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September 5, 1984
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I am not able to understand, only to understand more. The picture that I wish to examine is not static, it is growing and living. Even as I understand how the hinges of a door allow me to open it, I find that it leads to a room even larger than the first. But I think perhaps that is part of wisdom. Knowing that I cannot know all, understanding that I cannot understand all. If the Maker's creation was understandable would I not find the Maker something less than great, would I not consider myself equal with the Maker? It is a tribute then to His greatness when I find myself more confused even at the very instant that I have gained insight.<br><br>Atrus, Personal Journal<br><br>(see, there's a reason I like this guy)<br><br>================================<br><br>At Arry's request, and me deciding I've had enough of people assuming what my interests are, I've written up the following:<br><br>I enjoy the MYST games, space exploration, Photoshop (*bows before the great god of digital art*), 3D Studio MAX, thinking I'm actually good at the aforementioned programs, being told that I actually am good at the aforementioned programs, poking Tay, poking Riven-chan, giggling with Salar, playing Dominoes with Lehsa and beating the pants off of her (not literally!), watching lon's collection grow to monumental and near-sacred proportions (*envy*), seeing in how many colors I can make a smiley, messing with people's minds, generally being a nuisance, generally being a good friend, generally being both at once (and thus the messing with the aforementioned people's aforementioned minds :)), seeing just how much pepsi I can drink in 24 hours (I think my record is somewhere over 100 ounces), scaring Tay with bouncing grapes (and blueberries, oranges, lemons, and rotten fruits of the rounded variety), kicking Invision Power Board in the pants, kicking my computer in the pants (if only it actually had pants to kick that would be a much more productive activity), Homeworld, getting beaten into the ground in Homeworld Multiplayer, beating my computer into the ground in Homeworld multiplayer, fantasizing about working for Cyan/Relic/Ubi, and moderating the UbiSoft Exile and Uru forums.<br><br>If you actually read all of that, I have pity on your soul. :)

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