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Myst I & II on Scummvm and Myst III on Residualvm Files to make the games on scummvm / residualvm

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Posted 19 June 2014 - 02:58 AM

Hello everybody,

I own a physical myst compilation called "Myst trilogy".

Since myst and riven is unofficially supported by scummvm and that means you can play them on android and other systems like linux, which were not originally supported, I prefer to play them on my tablet with scummvm. Even in windows, using scummvm allows you to skip all the installation procedure and it also gives you new options like playing them on a window.

I tested myst 1, and everything seems to work quite fine. However the concrete compilation that I own seems to miss some files or it's simply incompatible with scummvm and residualvm on myst II & III.

I wonder if someone has already tested those games on those engine ports and if someone can give me feedback regarding this problem.

Kind Regards

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