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Where have you been spending your Cavern time?

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Posted 25 April 2014 - 08:48 AM

I haven't seen people around our neighborhood in some time. I haven't been myself, but then I was reminded it was D'ni New Year, so I went down and rearranged some cones and viewed some fireworks. It seems the same level of dark and gloomy in the Cavern, so I wasn't overly inclined to stay too long without anyone else to socialize with. (Besides, the heek table is so boring when it's just you!)

The weather in New York has been pretty bad (cold and snowy), so when I do have time to go Linking around, I tend to go to places that are as opposite as I can get. Winter Delin was only fun when I came from a snow-less state ;) I've been spending time in my usual Gira, and even in Minkata. More warmth and sunlight for me, please!

What have y'all been doing?

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 02:56 AM

I've been to busy studying age writing itself to visit other ages than relto a lot :) Sometimes I visit the cleft though


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 07:15 PM

I visit our neighborhood quite frequently nowadays, remembering all the good times we had back when the cavern finally reopened and were all excited to share in that experience. Since 2010, I took a trip to the surface for a couple of years, but every now and then, I'd link back to my Relto just to cling onto what was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life: finally being able to explore the cavern with others as a community. Most of my time nowadays is spent either in the variety of new ages others have forged the links to, but also a lot of time in those presented in our original journey. Teledahn is more to me than just a place with mushrooms. The pods are more than a place of patience. The neighborhood is more than a lonely place that most of us don't return to regularly. They are places where friendships were made, when dreams were realized, and where inspiration can still be had. I hope that one day we will all link back in to catch up and explore these places once again as a community. The surface is beautiful, sure, but when there's the promise of a kingdom below our feet and the infinite promise of new places to explore, nothing keeps me going like a trek back down into what was one of the most inspiring communities we've all been a part of. If it hadn't been that inspiring, none of us would go back out of nostalgia, looking at the imager in our hood or our own Reltos, remembering all that this place once was. I hope that one day I can adventure with all of you again, but until then, I'll be around. I'll be bouncing around the hood and the ages in hopes that one of you will be around to take it all in again with me. Thanks to all of you for the experience you helped provide. I'd like to believe Atrus when he says that "the ending has not yet been written." Until I'm proven otherwise, I'll still believe it.

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Posted 01 May 2014 - 10:09 AM

I haven't been down to the cavern in ages. I just don't get the time with my life up hear on the surface. I do listen to the music a lot, I have a collection of what I call sad tracks, like the ones from the recorder machine. Listening to them now. It also makes me sad for the loss of the old days, particularly when we were all excited about the opening up of the caverns. Such a shame the drc collapsed in the way it did. I haven't been able to find the books to the other ages others have found.
My problem is that I live by gmt so on a different time to the most of you.
When I do visit I do always visit the Hood, check if anyone's has been around, I see on-one has yet beaten my pellet score :) Even the main cavern seems a bit sparse, those who are around don't want to talk or they seem pretty vacant.
Where else do I go? I sometimes like to sit on the top of the lower tower in Gareesehn and watch the jungle go by. Or visit the gardens, listen voyage water and wind. I do like the autumn garden most so always like to pop in there for a bit to.
I don't know when I will get another chance of a trip, but I will keep am eye out for you guys nevertheless when I do.
Happy exploring!

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