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Watching a First-Timer My girlfriend tries Myst

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 01:12 AM

I just introduced my girlfriend to Myst, figuring she'd probably enjoy it. I figured, hanging out with me for as long as she has, she's probably picked up a thing or two about the game. Basic stuff, but she'll probably know what's going on.

Boy, was I wrong. She's a complete blank slate when it comes to this stuff, and it's kind of incredible to watch. I got the expected " what? Did I miss something?" when she first landed on the dock, which was rewarding, and I enjoyed watching her figure out how to navigate Myst island. After all, I practically grew up there, it's like a second home to me.

Those things I expected, but here's what really amazed me: after figuring out the tower rotation puzzle, she managed to unlock shipgate. She clicks over to the ship, finds the book. She watches the panel loop, twice. And...closes the book. She puts the book down, and walks back out onto the ship. "Can I drive this thing?" She asks me. I'm totally in awe. I hadn't even considered the possibility that somebody would not click the panel.

Anyway, I'm not going to spoil a twist like that, so I zip my lips, sit back, and watch. She unlocks treegate, same story. I've actually never even tried getting out of treegate without linking, didn't know it was possible.

All of this frustration paid off however, when she finally made the link to Selenitic. Rocketgate, you see, doesn't have a book, it has a screen - the cursor was already placed over the screen when the panel video started playing, and she noticed the change in cursor. And just as expected, the link took her completely by surprise. She flipped out.

We're stopping for the night, but it's been so incredibly gratifying watching somebody play the game from a completely fresh start, I felt I should share. Having the opportunity to play the game vicariously, from a fresh start, is actually kind of magical.

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 09:40 AM

You're in a privileged position to see something most of us will never get to, and I think that's super cool. I've been watching my floormates poke about Myst this past semester, but they all played it before as children and were coming back to it, so they knew about stuff like Linking. Hearing about someone unlocking puzzles and not thinking to Link is unusual and interesting. Definitely keep us posted!

(Also, ouch, Selenitic is a hard one to start on.)

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 01:23 PM

As I was reading your post I thought you had read my mind. It is the post I had written in my mind for years but never had the chance to use.

For well over 10 years I have tried to get my wife to play Myst but without success. (She would say, “I’ve heard it’s too hard.”) I’ve always thought if I could somehow get her over this trepidation I would post her experiences on this board and I’m sure the description would closely match yours. (Of course, my feelings are almost certainly based on years of reading new players experiences. ;) They’re always similar and delightful to read.) The problem is, she is now "contaminated" with years of watching bits and pieces of the Myst games and knows about Books and linking.

Have fun! You’re doing something very rare and special: Watching a person do something they can only do once: Play Myst for the first time.

Didn’t link to Stoneship or Cannelwood the first time she opened the books? I wonder if she purposefully chose not to at that time rather than not associating the Books to her first link to Myst. I made that choice with some of the Ages because I wanted to better understand Myst Island before going to another Age. Being thrust onto Myst Island was confusing enough and I wanted to “rest” a while.

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