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Mysterium 2013 Live Updates! news straight from the con

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:49 AM

So I'm bringing you some updates live from Mysterium 2013! Kaelri, uberlutra, and mysteria13 are all here with me as well.

Here's some ways to keep an eye on the action:

The official Mysterium Tumblr, updated with pictures and panel summaries when the committee has time

The official Mysterium Twitter, updated semi-frequently.

the Mysterium lifestream: up for panels and sometimes for hanging out

For non-committee updates, follow the #Mysterium2013 hastag on Twitter and #Mysterium 2013 on Tumblr!

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:54 AM

Starry Expanse Panel Notes

(These are the quick shorthand notes taken by the moderator. A cleaned-up version will be available in the coming days.)

-zib and iron magma present a section of Starry Expanse that is not Prison Island!

-They showcased the elevator room in Survey Island

-They have something done from every area of the game

-There’s a multi-stage plan for how to work on the project: goal is to complete Survey and Boiler Island, then non-Riven areas, then the larger island

-Preview of a very rudimentary Boiler Island, with the boiler and some of the toggles working, but the texturing very unfinished

-Preview of a geometry of 233’s lab, all in silver and with no textures; Gehn’s lab on Boiler Island; an early overview of Temple Island

-Discussion of the Oculus Rift and Starry Expanse - no plans, yet! But they get asked that a lot, and “we already have a massive amount of work ahead of us, and we don’t want to promise anything now, when we’re years away from the game being shipped."

-audience question: what is Oculus Rift?

answer: a VR headset that allows 3D

-audience question: Cyan’s feedback on the project?

answer: officially approved, they support and like the team, they have no plans to shut them down

-audience question: an official name for the project?

answer: team acquired and are waiting for permission to use the name realRiven. the URL was squatted but they eventually managed to get ahold of it

-audience question: live actors and voice acting? answer: converting the original audio, and using avatars that are 3d rendered, “hopefully better than Uru"

-zib says “the whole sound issue is not one we’re really tackling yet, just because it’s difficult"

-audience question: which Linking noise are you using?

answer: the original Riven, of course

-audience question: are they adding Linux support, since Unity has it?

answer: “currently still using Unity 3, which doesn’t really have Linux support; if we upgrade, it’s a possibility"

-audience question: can we do still annoy the wahrk?

"everything you do in the original, you can do in realRiven too."

-when they’d considered doing this as an Uru mod, they’d wondered what would happen if a player destroyed Riven while people were on other islands

-audience question: “Will areas like the Moeity age who weren’t exploreable in the original game be in the new game?"

answer: we’re hesitant to try to add new things because there’s already so much work to do, but if we do add more areas, Tay would be first

-audience question: “How do you plan to do stuff like the child running away?"

answer: more of the 3D avatars

-audience question: “What kind of data size are they looking at? Will it be suitable for using Unity’s Android/iOS support?" answer: it’s not a one click thing to support it, the file sizes are in determinate and unlikely to be small enough, who knows but maybe when the game is out they can reconsider

-"Cyan must have cheated", or, a folder of unexplained things, including disappearing islands, moving trees, repeated rock formations in very different places

-audience question: can we have your shirts?

answer: we like being the only ones with them - they’re currently for the team only - would consider doing it but would have to look into it

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