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Lyst, The a brief history

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Posted 09 September 2003 - 09:03 AM

The Lyst is an e-mail list concerned with the D'ni unverse of games. It has been around since around the time of Riven's release. It was orginally called the Riven Lyst (Lyst being a play on the word Myst), and was headed by Gordon Currie, who was also heading up Rivenguild at the time, and Doug McBride. Gordon and Doug keep the Lyst going for a while, until one fateful April Fools day.

On that day, (this was also around the time Rivenguild started getting massive amounts of traffic) the Riven Lyst was mail bombed. Thousands of letters were sent to the Lyst by a malicious hacker, filling many e-mail boxes to the brim. Traffic was effectively cut off.

Leading up to this event, this hacker (who called himself the "joker") also sent spoofed e-mails from Rand Miller, and at one point, announced the "death" of RAWA. This prompted an interesting response from RAWA, who was quite surprised by this annoucement. This letter and more can be found here.

RAWA, on March 27, 2001, 8:32 PM, said:

Tuesday, March 27, 2001 8:32 PM
Dear Lysters,

Well, it's been an interesting afternoon.

A phone call from Gordon alerted me that my day wasn't going as well as I had thought it had been. I'm sure getting a second opinion about such things is a wise idea; but as far as I could tell, I seemed to be alive.

Gordon seemed to agree, so we tentatively concluded that the rumor was false.

Until I have enough evidence to the contrary, I will continue my duties as Cyan's D'ni Historian. :)

With thanks for all your thoughts, concerns, and support,


D'ni Historian (still)

After these attacks on the Lyst, it was debated what was to be done next. Gordon and Doug (Doug had been hired by Cyan a while before this) knew that the service the Lyst was using at the time was not a good defense against attacks. Also, Gordon and Doug were very busy, and did not have the time or the resources to maintain the Lyst. So, they disbanded it a few days later. Soon after this was the fall of Rivenguild, leaving the thriving fan community in disarray, two of its biggest congregation centers gone. (NOTE: MystCommunity and a few other forums are what ended up replacing Rivenguild.)

This was not the end of the Lyst, however, Aquila and Lehsa, two dedicated Myst fans, saw fit to keep the Lyst going. They worked hard behind the scenes, getting the old community back together, and eventually opening up the Lyst anew to any and all Myst fans. The Lyst (which dropped the "Riven" from its title in its second incarnation) is now abuzz once again with speculation. It is also the place where RAWA, not dead as once claimed, is probably the most active.

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Posted 12 November 2003 - 09:48 PM

OH! I never knew the joker that announced RAWA's death was the same person that attacked Rivenguild! As a matter of fact, I didn't even know that it was a hacker that was responsible for Rivenguild's destruction. I thought the site was just getting so popular that there was uncontrollable traffic. I heard the false death incident was reported in the paper! (I even saw a picture of RAWA holding a newspaper about it.) This joker guy/girl/thing must have been really famous! I can remember reading an article somewhere on the internet: "Richard Watson alive and well."
I actually kind of found the death thing funny until I read this post and discovered that Rivenguild would still exist if it wasn't for this creep! :)
I was just about to join the Lyst when it closed down! :eek:
I also heard a rumor that people started sending flowers to the Cyan headquarters... don't know if that's true or not...

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Posted 30 November 2003 - 04:19 PM


Rawa himself put up the pic where he was holding a newspaper. I

dont think the incident made any papers.

Rivenguild itself survived the hacker attack. It wasnt down long.

Rg closed permantly the following June when Ubisoft decided not

to continue the sponsorship for the site previous publishers had

given Rivenguild. The bandwidth had become very expensive. It was

beyond GC's ability to continue without this support. Ubisoft

also took over the Myst III:Exile site entirely from Eldoren,

GC's webdesign company, ending the puzzles there.

The April Fool's hacker had also attacked Gordon Currie's other

sites & clients and sent his clients papers that named them as

co-defendents in a lawsuit. (It was dismissed, of course, but it

didnt do him any favors). This was when we lost the site Gordon

ran that encouraged people to make their own adventure scenes and

games. I have forgotten the exact name of it now.

Ubisoft shortly thereafter began adding to the Exile site

replacements for Rg features, including the forum that has now

been updated for Uru (I think thats what I heard).

Cyan made Dniguild the next year but it was so much more limited than Rg

that most continued to use Mc forums, which began a (year?)

before Rg folded and absorbed most webboarders right afterward.

Mc has been the main forum ever since, though Uru Obsession is a

very respectable runner-up.

Gordon tried to offer a return of his puzzling fun from Edge &

GRID but he was asked to stop by Ubisoft who thought he was

giving away more information than he should. (This was largely a

misunderstanding from what I was told) Cyan also asked him delay

his tidbits from them. (There was good reason though) Thats when

he quit entirely and all hope of a return of a return of

RivenLyst/Rivenguild died.

Through UO, along with MC & especially Jim's Unofficial site

(which predates Rg), regular news bulletins have been maintained.

The next real addition was DRC boards, which reintroduced a place

for in character discussions, linking theory etc.

When CyanWorlds page added links to main community sites, the

reconstruction was largley complete. Once again a newbie could type in

Myst or Cyan and join the extended Myst fan group at will. You

can find Myst-related downloads, share your fanfics, & check the

latest news easily. So it was. So it is. Zandi offered a return to puzzling fun such

as had been known from Spyder & GC to tide us until Uru came.

Between these resources & pages resurrected from the past (Like

Myst & Riven Illuminated) the functions of Rivenguild have

finally been largely restored but there are still quite a few fans who

remember Rivenguild with fondness.

Thats how I remember it anyway.

There are, of course, new Uru-related resources appearing now

through Ubisoft & Cyan. It will be interesting to see what the

future holds.

Salar :)

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Posted 30 November 2003 - 08:06 PM

Thanks Salar, for posting the corrected information :)

I spotted Gehn III's post last night, but didn't have time to respond.

Salar did quite a fine job of setting things straight, and supplied some information that I was not aware of ;)

I also wanted to thank Ta'nernin for posting the information here about TheLysts.

TFR ;)

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