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The Guild of Messengers: Heritage Night In Need Of New Management

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 02:43 PM

It's with great regret that we must announce that DimensionTravelerCalum has decided to hang up his hat and move on to bigger and better things. Before he goes, however, he would like to turn the reins of Heritage Night over to someone who is keen on continuing the tradition.

For those not in the know about Heritage Night, it's a semi-regular get-together created by Carl Palmner for the purpose of retelling various events from the multiple D'ni restoration efforts, such as Prologue, MOUL, etc, for those that didn't get to be there. These recountings are usually told by explorers who were present during those events and are usually held in the Ages/areas in question. Soon, the responsibility was passed to DTC, who has continued presiding over the acclaimed informative meetings ever since.

If anyone is genuinely interested in continuing Cal's great work, there are many ways to get in touch with him on HN's Contact Page.

Skype: researcherwisemon
pesterChum/MSPA forums: researcherWisemon
MOULa: KI# 203751 (DimensionTravelerCalum)
STEAM: CTraveler263
MYSTcommunity: CalumTraveler
FanFiction.Net: UruExplorer DTC
DeviantArt: CalumTraveler Read more


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