that would work.

BAD IDEA. The game crashes unless the proper video is in memory when you link to K'Veer.

I tried in 2006, this time actually trying a screenshot, to make it look like I was actually in K'Veer in a separate video. I couldn't do it because I didn't have enough greenscreen to try it. :< (I had only one greenscreen, and one bluescreen.)

In 2011, I tried again with a screenshot from Uru. Didn't work as well as I hoped, so I scrapped it.

In 2012, I finally worked up the nerve to try the video. I would tell you the results and what I had to go through, but see for yourself instead:

RealMyst Video Experiment

And YES, You can do this yourself if you have the proper tools!
(The cheap way to make the video work properly is to go frame by frame in Photoshop, removing the background. I did it somewhat that way.)

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