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Psst! Something to see here! a new story?

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 11:44 AM

I found the place easily, even though it had been some time since I last visited. There it was on the gates, MC 2, Spokane Avenue. I started up the path, now more weeds than gravel. Looking around the garden I saw no signs of the Chucker, Arianna and Khatie statues. Possible broken, possibly just hidden by the grass which had grown into an almighty jungle. What creatures may lurk in there now, I wondered. The mansion that was once grand and proud was looking forlorn and unloved. Cobwebs had replaced windows, dirt for paintwork.

The door was ajar. I knocked apprehensively and it creaked open under this gentle persuasion. I stepped inside, quietly calling for fear of disturbing some terrible lurking menace. The light was dim, the windows no longer casting the crystal-like sparkle I remembered. No answer came from my quiet call. There was evidence that some feet had passed through this hall, the dust disturbed from quiet slumber.

I made my way around the rooms. Fond memories passed my consciousness before each door. Good times I had visiting here, many years ago. Back then the place thronged with excited chatter, eager searching for quietly left messages from the mysterious group calling themselves Cyan. Now these darkened rooms were hollow. My calls echoed round and back to me un-answered.

I returned to the hall and studied the floor. Most of the disturbance in the dust led to a door. I wiped away the dust from the sign, and it read ‘The Blah place’. I went in. Yes, there were signs of life in here, not much, and nothing like the past when it would have been full from morning to night. I found a reading table with a few books open. Cautiously I blew away the dust. I know not to touch these books for fear of where I might end up! The first one I vaguely recognised, Uru Obsession, its panel was black and the pages curling. The book looked dead, the panel may have been dead also, but just as easily it may have taken me to an eternal between world of blackness and nothingness. I carefully closed the book for safety, uttering a few words for its passing. The next one did have some movement in the panel. I checked its cover, MystOnline. I remembered then. The last time I had been here, this book had taken many MC members and was the nearest to the old community that existed, but it wasn’t MC. Now here was another book. This one did was not covered in dust. This was a new book. It was also evidence that this old MC house had been visited in recent times. This one was simply labelled ‘Obduction’. The images from the panel were like nothing I had ever seen before. Was this where the last of the MC ghosts had departed to? Should I dare to press?

Maybe, but not today. Today I had come to visit MC 2. Even if it was crumbling, it was still my MC. The echoes of conversations past. Memories that would never leave this place. One last look round, then I would leave. On way out I decided that I would leave the package I had brought. The first chapter of my first novel. Maybe a lone wandering MCer would come across it. Something to discover, like the good old days. Hopefully it would bring a smile to someone’s face.

I thought I would leave it here in ‘The Blah Place’, since it was where people came to. It wouldn’t follow ‘The Rules’ but I didn’t think anyone would mind considering. Then I decided that this would not be respectful to the memory of MC, so I left only a note in ‘The Blah Place’ telling visitors to come here to ‘Original Writings’.
You , fellow MCer, have followed the instructions and found this prose. Call it an ‘ode to MC’. However the real purpose of my visit today was to leave this chapter of my new novel, currently titled ‘Chaos of Nemoah’. It is a piece set in a typical medieval fantasy world. It has dragons and knights and in deference to our mutual admiration of all things Myst, there are ‘links’ to other worlds. No glowing linking panels though. This is meant to be an original story not a piece of ‘fan fic’.
If you would like to read it, then leave me a message here, and I will make sure you receive a copy upon my return. And I will return soon.

It is this magnum opus that has kept me from this place for so long, and so I have to share in the blame for the state in which it now lies. Can new life ever be breathed back into this place? Should it perhaps be left as a monument to the triumphs of Cyan and their followers. The saying often said is ‘never return’. Perhaps they are right. Returning always brings happiness and sorrow in equal measure. Sadness for happy times now passed. Times move on, places change, people change. I guess we must learn to embrace the change, while not regretting the past. How do I finish this piece? Maybe I don’t, for the story continues in a new volume....To be continued!

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 12:18 PM

Love this, a bit like travellng into the future when the world has been long abandoned and only the ghosts remain, captured my imagination so thanks Topher Bear.

MC is still alive and kicking, maybe not as active as it once was but every now and again I post some nonsense or other that usually gets a kind response, love Myst, Riven, Cyan and MC too much to let go... Posted Image

As for your new novel... Looking forward to that...Posted Image

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Posted 01 May 2014 - 01:11 PM

I like your characterisation of the board as an old house, very Gothic feeling. I, too, would like to read your novel! Please leave me a copy next time you swing by the ol' meeting house.

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