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Shivers 2 Other games like this?

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Posted 26 December 2013 - 02:26 PM

Hello! I've been binging on adventure games lately and recently finished Shivers 2, and I'm wondering anyone here could recommend some games that are similar.

What I liked most was exploring a variety of buildings, going through various characters' belongings and journals. ALSO it was cool trying to find clues in voicemails and live action music videos. Shivers 1 also had a video where a live actor playing an archaeologist explains how to open an ancient door, like its an educational film. So yeah I guess I like looking for clues in modern day forms of communication, kind of like in an ARG. Are there any other games that do anything like that?

Also the atmosphere was great, it was very reminiscent of Twin Peaks. The music was very ambient and relaxed. This is a pretty song...


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